Month: April 2023

How to plant a pomegranate tree: the best tips and tricks

The pomegranate is a fruit widely consumed by many people and is easy to grow. Many people do not know well how to plant a pomegranate. The interior of the fruit shines as if filled with edible rubies. If pomegranates are one of your favorite fruits, try growing your own pomegranate tree. Although this plant […]

How to make pots with plastic jugs?

Taking care of the environment is not as difficult as it may seem. Actually, there are little things we can do to make better use of the elements that are within our reach. For example, plastic bottles. Do you know how to make pots with plastic jugs? The plants grow over the years, and that […]

Practical guide to buy a manual brimstone

Source: Amazon One of the accessories for gardens that, If you have many plants, you should not miss among your tools is a manual brimstone. This has the function of helping you mix the treatments for your plants. But, Do you know how to buy one? The best brands or what to look for when […]

Plants that absorb moisture bathroom

One of the most common problems in many houses is humidity. And this, where it is most concentrated, is usually in the bathroom, especially if it does not have a window. But, What if you put some plants that absorb moisture in the bathroom? Some are even capable of absorbing it and giving off better […]

How to buy a broom for artificial grass

If you have artificial grass in your house, you will know that this does not exempt it from getting dirty. Fallen leaves from trees, dust and other substances can camp freely on it. Fortunately, you have a broom for artificial grass. Did you know? If you hadn’t heard of her, or you do not know […]

irrigation punches

Source: Amazon When you have a drip irrigation system, there are times when the plants are not properly positioned and aligned with the holes. And that means having to drill a hole. But, for this, did you know that there is an irrigation punch? Below we talk about it and we give you the keys […]

Hardy Flowering Houseplants

Many times we think that having plants inside the house means that they can only be green leaves, that is, without flowers. But this is not the case, there are many hardy and easy-care flowering houseplants. Do you want to know some of the ones you can include in your home? Well, here we present […]

Peppermint: pests and treatment | Gardening On

Image – Flickr / Forest and Kim Starr What are the pests that peppermint can have? The truth is that, luckily for all of us who love aromatic plants, this is one of the easiest to care for, since it resists drought very well, and also, it is not usually attacked by insects as much […]

Practical guide to buy quality natural wicker

If you are already preparing the garden to enjoy it, surely one of the materials that you can consider using is natural wicker. This can be bought to make fences and cover fences so that you cannot be seen from the outside. But when it comes time to buy it, Do you know what you […]

How to buy a suitable steel edging for the garden

If you have a garden and a path through it, or you want to separate the plants you have so that they do not invade other places, a steel border is usually used. But, Would you know how to choose a quality one that really works for you? Are you only guided by the price? […]

Online garden design: apps and websites that you can use

Surely you have looked at your garden and thought that you could redecorate it in another way. Perhaps you have even imagined planting in various areas and creating environments. But, when it comes to capturing it, before doing it, How about you use online garden design to make sure your idea will turn out well? […]

How to buy an electric barbecue

Surely more than once you have envied your neighbor when he makes a barbecue. The problem is that these, when they are traditional, require a lot of effort, time and a little skill. Therefore, to save you this and that you can also enjoy one, how about you opt for an electric barbecue? Yes, we […]

Everything you need to know to buy bilge pumps

Spring is the time when we begin to prepare the pools, emptying the water that is inside if it has turned ugly, cleaning it and refilling it. And winter, with the rains, It may be that you have experienced a flood in your house that has made you have to extract the water. Do you […]

Large and resistant indoor plants that you can have at home

Do you want to have large and resistant indoor plants? And not wait for them to grow to enjoy them? In general, any plant that measures more than a meter and a half is already considered large. The problem is that sometimes we think that this is enough to make it resistant, and we don’t […]

How to buy a planter with legs

When you have a lot of pots, either indoors or outdoors, most of them end up with a saucer on the ground. However, you could also opt for a planter with legs that raises the pot, obtaining multiple benefits. Among them would be the possibility that give that pot more light and the advantage for […]

How to plant basil: Step by step and when to do it

Do you know what is always good to have on hand in the kitchen? aromatic plants. These vegetables, apart from giving a fresh and natural touch to our environment, give off very pleasant aromas and are ideal for many culinary recipes. One of the most used aromatic herbs is basil, ideal for flavoring pizzas, pasta, […]

Alocasia pink dragon, the pink-stemmed plant you should know

Within the alocasias, there are some that draw attention for their large leaves, for those that look like dragon scales, or, as in the case of the Alocasia pink dragon, for their stems. But, what do you really know about Alocasia pink dragon? Do you know what its characteristics are and the care it needs […]

The best plants that grow in the dark for your home

Many times, one of the reasons people say for not having plants is because you live in an area where almost no light enters, or that you directly do not have access to light, which means that the plants cannot live well. But, What if we tell you that there are plants that grow in […]

How to make a lemon tree bonsai

Photo image How to make a lemon tree bonsai: Tiendabonsai Bonsai are one of the most attractive plants that exist in the plant kingdom. There are many fans who on occasion try to take care of one. Nevertheless, What if we suggest you make one yourself? For example, you could learn how to make a […]

Alocasia macrorrhiza variegata, the most exotic elephant ear

Surely you know the Alocasia macrorrhiza. However, Have you ever seen this alocasia with green leaves with white spots? It is the Alocasia macrorrhiza variegata and it is one of the collection plants that most people seek for their home. So we are going to tell you all the characteristics that you find in this […]

How to care for white camellias: most important care

White camellias are one of the most beautiful flowering plants in the plant kingdom. But for you to have one and enjoy it, you need to know everything you need to provide it so that its health is as adequate as possible. That’s why, How about we give you a hand and give you the […]

How to buy rounded stone for garden

One of the most used outdoor decorations is the garden pebble. It offers a special elegance while giving it greater utility. But not many people know how to buy a good boulder. If you want to know what are the most important factors when doing it or even knowing which are the best on the […]

How To Buy Realistic Artificial Plants

Having plants in your home is something positive that affects your happiness and overall health. But if you don’t have time to take care of live plants, or you’re not very good at them, you can always opt for realistic artificial plants. These will offer you the green decoration you are looking for without you […]

How to reproduce bamboo: the best tips and tricks

Bamboo is a thick, woody grass widely used for both furniture making and garden decoration. In this case, many people want to use it as an ornamental plant or as a privacy barrier in the garden. For this reason, many people wonder how to reproduce bamboo in an effective and easy way. In this article […]

How to save a Brazilian trunk with yellow leaves?

Image – Flickr / Forest and Kim Starr The Brazil trunk, a plant that we also call water stick, is widely used to decorate the interior of a home, since although it can become very tall, it takes up very little space. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s hard to know what you need and/or whenso it should […]

What do snails eat?

It seems that we already know the world of mammals quite a bit. Knowing how to distinguish between herbivores and carnivores is part of general culture, even instinct. However, there are some animals in which it can be more difficult for us to guess their main source of food, especially if they are more distant […]

Alocasia frydek, this is the plant with green velvet leaves

One of the rarest alocasias and appreciated by many is the Alocasia Frydek. Both in its normal version and in the variegated version, it is one of the most attractive that exists. But have you ever had it in your house? If you want to know what Alocasia frydek is like, the care it needs […]

Pistachio pruning: how to do it, types and advantages

One of the most important reasons to prune pistachios is to encourage fruit production. But this is not the only thing, since other objectives of pruning are to facilitate harvesting, direct the growth and formation of trees, improve ventilation and facilitate the penetration of sunlight. Many people do not know what are the main guidelines […]

Blue Flowering Plants: 6 Popular Examples

The world of flowers seems infinite. There are so many varieties of these beautiful plants that it is difficult to decide which one we like best. Among so many different shapes, colors and aromas, it is normal for us to lose count. Sometimes it can be very helpful to put vegetables into categories, such as […]

Potted peach tree care: the best tips

Many people want to learn how to grow potted stone fruit trees. Although at first it seems like a crazy idea, there are varieties that can be perfectly planted in a pot as long as they have the necessary care. In this case, we are going to focus on telling what are the potted peach […]

rare exotic fruits

When we talk about fruit, the most typical ones come to mind: apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, etc. But the truth is there are many rare exotic fruits. Perhaps you have ever seen them in the supermarket or in the fruit shop, but others surely do not even sound familiar to you. Do you want to […]

Echeveria peacockii

Within the genus of echeverias, there are many types, each more beautiful and unusual. Some of them have various names by which they can be found. Today we want to focus on the Echeveria peacockii, also known as Echeveria desmetiana. Want to know more about her? We discover all the characteristics that it has as […]

What are phytosanitary products: Uses and classification

You have probably heard about the so-called phytosanitary products, but without knowing what exactly it is. Well, if we talk about pesticides, surely you already have a better idea of ​​what they are. There are many different types that are included in this group. To get you out of doubt, we will explain in this […]

What to do with lilies after they bloom: what you need to know

If you have lilies, or have succumbed to these beauties this year, you’re sure to enjoy a spring and summer with lots of blooms (and blooms that last a long time). But, what to do with lilies after blooming? Is there some special care to keep the plant during the winter? Is it lost? If […]

Echeveria setosa, this is the original furry succulent

One of the rarest echeverias and that you will not find easily (we refer to equal varieties far from this species), is the Echeveria setosa. Have you heard of her? It is said that it is the ‘hairy echeveria’ due to that characteristic that it has, but what else can we know about it? Next […]

What is the spiritual meaning of a kokedama

Surely you have seen in some gardening stores, florists, or even on the Internet the calls kokedama. They are balls of moss that house a plant for a period of time. But, Have you ever thought about the spiritual meaning of a kokedama? Do you know that when someone gives you a kokedama it has […]

Yellow leaves on orange tree: what to do?

The orange tree is a very pretty tree, especially when it produces its small, fragrant white flowers. But if there is something that worries all of us who have at least one specimen, it is the fact that sometimes, and perhaps for no apparent reason, its leaves turn yellow. And it is clear, a plant […]

Echeveria pulidonis | Gardening Where

Within the echeveria genus, there are more than 154 different varieties, many more even if we count the hybrids. One of the many that exist is the Echeveria puloninis. You know how it is? Below we are going to leave you a practical guide so that you can physically identify them (and differentiate them from […]

Purple wild flowers | Gardening Where

Imagine getting out of bed, opening the blind, looking out into your garden and seeing a blanket of colorful purple and purple plants. Do you like purple wildflowers? So why not have them in your garden? Below we give you a list of very resistant flowers that you could use to plant in your garden […]

Hanging cactus with flowers | Gardening Where

That cacti have flowers is a fact, but, Have you ever seen hanging cacti with flowers? And without thorns? If you have a terrace or balcony and you can hang a plant, if you live in a very hot area, this may be perfect for you not to worry about getting a lot of sun. […]

How to treat the ocher spot of the almond tree?

Image – Flickr/Hermes Almond The almond tree is a tree of Asian origin that has been widely cultivated throughout the Mediterranean region for centuries; in fact, many of us who live in lands bathed by that sea, have so many specimens throughout our lives, that we consider it to be a “tree that is very […]

Alocasia silver dragon | Gardening Where

Although some time ago we told you about the Alocasia dragon, this time we want to talk about another more mystical and less common, the Alocasia silver dragon. It is much more appreciated than the first, especially for its leaves. But what do you know about this plant? And what about your care? Today we […]

Storage shelving | Gardening On

With good weather it is normal to spend more time in the garden arranging plants and areas so that they are ready for summer. But for this you need tools and these you can place them on storage shelves. Wait, don’t you have? If you want to have a bit of order in your garden, […]

Echeveria runyonii | Gardening On

Have you ever seen Echeveria runyonii? Was it curved, smooth, elongated leaves? No, we have not made a mistake, it is that it has so many varieties that it is difficult to tell you about all of them. It is a succulent native to Mexico. Want to know more about her? What is he like, […]

How to buy a stand with wheels

And stand with wheels is an essential accessory when you need to be moving a heavy item to one side or the other almost constantly. When placing it on top of it, you will only have to exert a slight pressure to move it where you want, avoiding carrying that object. But to acquire the […]

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