When to plant strawberries and how to do it: the tricks to get them to grow

When to plant strawberries and how to do it

Strawberries are one of the delicacies that, although they can now be eaten at any time of the year, we know that they are much tastier at that time. But, if you consider having a strawberry harvest in your house, Do you know when to plant strawberries and how to do it?

Don’t worry, we are going to help you to know these two facts and you can obtain, in a matter of weeks, some delicious strawberries that you will want to have all the time. Go for it?

When to plant strawberries

strawberry ripening

strawberry ripening

As we told you at the beginning, strawberries can now be eaten at any time of the year because many come from greenhouses. But let’s face it they do not have the same flavor as when they enter the season of these.

Therefore, if you really want to eat strawberries, or strawberries, which is what is most commercialized now, you must know when to plant to obtain them. And that data is simple: from November to March.

Now, we cannot just stick to those months and that’s it. Imagine that November is very, very cold. Although strawberries withstand cold and heat well, they do not survive frost. And if in November, or in December, there are, then you will have problems to carry them out.

Now, think that in March the weather is still very cold and the heat has not yet arrived. While there may be no frost, you could extend your strawberry planting time even into April.

Note that growing strawberries usually takes two to four weeks alone, so nothing will happen if you push it a bit more to the summer limit.

Also, planting strawberry seedlings is not the same as doing it through seeds. The latter may require more time to germinate and grow (although not much longer).

How to plant strawberries

person harvesting fruit

person harvesting fruit

Now that you know when to plant strawberries, would you like us to give you the steps to plant them?

First of all, the first thing you should think about is where to plant strawberries. You must provide them, whether seedlings or seeds that you are going to plant, a place where they will receive a lot of sunlight, even a few hours of direct sun. Only then will you ensure that they grow healthy and strong.

In addition, you have to take into account that they will need previously fertilized land, so that their production is greater.

This implies that you can plant them in:

  • Soil, as long as you treat the land or provide a rich one for this crop.
  • Pot, with the land that we tell you.
  • Seedlings, they usually come on high tables like a kind of greenhouse. They are not a bad idea, but when the plants grow a lot, they may need more space than what is available here (in these cases they must be transplanted into the ground or into pots.

Once you have chosen the place where you want to plant them, you only have to fill in the hole (either in the ground or in the pot, and put the seedling or seed. If it is a seed, you should not cover it with more than a thin layer of soil so that it does not have difficulties to germinate. If it is in seedlings, you must bury a part of the stem well, so that it can create more roots and thus allow it to absorb more nutrients (so that it gives you a greater harvest).

The most important care when planting strawberries

Once you have planted the strawberries, all that remains is to take care of them so that they come to give you the fruits, that is, those strawberries. And, to achieve this, it is important to take into account several points:

  • Lightning: they need lots and lots of light. Even a few hours of direct sunlight that is not in the highest incidence.
  • Irrigation: is one of the most important points. If you have planted seeds, you will have to water with a sprayer until you see the seedlings begin to emerge. If they are already seedlings, you should water carefully not to wet them to avoid pests or diseases. In general, strawberries need a lot of water to keep the soil moist. By using a soil that retains moisture, you can water once or twice a week; but if you have not used this then you should be more aware.
  • Subscriber: if possible, organic, and every 15 days, but not in the dose established by the manufacturer, but at least half of it.
  • Control the fruit: more specifically, make sure that it does not touch the ground because if it does, it will rot quickly, as well as insects that will catch it or attack the plant.

How many strawberries are obtained per plant

This is not an easy thing to answer because many different factors come into play here. On the one hand, the variety of strawberry that you have bought; on the other, the space you have to grow your crop (either in soil or in a pot); the type of substrate that you have put, if you fertilize it, etc.

All this can make it more energetic, and therefore get a higher production of strawberries, than another to which you do nothing. In addition, it will also influence the size of the fruits.

Can strawberry plants reproduce?

fruit plant at home

fruit plant at home

Imagine you have a strawberry plant that is giving you lots of strawberries. And you know that, at some point, it will stop doing it over time. But could you propagate it? Well, the truth is that yes.

The best method of multiplication of strawberry plants is through runners. That is, it is about fixing one of its branches to the ground so that it takes root by itself (being connected to the mother plant). When it begins to sprout by itself and bear fruit is when you can cut the link between them and thus you will have two identical plants.

In general, experts tend to use strawberry plants for two years, to remove seedlings from them in the third and discard the oldest ones. It’s a way to preserve the quality of the strawberries you harvest. And as long as you give good care to Strawberry plants will not have any problem having them year after year.

Now that you know when to plant strawberries and how to do it, you still have time to plant a few. Would you dare to have your own strawberry garden and thus enjoy this sweet? We already tell you that they will not have the same tasteless taste as those you can buy in stores. Do the test and you’ll see.

When to plant strawberries and how to do it: the tricks to get them to grow

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