Types of beans: The most popular and their characteristics

There are many types of beans that vary in color, shape and size.

Beans are a fundamental part of our diet and highly appreciated gastronomically. Not only are they very rich, but they also provide multiple benefits to our body. However, their use in the kitchen and also the properties they possess depend mainly on the variety. As surely you can already imagine, There are many types of beans that vary in color, shape and size.

In this article we will talk about the most popular types of beans and discuss which ones are the best. So do not hesitate to continue reading if you want to know the different beans that exist and their characteristics.

How many types of beans are there?

It is estimated that there are more than 300 types of beans

It is estimated that there are more than 300 types of beans

It’s no secret that the bean family is very broad. He has relatives all over the world. It is estimated that there are more than 300 types of beans that can be grouped into white, black, red, pint and cinnamon. In Spain, beans are very popular and are grown in almost the entire peninsula. However, there are three areas that stand out for having Denomination of Origin:

  • The Asturian Bean: It has the Granja Asturiana variety.
  • The Baneza: Originally from lion.
  • The Beans of El Barco: They come from Ávila and have different purple and white varieties.

Although it is true that they do not have the Denomination of Origin, the Gernika and Tolos beans, from the Basque Country, do have the quality label. Since there are so many different types of beans, we are not going to discuss them all. Nevertheless, We will talk a little about the most popular ones.


Let’s start with the variety called Jewish. This bean is wide, plant and large grain. It usually comes as a white bean, but it can also be speckled and even black. It should be said that this variety stands out above all for the softness it acquires after cooking. In South America, the bean is known as the Lima or Bajoca bean.


Of this type of beans, the best known are those of La Granja, Originally from the town called La Granja de San Idelfonso, in Segovia. Those from the town called Barco, in Ávila, also stand out. However, both usually have a fairly low production. There is a variety very similar to the bean, called “Garrofó”. It is usually grown in Valencia and is one of the most characteristic ingredients of paellas.


Another of the most common types of beans is the veneer. The grain of this bean is small and white, with a creamy tone and a black line. Its flavor is very characteristic. This variety is native to East Africa and India. For this reason he is not part of the family Phaseoluslike the others that come from America, if not from the family of the vineyard. These beans are the ones that the Romans and Greeks ate in ancient times, which is why it is not surprising that they existed in Spain long before the American continent was discovered. They are much appreciated, even today, in the north of Catalonia, especially in the Ampurdán. They call them “fesolet” there.

white kidney

Also the white kidney variety It is one of the most popular and also cheapest beans today. As its name suggests, it is white in color and kidney-shaped. Its size is rather large and it is nothing more and nothing less than the main ingredient to make the famous Fabada Asturiana. Curiously, where it is grown the most is in Ávila and León. However, there is a variety of this type of bean, called “Asturian farm” or “Faba de Asturias” that is grown in Asturias. It is very similar to the original, but a little thicker. The places where it is grown are Villaviciosa, Tineo, Luarca and Cangas de Narcea.


Verdina is another of the most common types of beans out there. Its grain is elongated, flat and small and light green. Where this variety is most grown is on the coast of Asturias, especially in the Llanes region. It is very common to consume verdina together with fish and shellfish. The texture of this variety is very smooth and its skin is so thin that it is hardly noticeable. But it should be noted that the price of this bean can be higher than that of the famous “Faba Asturiana”.

Other types of beans

We have already discussed some of the most popular types of beans today, but there are many more varieties. Other of the most common are the following:

  • round white
  • round purple
  • long abode
  • Rice
  • of the Virgin
  • Cinnamon
  • shell
  • Beans from Guernica and Tolosa
  • Santa Pau beans
  • Crochet beans
  • the beans

What kind of bean is better?

The different types of beans are very beneficial for our body

The different types of beans are very beneficial for our body

It is extremely difficult to select the best bean of all, if not impossible. This is because, Depending on the variety, it may have some benefits or others. So the answer to this question depends on the goal. Let’s see what are some of the benefits of some of the most common types of beans:

  • White beans, blackeye and kidney bean: They are very digestive and have few calories. They contain high levels of iron, magnesium, fiber and potassium. Therefore they are ideal for people who suffer from circulatory problems. They also help prevent rheumatic diseases. Other benefits provided by these types of beans are protection against skin aging and antioxidant properties.
  • Purple and pinto beans: They are highly recommended beans for people who have high cholesterol and/or who suffer from anemia. In addition, they improve the tone and quality of the skin.
  • Green: This bean helps eliminate fluids and control hypertension. It should also be noted that it contains a considerable level of vitamins A and C.

Despite the multiple benefits of the different types of beans, it is important to note that they can become toxic and even cause gastroenteritis. To avoid it, It is essential to cook them well before consuming them.

It must be said that all these types of beans are a delicacy, apart from being necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Which one do you like the most?

Types of beans: The most popular and their characteristics

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