When the jacaranda blooms: tricks to get it to bloom

when does the jacaranda bloom

If you have a Jacaranda in your garden, the most normal thing is that you have searched for information about this plant. One of the most common questions about her is to know when the Jacaranda blooms.

Do you want to know the answer? Next we focus on the flowering of the Jacaranda and everything you need to know about it. Shall we start?

When does the Jacaranda bloom for the first time?

park with jacaranda trees

park with jacaranda trees

If you have just bought a Jacaranda, or you already have it in your garden but it has not flowered yet, you should know that this plant is not a fast flowering plant. In fact, until it is two years old it will not have a chance to flower.

It is said that the Jacaranda usually blooms between two and fourteen years after planting, but not before. So if you are going to buy one, make sure how old it is (or if possible buy it already flowered) to make sure it will flower the rest of the time).

How many times a year does the Jacaranda bloom?

jacaranda tree in bloom

jacaranda tree in bloom

Unlike other plants, which can flower several times a year; or others that only bloom once, in this case the Jacaranda will only bloom twice a year.

The first will take place in spring, between the months of February and April you could already have the first purple flowers.

The second flowering occurs in autumn, more specifically at the end of summer and until the beginning of October, which makes it highly appreciated because it is almost the farewell to the heat.

What color are the flowers of the Jacaranda

The Jacaranda is a plant that, by default, blooms with violet, or violet-blue flowers. However, there are some species that may have differently colored flowers. Actually, what happens is that the hue changes, to a pink in some, and to white in others (the latter are very rare).

How to make the Jacaranda bloom

As you have seen, right now you can know when the Jacaranda blooms. But what if it doesn’t? Or rather, what to do to make it flourish?

At this point, we want to tell you what are the most important care that you should give it to have a greater chance of it flourishing. But, in addition, there are some points that directly affect flowering.

We explain everything.

location and temperature

We start with the perfect place for the Jacaranda. We are talking about a tree and that implies that it needs sun. But, in addition, it is that for flowering, the sun and a warm climate are very important.

According to experts, it is necessary to provide it with at least 6 hours of daily sunlight. If it is more, the better, but that is its minimum.

As for the temperature, it tolerates high temperatures well but not low ones. When the temperature drops below 5ºC then this tree suffers a lot, and can even die.


When planting the Jacaranda, the best you can use is poor soil. It does not support excess nitrogen and, in fact, if the soil has it, it will be more difficult for it to flourish.

Therefore, whenever you can, use sandy soils. Also, you have to mix it with some drainage so that the plant does not have too much water accumulation (which is not good for it).

At the time of transplanting it, if you have it in a pot, you will have to do it annually. At least until you use a 12-inch diameter pot. From this, you should keep it in a pot of this type (perhaps cutting the roots a little) or directly plant it in the ground.

Irrigation and humidity

When watering, make sure the soil dries out before watering again. It is true that the earth must always be humid, but the step between the humidity and the puddled water is very fine and you should not go to that point if you want it to survive.

As for humidity, for the Jacaranda to flourish, the best is a rather dry humidity. If there is too much humidity, that can affect its flowering.


Yes, the Jacaranda is a tree that you will have to prune at least once a year to improve flowering. Always do it in winter or well before February (when the temperature starts to rise) to encourage its growth again.

Keep in mind that until 4-5 years old, the Jacaranda will grow about 2 meters per year, until it reaches 8-12 (if it has space, of course). From those years the growth is reduced.

Plagues and diseases

We cannot say that the Jacaranda is a plant that is not affected by pests, but it is more difficult for it to happen to it. In general, the most common problems you will face are with insects and fleas.

The solution for these is to use potassium soap or neem oil on the leaves to avoid them.


The Jacaranda is a plant that multiplies through seeds. However, for it to be successful it is necessary to germinate them before.

The seeds are circular and seem to have two lids. To germinate, the seeds must be put in water for 24 to 48 hours.

Once that is done, they can be planted in the ground but instead of leaving them in the shade and covered, in this case it is best to put them directly in the sun because this will help you to have the first shoots in 2-3 weeks. .

While the plant is small, it must be watered 2-3 times a week because it needs the soil to stay moist.

A little trick for the Jacaranda to flourish

jacaranda treetop

jacaranda treetop

Before finishing, we want to give you a little trick that may help you to make your Jacaranda bloom.

It is about using the water from the boiled eggs (as long as you do not add salt, vinegar…). Let it cool and when it is done, pour it on the plants. Actually, it not only works for the Jacaranda, but for all flowering plants.

Being rich in mineral salts and nutrients, it is like a special fertilizer for them. In fact, you can use the eggshells by crushing them and adding them to the water as well to give it more nutrients.

Now you know when the Jacaranda blooms as well as other questions that may arise with this tree. Would you dare to have one in your garden or in a pot on your balcony or terrace? What questions can you ask? We read you in comments.

When the jacaranda blooms: tricks to get it to bloom

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