How to buy an outdoor rug

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When we think of rugs, the most normal thing is that we place them in the living room, or even in the bedroom. But, Have you ever thought about an outdoor rug? Believe it or not, they also exist.

Buying it is easy. Hitting the purchase not so much. That is why, on this occasion, we have been throwing Take a look at what you can find on the market so you can see what is available, what to look for and where to buy it. Do you want to know? Keep reading.

Top 1. The best outdoor rug


  • Made from recycled plastic.
  • Withstands inclement weather.
  • Light and foldable.


  • Poor quality.
  • Too light.
  • Tears easily.

Selection of outdoor rugs

As we know that the best outdoor rug is not always what suits you, we have looked for other examples of rugs that may be of interest to you.

Mia’s Teppiche Lara – Rugged Outdoor Rug

Measuring 60 x 110cm, this outdoor rug is made of polypropylene. It is UV and moisture resistant and easy to clean. Even if you have underfloor heating (in case you want to place it indoors), it supports it.

FH Home Indoor/Outdoor Recycled Plastic Rug/Rug

Measuring 90 x 150cm, this rug can be found at different designs and colors, as well as in measures.

It is resistant to weather and UV rays thanks to the material it is made of, recycled polypropylene. It also resists stains and is easy to clean. Also, it is double sided.

Boho Woven Waterproof Outdoor Rug

This rug made of polypropylene has a geometric pattern and is ideal for gardens, patios, terraces, picnics, etc.

It is double-sided and measures 120 x 180cm. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The brand itself warns that it has three other different models to take into account (in case you don’t like this one).

the carpet Calgary – Robust Outdoor Carpet

With resistance to weathering and UV rays, This beige 140 x 200cm rug will be ideal for the terrace, balcony, or any part of the garden.

It is available in other sizes, from larger to smaller. And you also have other colors and designs to consider. Colorfast and made of polypropylene.

Green Decore Nirvana Rug – Eco Friendly Indoor/Outdoor Rug Made from Recycled Plastic

It is a light and reversible outdoor rug, that is, you can have two sides. The product measures 180 x 270cmbut they can be found in other sizes and also in other designs.

It can be washed with a damp or dry cloth, or even with the hose. In addition, it also resists humidity, mold and the sun (in fact, the colors will not fade).

Outdoor rug buying guide

Now that you know that there are outdoor rugs, surely you are thinking of a exact place in your house where they would be perfect and you would make good use of them, what yes? However, it is important that you take into account some factors to make a good purchase. And it is that Not only does the fact of buying one and now serve, but it must adapt to you.

And what are those factors? Here are some of the most influential.


We start with the size, and in this sense you should bear in mind that an outdoor rug will be useless if it does not have the ideal size. For example, if the rug is very small, it will not serve you for the use you want to give it; and if it is too big it will not fit in the hole where you want to put it and that will prevent it from working properly.

Therefore, before buying, We recommend that you measure that hole to later know exactly the models that can serve you (do not be guided only by the design, but it must be functional).


Outdoor rugs can be both natural and synthetic. And yes, we mean the materials they are made of. These are always made with fresher and lighter materials compared to indoor ones, in addition to the fact that they will perspire better.

Now, there is a difference between using synthetic materials, such as PVC, polyethylene, vinyl… and natural materials. The latter do not resist humidity, and therefore should always be used in covered areas. In the case of synthetic ones, they are more resistant and also withstand the sun and rain. It is where you will find more models due to its great utility.

Price range

Obviously, the price is important because, after all, it must fit within our budget. If this is not the case, only for specific cases should you go over it, but in general you will find rugs in a wide range of between 30 and 150 euros.

Where to buy?

buy outdoor rug

buy outdoor carpet

And we come to the end, the moment when you will make the decision, first, whether or not to buy an outdoor rug; and second, where to do it.

Since we want to give you an overview, you should know that there are several stores where you could buy. The most sought after on the Internet are the following (where we have analyzed those that appear to us).

The Amazon

Although Amazon has more than 2000 results in terms of outdoor rugs, keep in mind that these results also include indoor rugs, or even doormats for entrance doors.


At Ikea you can find one exclusive section for outdoor rugs. From what it says at the beginning, they are resistant to sun, snow and rain, so we can say that the vast majority (or all) will be synthetic.

Leroy Merlin

Just like at Ikea, at Leroy Merlin we also have a section with outdoor rugs in plain and patterned designs, all of them made with synthetic materials. The good thing is that you can divide by style, material, size, design, cleanliness, etc. which further narrows the search and you waste less time looking at all the models.

Have you already opted for the outdoor rug that suits you best and that falls within your budget?

How to buy an outdoor rug

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