How to make a lemon tree bonsai

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Bonsai are one of the most attractive plants that exist in the plant kingdom. There are many fans who on occasion try to take care of one. Nevertheless, What if we suggest you make one yourself? For example, you could learn how to make a lemon tree bonsai.

If you want to know how it is done and some tricks to make it grow little by little until it becomes a beautiful specimen, follow this guide that we have prepared for you.

Why make a lemon tree bonsai

lemon Tree

When you go to supermarkets, flower shops, and other stores that sell plants, bonsai are one of the things you can find. However, most of these stores have green leaf specimens, that is, they are not fruit-bearing. Buy a bonsai of lemon, orange, apple… It is not cheap compared to cheaper bonsai prices. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own lemon tree bonsai.

He The greatest attraction of a lemon tree bonsai, as well as an orange or apple tree, is in the fruit. After blooming, with beautiful flowers, you will have very small lemons, in some cases even useful, which makes it much more attractive. But also something more delicate in terms of its care.

On a decorative level, it is one of the most beautiful specimens you can buy. And in reality you don’t need to buy it in a store but you could create it yourself from a lemon pit. Do you want to know how?

How to make a lemon tree bonsai

lemon tree bonsai

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Next we are going to give you the keys so that you can easily make a lemon tree bonsai. Of course, you will have to arm yourself with a lot of patience depending on the type of citrus you use.

Materials to use to create a lemon bonsai tree

If you have already considered creating a lemon tree bonsai in your home, there are several elements that you need to have on hand to be able to carry it out. These are:

  • A citrus. In this case we are talking about a lemon tree, but in reality it could be a seed, a cutting or a small tree.
  • Substratum. If you want the lemon tree to grow healthy and develop as quickly as possible, then you will need to use a suitable soil for citrus fruits and at the same time adequate drainage to turn it into a bonsai, such as akadama.
  • A flower pot. We know how much you want to have a bonsai, but when it is being created from a young age, you cannot use a bonsai pot directly, but first it is necessary for the roots to develop and that implies having depth in your pot. That is why the best pot to start with is a normal pot, which is often called a pre-bonsai pot in the bonsai world.

With all this you will have everything you need to start in the world of bonsai from scratch.

Bonsai lemon tree from seed

As we have mentioned before, there is several ways to make a lemon bonsai. One of them, and perhaps the first of all, is using a lemon bone. It is also the longest way to achieve it, but if you don’t mind and have patience you can build your own tree and give it the shape you want over time.

To start, you need to get a lemon bone. On many occasions, when we split a lemon, some of the bones come already germinatedthat is to say with some roots or even a small stem from which a tree could grow.

Once you have that bone you will need to keep it for a few weeks in a moistened napkin and in a container covered with plastic wrap to generate a kind of stable temperature and warm environment so that it continues to develop its roots and even its stem.

When it is big enough, it should be moved to a small pot about six centimeters in diameter so that it continues to grow. As it does, you will have to transplant it from a pot over the next few years until the trunk is thick enough to be able to think of it as a bonsai.

During that time what you can do is go shaping the branches to go in the direction you want. This is achieved by means of wire, bending the branches very gently to prevent them from breaking.

Once the trunk of your lemon tree is wide enough to think of it as a miniature tree, the next step will be to transform that pre-bonsai into a real bonsai. is maybe the most complicated step and in which the tree suffers the most because most of the techniques consist of trimming its roots to fit it into bonsai pots. Our recommendation is that you do it very little by little, cutting only 10% of the roots in each transplant in order to have more chances of success.

Bonsai lemon tree from seedling

bonsai with lemons

Source: bonsaiempire

Another way to get a lemon tree bonsai a little faster is by using a seedling. As you know, this would be a small tree that is developing, although you can also find quite cheap pre-bonsai lemon trees in stores.

For both options what we are going to tell you interests you. A seedling as well as a lemon tree pre-bonsai are characterized by having, in most cases, a still thin trunk. This implies that, if you want to have a tree that is as similar as possible to the normal specimen, you will need to let it grow. One of the techniques used by some experts to achieve this is plant this seedling or pre-bonsai directly in the ground for a few years. In this way the tree will behave like a normal citrus and will develop correctly. After that time, it would have to be dug up very carefully to be transferred to a pot.

As you might think, we are talking about a quite stressful process for the tree, but it is possible to transform it into a bonsai. To do this, the care They are very important.

Actually, what you need most to get a lemon tree bonsai is patience and time. It will not be created overnight, it will take years. But for that very reason it will be one of the ones you appreciate the most, because you will have given it life from the beginning and you will have created it the way you like it. Have you ever tried to make a bonsai? What results did you get?

How to make a lemon tree bonsai

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