Indoor plants that give positive energy

Indoor plants that give positive energy

Having a plant always encourages the soul. However, Did you know that there are indoor plants that give positive energy? In addition to decorating, you are going to make the energies that flow in your house counteract the negativity that may enter.

But what are those positive plants? We leave you a list of some of the ones you should have in your home. Check out.


Any kind of cacti. According to Feng Shui, cacti can absorb toxic energieswhich implies that they are plants that will clean the environment of negativity.

Does that mean they are positive? Yes and no. Actually, what they do is attract bad energies, but nothing is said about them offering positive energy (although in reality the fact of eliminating the bad is already positive in itself).


Pothos are indoor plants that will generate tranquility and calm. For this reason, it is said that they are capable of regulating energy, both positive and negative.

They are ideal for placing in the kitchen, office or work areasalthough in reality in the bathrooms it can also look very good.

In China, for example, they place them in dark corners to prevent bad vibrations from accumulating there.




In case you don’t know, this plant symbolizes good health and luck, so it becomes one of the plants that attracts positive energy. And not only that, but in addition to attracting her, she infects everything else around her.


In Feng Shui, having bamboo at home is a symbol of good luck and fortune. But there are also studies that warn that, staring at the bamboo, or a bamboo forest, relieves tension and makes you feel better.

tree of happiness

Did you not know that there is a plant with that name? It is actually the Dracena, but in some places it is not only known as the water stick, but also as Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana or, in this case, the tree of happiness.

It is related to positive energies, prosperity and good luck. So you should get one because they are not difficult to care for.




As with cacti, which we could say are absorbers of bad energy, in the case of succulents we speak of guardians of positive energy.

In fact, If you combine cacti and succulents, you will achieve a very positive effect throughout your house.

Of course, make sure you follow the instructions to keep them in good health and that they do not die.


Did you know that jasmine is a plant that has been revered and appreciated for many, many years? It is said that it stimulates positive energy, as well as self-esteem, which makes it perfect to cheer you up and to get your hopes up in your projects.

In fact, it is said that it directly affects the heart chakra and thus you can even have prophetic (positive) dreams.


Rosemary is one of the indoor plants that give positive energy. In fact, it will combat states of anxiety and despair.

According to customs, rosemary was used to prevent evil spirits and bad energy from entering the homeHence, they are always placed on doors and windows to prevent them from entering inside.


Another of the indoor plants that give positive energy is this. In fact, it was (and is) widely used in spirituality. People say that increases the charge of positive energy that is generated around you and helps to eliminate negative emotions.


Yes, we know that the rose symbolizes love. And isn’t love one of the most powerful and positive feelings in the world? When you look at a bouquet of roses, or a rose bush, it is normal for you to be filled with tranquility but also with illusion and love. And so suddenly removes negativity or impurities that may be around.




From now on we would tell you that you have to put a eucalyptus in your life. And it is that, among the good things it can do for you is improving your concentration and productivity, or remove any negative charge.

In addition, most of them give off a rather pleasant aroma.

Pachira aquatica

This plant is known as the good luck tree, and is a symbol of good fortune and good luck. Due to its great ability to create positive energy around it, it is one of the most appreciated in homes.

Now, it is not easy to take care of. You can place it anywhere (it needs light, but not direct) and it can withstand temperatures well. As for watering, it is not demanding and prefers drought to watering it too much.

However, it can often lose several of the trunks (if it is made up of several) due to fungi and pests that affect it (and you won’t realize it until it’s too late).


According to Hindu culture, purple basil is one of the indoor plants that give positive energy. In fact, what it does is eliminate negative energy from the environment, but at the same time it serves as a “magnet” for the positive.

If you can grow a basil plant at home from seed you can enjoy a positive spiritual effect throughout the home. And it is that, In addition to giving positive energy, it also emits oxygen (a total of 20 hours a day) and absorbs harmful gases (both carbon dioxide and monoxide).

Of course, we recommend that you put it to the north, east or northeast in the house to obtain these benefits.


The last of the indoor plants that give positive energy is this. According to Feng Shui, the orchid is believed to be capable of increasing energy levels.

Also, even if you don’t notice it, The aroma given off by this plant calms states of anger and improves the mood. The plant absorbs CO2 even at night, so you can place it in your bedroom.

As you can see, there are many indoor plants that give positive energy. We are not going to tell you to fill the house with these plants, but we do have some that can fulfill their function. In addition, they will be a beautiful decoration. Do you recommend any more with this effect that we have missed?

Indoor plants that give positive energy

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