How to buy exterior anti-humidity paint

buy exterior moisture paint

When the cold and low temperatures arrive, it is common for the dreaded mold to appear in many houses. And you already know all the dangers that it entails for health. So, to treat and prevent it, many bet on painting. Both indoors and take advantage and use exterior anti-humidity paint for greater protection.

Are you facing this problem right now and don’t know what to do? In addition to treating humidity from inside the house, you should also do it outside. And for this we can help you by giving you some advice. Prepared?

Top 1. The best exterior anti-humidity paint


  • 5 kilo can.
  • Smooth plastic paint.
  • Weather resistant.


  • Several coats are needed to be able to cover well.
  • Sometimes less quantity of the product may arrive.

Selection of exterior anti-humidity paint

Discover some other exterior anti-humidity paints that may be interesting.

Anti-mold paint – Prevents the appearance of mold

In this case you have a white paint with anti-mold components to paint both the interior and exterior of a house.

It has a matte finish, which allows you to hide the imperfections of the walls. Also, it can be washed with water.

Paint Anti-condensation, Anti-humidity, anti-mold, exterior-interior

This painting has several colors to choose from. It is a 750-milliliter bottle, which does not reach a liter. It is water-based paint perfect for walls that have moisture condensation problems. It is recommended to apply two coats of paint for it to work properly.

Anti-mold paint. Prevent mold, resistant to the appearance of mold on walls

Here you have one of the paintings that allows you to choose the color that you like the most (especially in pastel tones). Is paint is matte and has a high resistance to mildew. It is washable and breathable to steam.

The seller himself recommends applying two layers of paint, letting it dry between one and the other.

Paint Anti-mold Facades

One of the great advantages of this paint is the fact that it is available in various quantities and, furthermore, that it has different colors to buy the one you like the most (or two and mix them).

It is a smooth paint that protects and decorates the facades. In addition to being anti-humidity, it is waterproof, flexible and will prevent the appearance of microcracks. It is also waterproof and breathable.

fischer – Waterproofing paint (20kg bucket) White with fibers

Don’t be fooled by its price, because it’s a 20-litre bucket, it’s not one of the small ones. Also, It is waterproofing and is suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Although its function is not that of anti-humidity, it says that it works for it, in addition to being weather resistant.

Buying guide for an exterior anti-humidity paint

Buying an exterior anti-humidity paint is as simple as going to a store that has it and getting it. But There are some factors that you should take into account so that this purchase is not a mistake. Do you want to know what those important aspects are? Take a look at what you should keep in mind.


An anti-humidity paint is almost always found in white. It is very difficult to find it in other colors, although you can mix it with others to get the color you want (beware, because that means it will not be as effective).


By quantity we refer to the liters that you will need to paint the exterior of your house (or whatever you want to paint). In this sense, you must bear in mind that it is always preferable to have over paint than to lack it. Because when you open another pot it may not be the same as the first.

Also, it does not hurt to have a little paint saved for what may happen.

Price range

And we come to the price, another of the factors that usually influence when buying exterior anti-humidity paint. We must tell you that it is not cheap, but it is not too expensive either. The price range moves between 12 and 90 euros.

How is the anti-humidity paint applied?

Applying an anti-humidity paint is no more difficult than doing it with a normal one. But it is true that you need to do some previous steps, beyond emptying the room to paint and cleaning the walls so that the paint sticks well.

In addition, if those walls have mold, it is better to treat them first with a productlet it act and then rinse with water; or directly sand until the damp stain is removed.

By using a fungicide product we will be helping to eliminate mold and prevent it from coming out again. Besides, if you have damage, it is the ideal time to remove them, either with putty or with other products.

To paint, just apply a layer of anti-humidity paint and wait for it to dry. When it does, a second layer will be applied.

Normally, with those two layers the wall will be fine and you will not have to do much more.

How long does waterproofing paint last?

Assuming that you buy a good quality exterior anti-humidity paint, its duration is quite long. And it is that, as we have been able to find outyou will have at least 10 years without having to worry.

Now, to get this maintenance is required and even that, every 5 years, a base is applied so that it continues to be maintained as the first day.

Where to buy?

buy exterior anti-humidity paint

buy exterior moisture paint

The last step you must take is none other than knowing where you are going to buy your anti-humidity paint. And for this, we have taken a look at the stores that are most searched for online and this is what we have found.

The Amazon

It is the first that many people trust to buy. And it is not for less since you have many possibilities. It is true that it does not have as many products as other categories, but you could still find many anti-humidity paints among the resultss (be careful because it mixes several products that are related but are not paint).

Brico Depot

in your browser, when we put exterior anti-humidity paint we don’t get any results. We know that it has a special category of exterior paints, but being more specific, as anti-humidity paint you will only have one type: white and in three different formats, depending on the liters that you are going to need of it.


Again we find ourselves with the problem that there is nothing as exterior anti-humidity paint. In fact, the results that come out, placing exterior or erasing it, are not really anti-humidityexcept for some specific product that is only a primer. But you could take a look at it just in case.

Leroy Merlin

In the case of Leroy Merlin, yes, we have been much luckier because the results give us more than a thousand related products, most of them anti-damp paint.

Now it’s up to you to decide which exterior anti-humidity paint you need.

How to buy exterior anti-humidity paint

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