How to buy rounded stone for garden

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One of the most used outdoor decorations is the garden pebble. It offers a special elegance while giving it greater utility. But not many people know how to buy a good boulder.

If you want to know what are the most important factors when doing it or even knowing which are the best on the market this guide interests you.

Top 1. The best boulder for garden


  • Natural white decorative stones without any colorant or dye.
  • Multiple Uses
  • Asymmetrical.


  • too small
  • Products expensive for the amount it brings.

Selection of rounded stones for garden

We know that there are many garden pebbles on the market and that the best one for us may not be right for you. Therefore, below we are going to give you a selection of boulders so that you can choose and see the characteristics of each of them.

Carrara marble gravel, grain 40 to 60 mm, 1 to 25 kg

Although the description of this product says that you have available from 1 to 25 kg, the truth is that it only gives you the option to buy 1, 2 or 5 kilos.

We have chosen the price for one kilo and as seen in the image they are white boulders. The problem you may have is that they have a white powder that is easily released and can get dirty wherever you place it.

Ruiuzioong Decorative Stones, Pebbles

These decorative stones are lightly polished to obtain a smooth effect both to the eye and to the touch. They can be used in the garden but also for pots, aquariums, ponds, etc.

Decorative Stones from 8 to 12 mm

These decorative stones, although they are indicated for aquariums, you can also use them for the garden since you could place them on top of the pots or even in the area where you have planted in the garden. It comes in a pack of 500 grams being some 160 and 200 pieces between 8 and 12 mm.

Vegara Stone Stone Garden Decoration Pebble Pure White 2-4 cm

This boulder has a thickness between 2 and 4 cm and is ideal for decorating indoors as well as outdoors. It also works for the pots themselves.

Teraplast – Decorative stones for pots, gardens, aquariums, terrariums and modeling

With the possibility of buying it in white, gray, or black, you will get some clean, hygienic and non-toxic plastic stones, lighter than common stones and with resistance to both heat and cold. They are perfect for use in the garden, as well as in pots such as aquariums, terrariums or even for modeling.

Garden pebble buying guide

Buying boulders for the garden may seem like a fairly easy activity. It is a matter of going to the stores, seeing the product and choosing the one that most convinces you. But this way of buying can also be the one that will give you the most headaches in the long run because you do not take into account a series of factors or characteristics that influence your satisfaction with the product. For this reason, we are going to talk about the characteristics that you should take into account when buying beyond the price.


We start with the size of the boulder. In the market you will find different dimensions of boulders.

Each of them has a series of advantages and disadvantages; for example, in the case of very fine boulder has the disadvantage that it can move too much or even, with the water, turn to grit.

On the other hand, if it is too large a boulder, it may not look aesthetically good in your garden or even it may not be useful for the use you want to give it.


With regard to color, the truth is that in the market you will discover many types. Even within the same color there will be different shades.

While the best known and used is the white boulder, that does not mean that you cannot use a black one, with shades of brown, or even in gray.

Price range

Finally we have the price that, although it is a very important factor since it should not exceed the budget that you have determined, you must also take into account that it is balanced with the quality of the product.

We can tell you that the garden boulder It depends on factors such as those you have seen, but also on others such as the brand, the amount of product you buy, or even the type of manufacturing or treatment carry that song. That is why the price is between 4 and 15 euros.

How many kilos of pebbles per square meter?

One of the biggest doubts that arise when buying pebbles for a garden is not knowing how many kilos are needed per square meter. In fact, it is possible that when you see the bags of 20 or more kilos you consider that it is too much for what you want to put in your garden. However, the average is between 75 and 80 kg per square meter.

Depending on the thickness and what you want to achieve with this edge, you will have to choose more or less kilos. If you are not clear, you can always use an Internet calculator where, specifying that you are going to use rounded stones and their thickness, as well as the square meters that you want to cover with them, you will obtain the necessary kilos.

How is the boulder cast?

If you have thought about throwing pebbles in your garden and doing it on your own, you should keep in mind that there are two ways to do it:

  • The first one is the easiest because It simply consists of leveling the ground and throwing the boulder on top without further ado.. However, if it rains or you have animals, it may move over time and in the end you have to pick it up and take it to the area where you want it.
  • The other way is perhaps more elaborate but you will also get better results with it. It consists of applying a first layer of cement to place the boulder on top and push it in slightly so that it stays in place when it dries. This can take between one and two weeks since for the cement to dry completely you will need time and above all do it in the dry season, that is, when it does not rain.

Where to buy?

garden boulder

At this point, you now have a better idea of ​​what to look for when buying rounded stone for your garden. But the next step is to know in which store to buy it.

In this regard, we have analyzed some of the most sought after stores on the internet and this is what you will find.

The Amazon

In Amazon is where you will find more variety of boulders. Not only will you have the typical white or black ones, but you will also find some bright or even multicolored ones.

As for the The prices are much higher than in other stores. so you should take a look at the others before choosing one in this store.


Although they have a category of decorative gravel and aggregates for outdoor use, it is easier to find rounded stones for the garden if you use the search engine since it will directly take you to a selection of products in the store that, although mixed with others, it is easy to distinguish between them. everybody.

The prices that Bauhaus has are quite cheap since you have to take into account the kilos you buy and the price for which all of them come out.


Within the sand and gravel section you have the part of decorative aggregates in which you will be able to find boulders of different colors. The prices are very similar to those of other stores although in some cases they are a little more expensive because they carry less quantity in kilos.

Leroy Merlin

In the case of the Leroy Merlin we will find rounded stones for the garden in the gravel, aggregate and decorative stone section. When you enter it you have a column on the left and if you filter by type of product you will find the list only of what interests you at the moment, such as rounded stones for gardens.

Regarding the price, we must tell you that in some cases it is much more expensive than in other stores, but you should look at the characteristics of the products that interest you the most to choose the best one.

Now that you know what to look for and where to buy rounded stone for the garden, the next step you must take is to get down to work.

How to buy rounded stone for garden

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