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When you have a garden, it is normal that, due to the plants, the animals or simply the exterior, you end up generating garbage. And of course, you need a garden waste bin to keep the area clean and not look in poor condition.

How about we talk about them and show you the characteristics that they must have to buy a suitable one? What if we also give you a series of products that may be exactly what you are looking for? Do not think about it anymore, take a look at this guide that we have prepared for you.

Top 1. The best garden waste bin


  • Available in various colors.
  • Capacity of 120 liters.
  • It has an opening mechanism by stepping on it.


  • It breaks easily.
  • Parts may be missing.
  • Bad customer service.

Selection of garden waste bins

We know how important it is to find the ideal garden waste bin. Therefore, with only one option, you may not have enough. Do you want more? We show you these.

keeeper Eco Mats Multifunctional Trash Bin with Lockable Lid

This garbage can has a capacity of 23 liters although you can also find 50 liters. It is made from 100% recycled plastic and has a closable lid. You can use garbage bags from 35 to 60 L and it has two integrated handles on the edge to be able to transport it easily.

Tayg 259297 Trash Bin Wheels + Pedal 80 liters

This garbage can has a capacity of 80 litres. Its opening mechanism is by stepping on and the lid is colored, it can be yellow, blue, gray or green.

Rotho Paso, 40l pedal bin with lid

Even though this 40 l waste bin is focused on the kitchenif you have a small garden it can help you. The opening mechanism is to step on and the material it is made of is plastic with the functionality that it keeps odors at bay.

Tayg 421020 Eco – Eco Waste Container with Pedal

This pedal bin has a capacity of 100 L. It is Made of high quality plastic and has a pair of handles on the sides to be able to move it easily. It also has two wheels to make it easier.

Ics urban garbage can

In this case, this garbage can is very similar to those that are still used on the streets. It has a capacity of 120 liters and is made of plastic and rectangular in shape. It has a lid with a handle to be able to open and close it without any problem.

Garden waste bin buying guide

When buying a garden waste bin, taking the first one you see is not the best. Although any type of cube can help you, the truth is that there are some characteristics that you should take into account. Which? The following that we tell you below.


We start with the size. And, in this case, we are going to illustrate it with an example. Think that you have bought a garbage can like the one you have at home for the garden. You start to “clean up” your garden and it turns out that, in five minutes, you have filled it. So you have to stop, empty the bucket and start again. And after another five minutes the same thing happens.

That tells you that the bucket you bought is too small for your garden, and certainly not practical.

Therefore, when choosing one, It is important that you think about the size of your garden to buy a more or less large one.

Of course, if you buy it big, we recommend that you do it with wheels because that way it will not cost you so much to move it from one side to another (keep in mind that later to throw the garbage you may need help).


The next thing to consider is the look of your cube. I mean, if you want it round, square, if you prefer it to be fixed and made of wood, or hanging. In the market you will find many different types, not only in terms of size, but also in shape.

And in colors, since there will be black, yellow, green… Although this is more secondary, if you want to have a garden where the garbage can does not stand out too much, then you will have to pay attention to those details.

Apart from the shape, do not forget the material with what they are made. In general, there are three broad categories:

  • Plastic, which are the cheapest.
  • Stainless steel, resistant, easy to maintain and durable.
  • Epoxy steel, which gives you the opportunity to have many colors.

Price range

Finally, you would have the price. It is not that it is an overly expensive product, but cheap, in some cases, it is not either.

In general, the price of a garden waste bin is between 15 and 70 euros.

Where to buy?

buy garden waste bin

Buying a garden waste bin is not complicated. In the vast majority of stores they have it. But of course, you have to know how to choose which one is the best for you. That’s why, we have taken a look at the main stores to save you time. This is what you will find.

The Amazon

We are not going to tell you that there are thousands of products on Amazon. It doesn’t, at least as far as garden waste bins are concerned. But the ones it does have are many more than you will find in other stores.

The Most of them are made of plastic, although if you look closely you may find steel or other materials. Of course, be careful because sometimes they are mixed for the kitchen, to recycle at home or even plastic bags.

Brico Depot

As a garden waste bin you will not find more than one product, a 120 liter folding bag. But it does have more trash cans available, it’s just that they’re focused on the kitchen. Maybe one can come in handy.


Ikea has one special section of garbage cans, where it divides by recycling, with pedal, for bathroom and reusable bags. But the truth is that we use the search engine to find the most suitable ones. And the result?

There are no related products, so in that category that we have mentioned you should check if there is one that is suitable for the garden.

Leroy Merlin

In this case we have used the page search engine to find garbage cans. And then, in the almost 200 products, we have filtered for gardens and terraces, leaving us with about 30. In reality, it is much less, and you have Bag bins, plastic, synthetic fiber, polypropylene, steel, metal… So you have a choice.

You already have everything to start buying a garden waste bin. Do you have any other recommendations that should be taken into account?

Guide to buy a garden waste bin

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