How to buy professional pruning shears

professional pruning shears

Autumn, as well as the beginning of spring, are two seasons in which the pruning of most of the plants that we have in the garden or inside the house is carried out. And we know that using quality tools will help the plants suffer less, since we finish earlier. One of them is professional pruning shears, an essential item if you have plants.

But, when it comes to getting them, sometimes mistakes are made. Do you want to know what to consider when buying one? We explain it to you below.

Top 1. The best professional pruning shears


  • Made of hardened steel.
  • Ergonomic aluminum handles.
  • Easy adjustment system.


  • They weigh quite a bit.
  • Poor blade quality.

Selection of professional pruning shears

If you have many plants, surely you need professional pruning shears. In case you did not like the first ones, here are others that may be perfect for you.

AIRAJ Lightweight Pruning Shears for Thick Branches

To use these professional pruning shears you will need both hands. They are made of hard carbon steel with a non-stick coating and an ergonomic handle that will absorb shock.

AIRAJ Professional Garden Pruning Shears

In this case you will have a pack of scissors. On the one hand, some of 21 centimeters, and other smaller ones of 16.5 cm.

Both are made in non-stick steel and antioxidants. The handle is ergonomic and will absorb shock so you have better control.

Gonicc Professional Rolling Handle Pruning Shears

It has a rotating handle, which means that you have to exert less cutting force. It is made in titanium coated steel and has a safety lock.

It is recommended that, before using it (and after) they are greased so that the scissors last longer.

AIRAJ Telescopic Pruning Shears 70-103CM

These professional pruning shears have a blade made of steel and coated with a Teflon treatment. In addition, the handle can be adjusted from 71 to 101 cm through 6 sections and with a lock button.

SWANSOFT 35mm Professional Electric Pruning Shears

It is about scissors with lithium battery (specifically two). You will have Multiple progressive cutting speeds that will adjust to the size of the blade when you pull the trigger. The cut will be from 0 to 35 mm while the size of the sheet will be between 30 and 35 mm.

They can be active about 8-10 hours.

Buying guide for professional pruning shears

Whether you have few plants, or many, professional pruning shears is an essential item to have on hand. And it is that, at any time, your plants are going to need you to cut a branch and do it in the best possible way: easy for you and that does not damage the plant.

But of course, It is not the same to cut a branch of a bonsai than to cut it from a tree that you have planted at home. Neither is it long or short. All this influences when buying scissors.

Specifically, there are several factors to take into account, such as:


We start, not just with the size, but with the type of professional pruning shears. And it is that when we think of them, it is normal to visualize “normal” pruning shears. But there are many types on the market.

For example, you can find with electric scissors, With which to give a button to the blade it starts up and it is faster to cut the branches with hardly any effort on your part.

Others are manual which are those of a lifetime. In them you will need to exert some force to cut the branches or whatever you need, and they will also have a certain thickness (that is, if they are very thick branches you may need another type of scissors).


This comes on top of the above. For example, imagine you have a lemon tree with a relatively thick branch. With the small manual scissors you can cover it, and the only thing you have to do is a lot, a lot of force, and move the scissors so that the fixed part of these is nailed, to cut them. The result is that you have had to use a lot of force to cut it, and on top of that, the cut is normally not clean and that you have also made the tree suffer.

On the other hand, if you use larger scissors, the surface is greater and the force to be exerted is less, in addition to being a cleaner and faster cut.

You see the difference? And it is that small scissors are not the same as large ones, Depending on the size of the plant and what you want to cut, you will have to adapt them.


If we focus on what we can find on the market in terms of materials, you should know that it is usual to find stainless steel scissors (or tempered), carbon steel, with titanium or aluminum. That for the leaves. Then in the handles it is possible that plastic is used.

Price range

And now yes, we come to the main thing and perhaps the first thing we always look at: the price of the scissors. When you have few plants, the most normal thing is that you opt for the cheapest ones because you don’t understand much or because you don’t see the difference between 2 euro scissors and 200 ones. But as you experiment, the normal thing is that you begin to see that yes. there are differences, and that one or the other is better.

In this sense, The price range for professional pruning shears is between 5 and more than 500 euros.

Where to buy?

buy professional pruning shears

buy professional pruning shears

The last part you need to consider is where to buy professional pruning shears. And in this aspect we are going to give you two stores where to do it.

The Amazon

Because it is where you will find more variety. Yes indeed, compare prices because sometimes if you look for the same product on the Internet you can find it (with shipping costs) even cheaper.

Hand hand

Another option available is this store. With more than 500 products, this store is specialized in DIY products, gardening, etc. and the truth is that it is where you will find products very focused on the needs of your plants.

Do you already know which professional pruning shears you are going to buy?

How to buy professional pruning shears

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