How to buy outdoor stools

When you have a terrace or a garden where you have put a rest area to use it, outdoor stools can be a good solution to add chairs where you can sit without taking up too much space.

But when you buy them You have to take into account certain aspects that will make you make a good purchase (otherwise, in the end they will not be as functional nor will they make you amortize the price you have paid). How about we give you a hand in that aspect?

Top 1. The best outdoor stool


  • Made of natural rattan.
  • It has storage space.
  • Supports 110 kilos.


  • Can’t move much (because it disarms).
  • Poor quality materials.

Selection of outdoor stools

Next we are going to give you other outdoor stools that may be what you are looking for. You will have different options to choose from.

Yoassi Natural Bamboo Low Stool with Storage Shelf

It is a stool that you can buy in different sizes. Is made of bamboo wood and supports about 85 kilos of weight. You must bear in mind that it comes unassembled and you will have to build it yourself.

hjh OFFICE 645012 VANTAGGIO HIGH White Metal Bar Stool

This outdoor stool is made of metal and powder coated to make it easy to clean while also withstanding the elements. Dispose of rubber feet that protect the floor and it is also stackable so that it occupies the minimum space.

VASAGLE Set of 2 Bar Stools

If you prefer a metal stool with a wooden seat, then this can come in handy. It’s about a set of two 32 x 65 cm stools, made with simple structures that are easy to assemble. They can support 100 kg each.

Kit Closet 5020519022 – high metal stool with backrest

Made of metal and plastic, this outdoor stool can be found in multiple colours. Have Plastic bumpers on the legs to prevent scratches. It also has a backrest and a handle to be able to transport it easily.

SONGMICS Set of 2 Bar Stools, with Height-Adjustable Backrest

In this case we are talking about a set of two stools with height-adjustable, swivel, and leather backrest. They support up to 200 kg of weight and both the structure and the footrest are made of chromed metal.

Outdoor stool buying guide

Outdoor stools are a way to decorate your garden in a different way. You can use them on the terrace, in the garden or even on the balcony (be careful if you have children so that they do not use them if you are not in front of them in case there are accidents).

But it is not enough to buy the first one you see, you need to take into account certain important aspects. Which? The ones that we are going to comment on below.


We start with the size. Normally, when we talk about stools, it is normal that you consider a big and tall one. Bar type. But in reality they are not all like that; You have different options and sizes.

They can be small, short and suitable for tea tables. Or high for bars on the terrace.

Depending on what you have (if it is a high table, if it is an island, a bar on the terrace, a tea table…) you will have to choose one height or another. In addition, the higher it is, the more complicated it can be for some to get on and be comfortable.


Color is another point to take into account because… If you have a terrace decorated in wood, do you think a yellow iron stool would suit it? The most possible is that no.

In the market you will be able to find many options, including combinations, which will give you more possibilities to decorate properly.


It is usual that, when thinking of a stool, we think of a high chair, without a back and with a more or less comfortable seat. But the truth is that not everyone is like that. Actually, there are stools with seats, others that look like chairs, some that are also multifunctional (because you can put things in them), etc.

All this we tell you is because there are many forms of stools on the market, not only those that you can see in bars, but many more. Minimalist, armchair type, high chairs… You can choose from a wide variety.


In this case we are talking about outdoor stools and, due to the fact that they will be outside the home, you have to take into account the material with which they are made. And it is that Must withstand inclement weather so that these do not deteriorate or break in a short period.

Thus, the usual thing in these cases is the wood or iron as the most used options. But it does not mean that you only have those materials. you can also meet hard plastic or metal stools. And even some combinations, especially in the seat area (wood and plastic, or wood and upholstery…).

Price range

Finally, we cannot ignore that the price is a determining factor. If you’re on a budget, you’re not going to buy an outdoor stool that breaks your budget, especially since you couldn’t afford it.

In general, the price range of these It is between 20 and 100 euros.

What is a stool and what is it for?

A stool is like a chair. But a special. On the one handthe originals did not have a backrest or armrests (now there are of these types). In addition, its base consists of 3-4 legs and, in some cases, joined together to help the person to put his feet on them to climb (if he is very tall) or to support his feet.

The The function of a stool is none other than to serve so that a person can sit and rest on it.

How tall should a stool be?

If you have decided to put a high stool, surely it is because you have had good experiences using them. But the truth is that it is not as easy as it seems. These types of seats must be adapted to the table or bar you have.

Thus, If your bar has a height of 90-92 centimeters, the best stool is the one with a height of 65cm. If the bar is 105-108 cm high, then you have to use a taller one, about 75 centimeters.

Why? Well, because if you place one too low, the person will not be comfortable. And if it’s too tall he’ll end up stooping over to get closer to the table.

Where to buy?

buy outdoor stools

You already have all the knowledge you need to buy outdoor stools. But we want to help you a little more and for this we have done a search for the main stores (those most searched for on the Internet related to this product) so that you know what you can find in them.

The Amazon

The first option, and perhaps the first that more and more people look at, is Amazon. We’re not going to tell you that you have a lot to choose from, because you don’t, but yes there is much more variety than in other stores.


At Ikea you will find one exclusive section of high stools. Of course, you will have to check that they are suitable for outdoors because they will be mixed with those for the kitchen.

If we use the search engine to find outdoor stools, the search shows us several more options, although it is mixed with chairs and other products that have nothing to do with it.

Leroy Merlin

In the case of Leroy Merlin we have used the search to find related products. And we have found more than 60 products. Yes indeed, also worth looking for as garden stools or even as stools (no more) because, although it will give us options that are not suitable for outdoors, some could be adapted to it.

Second hand

In order to save, you could consider using Second Hand to get the stools. Are products that have been used by individuals (although you can also find companies that advertise them because they are exhibition products, due to lack of stock, discontinued or even offers).

Now it’s your turn, do you know what outdoor stools you’re going to want to buy?

How to buy outdoor stools

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