How to buy cushions for pallets

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If you are one of those who reuse elements that come into your hands, surely you have seen how pallets can become furniture for the terrace. Specifically in chairs, armchairs, etc. But, for better comfort, you have to buy pallet cushions.

Are there any specials? Must they meet a series of characteristics? Which ones are the best? If you are wondering, let us give you some answers.

Top 1. The best cushion for pallets


  • Extra soft, extra comfortable and extra thick.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Rectangular shape.


  • They send different models.
  • It fades.
  • It doesn’t last long.

Selection of cushions for pallets

Find, below, other cushions for pallets that may be interesting and that will be closer to your tastes.

Cushions for pallets Exterior Washable Set: 40×120 cm + 80×120 cm

These standard-sized cushions are filled with polyester and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or put them in the washing machine at 30ºC maximum. They are available in various designs (both patterned and plain).

Chicreat Pallet Furniture Cushion Set for Backrest 120 x 40 x 10/20 cm

The approximate measurements of this set of cushions for pallets is 120 x 40 x 10/20 cm. This Made of 50% polyester and 50% viscoelastic foam. As for the color, it is gray and red.

MaxxGarden Pallet Cushions – Back Cushion for Euro Pallets

These cushions are filled with cotton and polyester. It is only a 120 x 40cm back cushion Available in various colors.

VOUNOT Pallet Cushions 2-Piece Set

This set consists of two cushions, one for the backrest measuring 120 x 40cm and the other for the seat measuring 120 x 80cm. Filling material is polyester and the fabric is stain resistant and machine washable (30 degrees).

Palette cushions / mattress

It is a set of cushions for pallets consisting of a 120 x 40cm backrest and a 120 x 80cm seat.

It is filled with polyurethane foam and you can choose between different colors.

Buying guide for a pallet cushion

Buying pallet cushions can be easy. You just have to choose the ones you like the most and that’s it. But, Have you taken into account that they will be away from home? That they are going to get dirtier, or that you will need one, two, or fifty because of the size they are?

When it comes to getting a cushion for pallets, there are some factors that you should take into account. Which? We tell you below.


As for the material, it can be divided into two: on the one hand, the fabric of that cushion, that you have to make sure that it is suitable for being outdoors, that it is resistant, does not stick or absorb heat or make us sweat, etc.

Furthermore, would be the fillingwhich is important and will depend above all on what we are going to use it (a cushion that we will use once or twice is not the same as one that we are going to use daily and for several hours).


In this section we could tell you to choose cushion colors that are consistent with the decoration you havebut the truth is that there is one more point to take into account: insects.

If we talk about outdoor cushions, because your pallet furniture is on the terrace or in the middle of the garden, then these can be interesting for insects at some point, especially for wasps, bees… In case you choose colors that they may be interested, they will not hesitate to approach, so you will have uncomfortable guests.

If you are inside the house there is not so much problem because you are not going to suffer from the above, and in this case you could choose to play with the decoration.


Another point to be very careful about is the size of the cushion. Imagine that you have made a chair with pallets and you want to place a good cushion, a large one, that is soft and above all comfortable. So you pick one about the size of a double pillow. The problem is that it may not fit in the chair, and when you sit down it is more uncomfortable not to escape than to enjoy it.

Or it could happen the other way around, that is, you bought it so small that you needed at least three to cover the lower back and they don’t hurt.

The ideal would be to buy cushions for pallets according to the size of the armchair, sofa or even bed. In this way you would not have several to accommodate, not even one that becomes more of a hindrance than anything else.

Price range

And we come to the price. This is the final factor and the one we think about the most when buying. Will it be expensive? Cheap? Is the price fair for that cushion? Surely more than once you have asked yourself. Prices range from 30 to 100 euros approximately.

Where to buy?

buy cushions for pallets

The last thing left for us is to help you buy pallet cushions. While that’s easy, we wanted to search the major stores and here’s what you’re going to find about it.

The Amazon

Although we have always said that Amazon is the largest store and where you can find the most variety, the truth is that, in this case, has very few results regarding cushions for pallets. Prices are similar to other stores.

Brico Depot

We are not going to have much luck in Bricodepot either, at least online. And it is that There are no results neither for cushions for pallets nor for cushions, without more. That does not mean that you cannot find them in physical stores, but at least online they are not part of their catalog.


In this case, Carrefour beats Amazon in terms of pallet cushions because it has many more results. Of course, covers are also mixed, so removing these continues There are more models to choose from.

Prices are similar to other stores.


In this store, despite being one of the best known for furniture in all of Spain, does not have too many models of cushions for pallets. Only about four models have come out, of different colors, but of the same sizes. As for their prices, they are not bad.


At Ikea we have found outdoor cushions, but specifically for pallets we have not had any luck. Perhaps in physical stores they can be found but online it has not been possible.


With Lidl you have a small problem and it is that the offers are temporary and you will not always find these in physical stores. However, since they enabled the online store, more and more products are uploaded to it and it is possible that you can find cushions in their catalog.

It is not that it has a great variety, because it is not like that, but it does adapt to what is normally sought. With the advantage that they are usually cheap.

Do you already know which are the pallet cushions that best suit your furniture?

How to buy cushions for pallets

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