Large and resistant indoor plants that you can have at home

Do you want to have large and resistant indoor plants? And not wait for them to grow to enjoy them? In general, any plant that measures more than a meter and a half is already considered large. The problem is that sometimes we think that this is enough to make it resistant, and we don’t realize that some plants are more delicate than others.

If you want to make an investment (which can be larger or smaller) in large and resistant indoor plants, Take a look at the list that we have prepared for you to get the best and that less headaches they give you. Shall we start?

Pino Norfolk

Pino Norfolk

It is possible that you do not know it, since it is not a species widely used indoors, but it can be. The Norfolk Pine is actually an Araucariaand can grow in a pot up to 2-3 meters.

In addition, it is quite resistant, although it has some peculiarities that mean that it is not for everyone: to start with, you have to avoid drafts because it does not support them (it will end up losing the beauty of its leaves). In addition, it needs a humid environment (so you will have to have a humidifier to keep it well nourished in that regard). And finally, it needs a lot of light to develop (despite being indoors, the more light it gives you, the better).

Therefore, it is not for all homes, but if you can provide all that, we will tell you that It is one of the most beautiful pine trees you can have at home (when you see it you will know why).

bamboo palm tree

Another of the large and resistant houseplants can be the bamboo palm tree. Although in the usual stores you may not find it so large, there are some nurseries where they do have large sizes of the plant. And that is where we recommend that you buy it (if it is also a nursery in your same area, the better because you will know that it is adapted to the climate).

Even if you buy something smaller, you should know that its growth is very, very fast and the leaves it has, as well as the fine stems, will make it very pretty to decorate with it.

Palma Areca o Kentia

It is not that it is a plant that receives two names, in fact we are talking about two similar plants, and at the same time different.

We say that they are similar because they have a very similar bearing, the only thing that varies between them is the type of leaves that you are going to throw. But its growth is moderate and grows quite tall if you take care of it well enough so that it is all year putting out new stems and new leaves.



It can be the ficus lyrata, the ficus robusta or the ficus Tineke. Although in stores you can find it tiny, about 30 centimeters approximately, in reality in nurseries you will find it much larger, reaching at least one meter in height. And although he will still have a little left to consider himself great, It is fast growing, especially in the spring and summer months, so with a short wait you could have it very, very large.

To give you an idea, in a pot it can easily reach 2-3 meters.

adam’s rib

Or what is the same, the monsteras: adansonii, deliciosa, obliqua… There are some stores that have plants that are more than a meter high (although in the case of deliciosa it is usually more wide than high) for little money (less than 40 euros). Hence it would not be an expensive option and at the same time you would have a highly sought after exotic plant now.

When it comes to care, it’s a bit finicky about placement (to the point of losing its leaves if you place it in an area where it doesn’t like anything), but if you find the perfect spot it won’t stop growing and growing. In fact, you may have to align it several times in the year it grows. In addition, it adapts perfectly to the interior (as long as it gives it the right light).

elephant foot

Also you can find it in the market as Nolina. Now, although it is a common plant, it is not cheap. At least not if you want it to have a great height (more than one meter), because it could cost you between 70 and 100 euros. In addition, it will also depend on how many growths you have. In other words, if it only has one stem it will be cheaper than if it has two or more stems.

Regarding care, it is very easy to care for because it hardly needs watering, it does need a lot of sun, and its growth is slow. (but it draws attention due to the thick trunk that it generates at the base and which then narrows as it grows, as well as the leaves that seem to have just woken up).

Pachira aquatica

With the Pachira something similar to the previous one happens. It is a plant that does not cost too much, you even find offers often. But the bigger you want it, the more expensive it will be, to the point of talking about 60-100 euros for one of more than one meter.

Also, despite its name, It is not a plant that wants a lot of watering, quite the contrary. And the sun doesn’t go too well either. It prefers a shady area with a few hours of indirect light versus direct sun (which will burn its leaves).

That’s why it is ideal for indoors. Of course, if it is made up of several trunks you can find the problem of one of them rotting. If that happens, try to remove it as soon as possible because the others will get infected and you will end up losing the entire plant.



Surely you are thinking right now that a poto is not one of the large and resistant houseplants. Especially for big ones. But the truth is that it is.

When the poto is hanging its growth, although it is fast, makes the leaves smaller and it is not so noticeable how big it is. But if from the beginning you place a guide, and roll the stems over it, you will see that the leaves are getting bigger and bigger, and that it begins to grow much faster.

Well, that is the same one that we propose to buy: a little vertical that you can find more than a meter high for tiny prices (for example, between 20 and 30 euros you can have one between a meter and a meter and a half). .

As you can see, there are many large and resistant indoor plants that you can place in your home. and that will make that corner very well decorated with a huge plant (or that will be huge in a short time). Do you recommend any more that are easy to care for and that we can buy large?

Large and resistant indoor plants that you can have at home

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