Why jasmine does not bloom: The reasons that cause it

Why doesn't jasmine bloom?

A jasmine is a plant that is liked for the flowers it produces. So when it stops, you wonder why jasmine doesn’t bloom.

And the truth is that there are several reasons why this can happen. Below we will talk about each of them and the possible solutions you can give to remedy the problem and enjoy your flowers. Go for it.

lack of pruning

One of the first reasons why your jasmine does not bloom may be because you have not pruned it. It is true that, in the wild, it should flourish in the same way, but that can only be achieved in its natural habitat. Even when you provide it with the best care and have it as it was originally, the truth is that it shows changes and may focus more on growing than on producing flowers.

That said, if you see that the jasmine is in good health, that it continues to grow strong and healthy, and has no problem other than not flowering, a possible solution to “encourage” it to do so is to trim the stems.

Of course, you must do it at the end of winter, which is when it will be activated and its flowering season will begin. If this is the first time you do it, we recommend that you do a minimum pruning, and even a maintenance one throughout the year so that jasmine adapts to these and does not get stressed.

jasmine flowers

jasmine flowers

Lack or excess of water

Another reason why a jasmine does not bloom has to do with irrigation. And not only if you go too far, but also if you don’t add much.

Jasmine can’t stand drought. But it is that it does not like to have the earth always wet. So you have to find a good balance to make it feel good.

This can cause it not to bloom, and that’s why it doesn’t. And the solution? Start by having a wooden stick. When it’s time to water, introduce it, wait a bit and take it out. If it comes out wet, you won’t have to water; but if it is clean (because dirt does not adhere to it or it looks dry), you will have to do it.

As you do it several times, you will balance the risks and, in this way, your jasmine will come out ahead (and will bloom).

lack of subscriber

Many plants, when spring and summer arrive, need an extra fertilizer to give them more nutrients and to be able to grow and flourish. However, if you haven’t given anything to your jasmine and it has been planted for a while in the same soil, how can you want it to bloom?

If you have it in a pot, you have to transplant it every two years with a new substrate. And the years that you do not transplant it, it will need an extra fertilizer to flourish.

So take a little and you will see that things change. But do not go too far for wanting to recover it soon. If you add more than the necessary dose, the plant can burn or it will get stressed and lose its leaves and health.

Jasmine flower

Jasmine flower

It does not give enough light

Another reason why jasmine does not bloom may be this. In fact, many times we place it in a semi-shade place, protecting it from the sun, thinking that it is good and in reality this is not appropriate.

The more light you give the jasmine, the more it will bloom. So always try to put it in a place where it gets direct sun for several hours so that it can be nourished.

In case you have it planted, it will be somewhat more difficult to move, but it would not have much of a solution because even using special bulbs it will prefer natural light.

The temperature is not right

As you know, and if we don’t already tell you, jasmine is a plant with a warm climate, which means that it loves heat. But not the cold.

Therefore, if you are in a place where the temperatures are warm or cold, it will be more difficult for the jasmine to flourish, because the usual conditions are not given for it to endure.

That’s not to say you can’t see it flourish ever. In reality, if you manage to get it to adapt (after 1-2 years) it is possible that it will flower, but it may not do so to the same intensity as in another climate.

It’s too windy where it is

Imagine you have a jasmine. It is blooming and you are delighted with it. But overnight it turns out that all the buds he had are on the ground and he has nothing left.

Apart from the fact that this may indicate that there is some deficiency that should be treated, one of the reasons why the jasmine does not bloom may be because the location does not protect it from the wind, and if it is strong it can end up tearing the flowers (and you running out of the show).

Again, the solution is to change the site. In case you cannot do it, you would have to place something that acts as a barrier to avoid this problem.

blue jasmine flower

blue jasmine flower


Do you think that plants cannot suffer stress? In the case of jasmine, this is even more important to consider. When you buy it and take it home, it is very likely that you will notice that it turns off, or that it even loses some leaves or that it falls apart. It’s totally normal because jasmine doesn’t like changes at all.

In fact, they stress him a lot and that can mean that, for a while, he doesn’t give you any flowers. In this case, you have to be patient because you have to feel good again to get ahead again. What we say about plant adaptation.

You should not add fertilizer, change the pot or the soil... for at least 15 days since you brought it home. Let him get used to it before trying anything else.

As you can see, there are many problems that answer why jasmine does not bloom. Most of them have a solution. You just have to arm yourself with patience to get it. However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it, sometimes plants have an end too. Has this situation ever happened to you? How did you solve it?

Why jasmine does not bloom: The reasons that cause it

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