Peppermint: pests and treatment | Gardening On

Image – Flickr / Forest and Kim Starr What are the pests that peppermint can have? The truth is that, luckily for all of us who love aromatic plants, this is one of the easiest to care for, since it resists drought very well, and also, it is not usually attacked by insects as much […]

Practical guide to buy quality natural wicker

If you are already preparing the garden to enjoy it, surely one of the materials that you can consider using is natural wicker. This can be bought to make fences and cover fences so that you cannot be seen from the outside. But when it comes time to buy it, Do you know what you […]

How to buy a suitable steel edging for the garden

If you have a garden and a path through it, or you want to separate the plants you have so that they do not invade other places, a steel border is usually used. But, Would you know how to choose a quality one that really works for you? Are you only guided by the price? […]

Online garden design: apps and websites that you can use

Surely you have looked at your garden and thought that you could redecorate it in another way. Perhaps you have even imagined planting in various areas and creating environments. But, when it comes to capturing it, before doing it, How about you use online garden design to make sure your idea will turn out well? […]

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