How to make an indoor vertical garden: ideas to have an easy one

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Take a look at your house. Inside it you may have a plant. Or maybe not. And that greenery and nature is sometimes something that greatly pleases the eye and puts you in a good mood. So how about we help you create an indoor vertical garden?

We are going to propose a series of ideas that can come in handy to enjoy an indoor vertical garden easily. It won’t cost you much and in return you will have a green corner that will undoubtedly attract your attention (and that of yours).

Original ideas to create an indoor vertical garden

indoor vertical garden formationindoor vertical garden formation

Source: Innova garden

Indoor vertical garden ideas there can be many. We have come up with a few and that is why we are going to share them with you. Of course, we already warned you that they are ideas, but these can inspire other ideas that are more specific and personalized for you. So we hope you like some of them and even get others to start up in your home.

using shelves

One of the easiest and fastest ways to create an indoor vertical garden is by using shelves. For example, if you have a TV cabinet, you can put an aluminum shelf next to it and fill it completely with plants. To prevent the water from falling, you can place some cloths that prevent the water from falling or little plates under the pots.

The important thing is to fill them with those plants, always leaving space between them so they don’t get overwhelmed.

And who says an aluminum shelf says a brick, wooden, etc. You can actually put whatever material you want.

a wall of pockets

Almost everywhere, when you think of an indoor vertical garden, the options you are given have to do with pockets and fabric. They are very easy gardens to place since you just have to hang it on a wall and start filling each pocket with soil and the plant you have chosen.

Of course, we recommend that the plants be small, that they do not develop very quickly, because if not, you will have to be changing them in a short time.

Most of these gardens are resistant and hold water well, although they do not have to be watered as much.

Another of the problems that you can find is the fact that you cannot move it from the wall (for example, to orient it with the light that enters your house).

garden in the calle

garden in the calle

An indoor vertical garden on a mobile wall

A mobile wall serves to delimit spaces. But since it is not fixed, it allows you to open or close the space according to your needs.

Well, our proposal is to use that mobile wall but converted into an indoor vertical garden. In this way, you can have a wall that has plants on both sides. We do recommend that you try to place two types, because this way you will better create the effect of differentiating two environments in the place.

Besides, being mobile you could move it to the area of ​​the house with the most light and where the plants are best.

Climbing plants

Another of the options that we propose will take a little longer to achieve, but the result is quite attractive. It consists of using climbing plants with lattices on the wall that help it grow and thereby hide the original wall. it will seem as if the plant has invaded you.

It will take a few months or years to get it done, but the visual effect will be quite good. Some of the best ones to use are ivy, philodendron, or flowering hanging plants.

Be careful in this case if you have small children or pets, because the type of plant you choose must be suitable for them. This way you will not have unwanted accidents because they eat the plant.

terrarium garden

Who says that an indoor vertical garden cannot be made up of terrariums with plants? The ideal would be to place them on a floor-to-ceiling shelf where you put terrariums of different sizes with different plants to play with the color of these when decorating.

You have to make sure of what the needs are, but in return you will have plants that you may only have to water once a month or even a year.

There are many types on the market, you just have to choose the one that best suits you or you like the most.

What to take into account when having an indoor vertical garden

vertical garden three point onevertical garden three point one

Source: Three point one

Now that you have inspiration to create an indoor vertical garden and before leaving the subject, we would like to give you some tips that you should keep in mind in your indoor garden. These are:

  • Place your indoor vertical garden in an area where the plants have direct or indirect light, depending on the type of plants you put. Depending on the size of this, you could put it in the living room, in a bedroom… The important thing is that you choose the location well so as not to move it.
  • Be careful with the water. And it is that not only because it can kill your plants, but also because it can fall to the ground and if it is delicate, in the end it will create stains or even rot the area. We recommend that you put a rug or similar that repels water, that does not filter it, and check daily to dry it and that nothing happens.
  • Plant space. If you want a vertical indoor garden, the vast majority of them are for putting plants from top to bottom. The problem is that, when placing them, in the lower part it is possible that the sun does not reach them because there is some piece of furniture or a shaded area. So make sure the sun gets everywhere, or choose shady plants for the part of the garden that doesn’t get as much light.
  • Control the care of the plants. Irrigation, humidity, the substrate, its growth, pruning, pests and diseases... As plants that they are, they will need your help to look good throughout the year. Also, if they grow a lot, you may have to remove them from the vertical garden so that they continue to develop.

In this way, your indoor vertical garden will be healthy and beautiful throughout the year, and will give a natural decoration that will be highly appreciated. Do you dare to have one in your house?

How to make an indoor vertical garden: ideas to have an easy one

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