How to buy a planter with legs

When you have a lot of pots, either indoors or outdoors, most of them end up with a saucer on the ground. However, you could also opt for a planter with legs that raises the pot, obtaining multiple benefits. Among them would be the possibility that give that pot more light and the advantage for you of not having to bend down too much when you need to pick it up.

But to buy a good planter with legs it is necessary to know what the keys are to get it right and take a look at the best on the market today. We have done that research and this is what we have found.

Top 1. The best planter with legs


  • It has a round shape.
  • modern industrial style to focus the attention of those who look at it.
  • Made of robust metal with a durable coating.


  • You have to be careful with the measurements.
  • If you put too much weight on it, it could become unstable the flower pot

Selection of planters with legs

Here are other models of flowerpots with legs that can be interesting and that you could even combine with each other both indoors and outdoors.

Bloomingville Plant pot, gold, iron

This planter with legs is made of iron of a golden color and suitable for a diameter of 12.5 cm. It will be about 23 centimeters tall and is designed in Denmark.

KETIEE Plant Stand

This plant stand allows you to place it in two different ways giving more or less height to the plant. It is made of wood and is very easy to install as it uses screws.

Amazon Basics Planter in Black

Don’t be fooled by its name, this planter in black is actually a double planter with legs. You can put it in such a way that you place one plant at the top and another at the bottom.

It is a metal structure coated to make it resistant to rust and moisture deformation. In the upper part you can place pots up to 23 cm in diameter while in the lower part they should be a little smaller.

Relaxdays Pot Stand

Made from dark brown bamboo this plant stand has a interior width between 23 and 32 centimeters. It is focused on interiors, but it could also be placed outdoors as long as it is protected. As for the height, this is 35.5 cm.

LIFA LIVING Set of 2 Indoor pot holders

In this case you will get a set of two indoor pot holders. Is it so made of 100% metal and available in two colorsgold or black. You also have two sizes, one lower and one higher. The highest bracket measures 18,5 * 18,5 * 76 cm, while the lowest bracket is 15 * 15 * 55,5 cm.

Buying guide for a flower pot with legs

When buying a planter with legs you should not only take into account that it is larger than the diameter of the pot so that it can fit but there are other factors that also influence besides the price. Among them, the most important are:


The size of the flower pots with legs It does not mean only that these are larger or smaller than the diameter of the pot you want to include, but also to occupy less or more space. Another fundamental aspect with its size is that these have a suitable shape to support the weight of the pot since, the larger, the more it will weigh and it needs a good balance on the legs so that they do not give way.


The color of the planters with legs is a determining factor if what you want is to combine with the decoration of your home, either inside or outside. For this reason, when choosing a good planter, you must take into account the color options it gives you in order to buy the most suitable one. In case you do not care about the color you will have greater freedom.


Within the flowerpots with legs you should know that there are two types: on the one hand, the interior ones; on the other hand, the outdoor ones.

The difference between one and the other lies mainly in the type of material and protection that has been given to the planter. For example, in the case of outdoor planters, these will be more resistant to weather than indoor ones. And the interior ones will be made of more delicate and elegant materials than the exterior ones.


Finally, we cannot forget the price, after all it is a determining factor and you will need it to be within your budget to be able to acquire it. Depending on the size, color and type prices may vary but the fork is usually between 20 and 60 euros.

Where to buy?

buy flower pots with legs

Now that you have seen what are the most important features to look for when buying flower pots with legs, The next thing you should be clear about are the places where you can buy them.

To do this, we have done a search for the main stores that are searched on the Internet and this is what you will find in terms of planters with legs.

The Amazon

Amazon is perhaps the largest store where you will find the most variety. But, in addition, also you will find many original and curious, that you have not seen in other stores.

The English Court

In the case of El Corte Inglés you should bear in mind that it is not a cheap store, although you can find some bargains.

yes, you have to differentiate the part of El Corte Inglés from the part of Hipercor since in both you can find and the prices vary depending on the brand, model or special characteristics.

Leroy Merlin

The flowerpots with legs in Leroy Merlin can be found in the pots and planters section. Within them there are several subsections among which you will find pots and planters for exterior and interior, self-watering pots, saucers for pots and planters and supports for both.

In the case of planters with legs, you will have to look subsection by subsection until you find the model you want. Although we have made a general search and the truth is that it does not have too many models where to choose but of different sizes.


In the case of lid, it must be taken into account that, although it has planters with legs, they are temporary offers which means that they are not available when you want in physical stores. But if you could find them in the online store.

Zara Home

Finally we have Zara home. Here You will not find a wide variety of planters with legs, but the ones it has are designer and give it a more elegant and sophisticated air. to the pots you want to put inside. As for the prices, they are not too expensive but they can differ from other cheaper ones (and also more basic).

Do you already know which planter with legs you will buy?

How to buy a planter with legs

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