Guide to buy a PVC lattice and succeed with the purchase

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Having a lattice not only decorates the exterior walls much more, it also allows climbing plants to have a place to lean on to get ahead. But buying one and getting it right is sometimes not easy. There are many types on the market, whether they are made of wood, PVC latticework or even plastic.

If you yourself are thinking of buying a PVC lattice but you don’t know how to choose it, How about we give you the keys to succeed? Pay attention and you will know how you can buy one suitable for your needs.

best jealousyPVC wires

best brands of jealousyPVC wires

When buying a PVC lattice, you may not know that there are some brands that stand out from othersEither for the quality of their products, or for the balance they offer between quality and price.

We have chosen some of them and this is what you should know about them.


Catral is a recognized brand in the PVC lattices market, offering a wide variety of options to decorate and protect the home.

Catral PVC lattices are characterized by being resistant, durable and easy to install. These lattices are available in different designs and colors.

In addition to PVC lattices, Catral also offers a wide range of products for the garden and home decoration.such as heather mats, fences, planters and other accessories for garden decoration.

The brand has earned an excellent reputation in the market thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation.


Papillon is another brand that offers a wide variety of high-quality PVC latticework to decorate and protect the home.. These lattices are available in different sizes and designs.

Papillon PVC lattices are characterized by being resistant, durable and easy to install. Additionally, these lattices are weather resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Papillon also offers other garden and home furnishing products such as fencing, heather matting, decorative panels and other garden furnishing accessories.

As for its reputation, it is one of the ones with the highest quality and reputation.

Life XL

Vida XL is a brand that offers a wide variety of products for the home and garden, including furniture, decoration products, tools, sports and leisure products, pet products and much more.

The brand strives to offer high-quality products at competitive prices. It has a wide presence in Europe and other countries around the world, and operates through its website and various online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and others.


Outsunny is a brand that offers a wide variety of outdoor products, including garden furniture, tents, marquees, umbrellas, gazebos, garden sheds, barbecues, swimming pools and much more.

Outsunny has a team of designers who work in collaboration with product manufacturing experts to create innovative and functional products.

Jealousy buying guideIt was made of PVC

When buying a PVC lattice, you cannot be guided by price alone. Actually, There are other factors that you should take into account. Exactly the following:


The size of your lattice will depend on your wall and the use you want to give it. If it is for a small plant to climb, you could place a small one, but if it grows, you will have to give it more support.


In case you don’t know, PVC lattices come in different designs and patterns. Depending on your style, and the decoration you have in your home or gardenyou should choose one type or the other.


Although PVC lattices are made of this material, the truth is that there are different durability and resistances. Try to choose one that will withstand both wear and tear. If possible, also be respectful of the environment.


You have to check the fixing that the PVC lattice will have, either to the ground, pot, or to the wall. Some PVC louvers have screw holes, while others are attached with glue or clips.


The price of PVC lattices can vary depending on the size, design and additional features. Besides, the more you buy, the more investment you will have to make (and it can be a little cheaper than buying just one, but the price will still go up).

Where to buy?

Base for climbers in pvc

Base for climbers in pvc

Now what you have more clear what to look for when buying a PVC latticeWould you know where to buy them? We have searched for the stores that are most visited on the Internet for this article and we can tell you about what you will find in them.


We cannot tell you that you are going to have lots of models, styles and designs, because the truth is that it is not going to be like that. In addition, its catalog is not as extensive as in other articles. But it does have original and unique designs that you will not find in other stores.

Of course, be careful with the price.


Bricodepot has far fewer lattices than on Amazon, but the ones it does have aren’t bad for the garden. Yes indeed, keep in mind that there are wooden and PVCmainly, so if we limit ourselves only to the latter there is less to choose from.


In Carrefour we are not going to find too many items related to latticework either. However, they do carry the major brands and the prices are in line with what they are on other sites (sometimes a bit high in some cases).

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin you will have more options to review. Thanks to its lattice section, and within it the PVC filter, you can find a large selection of latticework.

As for the prices, they are according to what they usually cost.


At Ikea you will have even less to choose from, since only has 2-3 related items, and they are all made of wood, not PVC.

Have you already opted for the ideal PVC lattice for your garden?

Guide to buy a PVC lattice and succeed with the purchase

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