How to buy natural raffia: a practical purchase guide to get it right

Rafia natural

Do you need to buy natural raffia? It is an item that has multiple uses. But if you buy a poor quality one, the experience will not be good.

What to look for to buy it and make it suitable? Do you know which are the best brands? And where can you buy it? About all this, and a few more things, is what we want to talk about next.

Best pieces of natural raffia

Best natural raffia brands

Finding natural raffia is not difficult. Quite the opposite. However, when buying, there are some brands that can stand out from others, either because they are better known, or because the quality of their products is known.

In this case, we highlight two of them:

la cordeline

La Cordeline is a French brand that specializes in the production of natural raffia productsthat is, in the vegetable fiber that is extracted from the leaves of various species of palm trees and is commonly used in the production of woven objects.

La Cordeline products are characterized by their high-quality craftsmanship and their elegant and natural style.

In general, La Cordeline is a brand that stands out for its quality, its commitment to sustainability and its natural and elegant style in its natural raffia products.


Kinglake is a brand dedicated to the production and sale of gardening products, particularly tools and supplies for planting and growing plants. The company is based in the UK and has become a popular brand in the gardening market internationally.

Among the products offered by Kinglake we also have natural raffia that sell all over the world.

Natural raffia buying guide

Natural raffia can be used for crafts, decoration, packaging, etc. When buying it, you should not only look at the price. Actually there are other factors to take into account. Which is it? We tell you about them.


Look for high-quality natural raffia. The raffia must be resistant and durable so that you can use it in multiple projects.


In case you don’t know, raffia can be purchased in a wide variety of colors. Therefore, choosing the one that best suits what you need is easy. However, over time, especially if it is exposed to sunlight, the color fades.


Make sure you buy enough raffia for your project. This will depend above all on the size, complexity and what you want to do. For example, it is not the same to use it to cover a lamp base than to create a raffia bow for a gift.


You should know that the thickness of natural raffia varies. In the market you will find thick thicknesses (but in turn the weight will be greater) or thin (but it will be easier for it to break).

So, You have to choose the right one according to the project you want to carry out.

Comments and opinions

Before buying, We recommend that you read the opinions of others who have purchased the products that may interest you. It is a way to see if the product is really good, if it is useful for the use you want to give it, etc. Although we know that this is somewhat subjective, the truth is that it can help you get an idea.


Natural raffia is not a product that is too expensive. But it will depend on many of the above factors since they all influence what it will cost you. For example, if it is a fairly large project, it is possible that the amount of raffia you need is high, and that makes the price higher.

In general, from 2.50 euros you can find packages of raffia (like rope).

Where to buy?

Manual work with natural fibers

Manual work with natural fibers

Finally, we do not want to leave you only with the factors to take into account, but we are also going to talk about some places where you can find natural raffia. Do you want to know where we recommend you?


The first store is Amazon because we have seen that it is where there is the most variety, in terms of products. It has many more to choose from than in other stores, Not only from the brands that we have mentioned, but from many others.

Of course, be careful with the price. Compare what you want to buy with a search engine in case you find it cheaper.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin they have several items related to natural raffia, but also raffia ropes.

Depending on what you need, you can find more or less products. For example, in terms of natural raffia rope, it has several elements, both in natural color and in other shades.


In the case of Carrefour, since it is open to other sellers who can advertise their products on its website, its catalog has increased a lot.

As for natural raffia, it is true that there are not as many as other articles., but enough so that you can choose by price or quality. Most of them, if not all, are sold by third parties (with which sometimes shipping costs must also be added).


Finally, we want to propose Aliexpress, which although it is not one of the fastest, it can be one of the cheapest when it comes to buying. In this case, most of the stores are Chinese or from similar areas, although there are also Spanish ones..

The waiting time depends on the amount purchased and in which store because some allow you to have a delivery in 10 days if you spend 12 or more euros (and others, through Aliexpress Plaza, have it in 3 days).

Now, it is convenient to look carefully at the comments of those who have bought and if shipping costs are charged. In this way you will know if it is more expensive or cheaper.

Have you already decided where you are going to buy natural raffia for your projects? Do you know of any other sites or something to look for in order not to have problems?

How to buy natural raffia: a practical purchase guide to get it right

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