How to buy a suitable steel edging for the garden

If you have a garden and a path through it, or you want to separate the plants you have so that they do not invade other places, a steel border is usually used.

But, Would you know how to choose a quality one that really works for you? Are you only guided by the price? Below we will talk about this accessory for the garden and everything you need to know about it to make the right purchase.

Better steel edging

Best brands of steel edging

Here we talk about some of the brands of steel edging that you can find in the market. Of course, there are more, but the ones that we can highlight for you at this time are the following.


IRKA It is one of the brands that we recommend to buy steel edging. This brand is specialized in edging for lawns and fences, which is why they are aware of the problems that can arise when delimiting gardens and thus achieving different environments.


For its part, VEVOR is a leading tools and equipment brand in more than 200 countries. Its function is to give the right tools to both amateurs and DIY professionals at affordable prices for all budgets.

For them, their motto is “strong equipment and tools, pay less.”

Buying guide for a steel edging

When buying a steel edging, most people are guided by the price, especially when they need a large amount of it for their garden. However, only that can lead to it not lasting long, with which the financial outlay is greater, as well as the disappointment with this product.

However, if you pay attention to the elements that we are going to discuss, you may not have such bad luck and you can find the steel edge that best suits your needs and that it is within the budget that you have set to buy it.


Let’s start with the size of the steel border. You have to look at this one not only in terms of how long it needs to be (to cover the space you want), but also how wide it should be, because if it’s too small, all you do with that is just separate, but sooner or later early the plants could jump it or not prevent them from mixing.


As for the design, it is normal for them to be rectangular, but that does not mean that you cannot find other finishes that give it a totally different style from the basic one. Of course, then it implies spending a little more money on them.


In addition to the size that the steel edging must have, the thickness is also important. If you place one that is too thin, the air, or even an animal, could move it and thus come out of where you have placed it, or that it is not enough to hold the shape (for example, that due to the earth, or the water, it double and in the end do not do your job).

steel type

In this point, The most common steels in borders are galvanized and corven steel. Both are resistant, although almost all experts recommend the second for the benefits that this type of material offers in installations.


Finally we come to the price. And this will be based on all of the above. But, in addition, we must add the fact that steel edging often has to be bought by the meter in order to have enough for the garden. Hence, the price not only depends on the type of edging you choose, but also on the meters you need.

How to install a steel edging

When you decide to buy one of the steel edgings that suits your needs, the next thing you should think about is installation. And in this sense you should know that there are many ways to install them. In fact, When buying, the ease of installation can be another factor to take into account.

It’s really not hard to put on. In most cases, it is recommended that a small deepening be made where you are going to place it so that, when you place it, with the earth on both sides you can fix it correctly. What others do is pour a bit of concrete or cement into that hole to place the border on top and make it permanently fixed (it is useful, for example, to delimit paths, although we do not recommend it in the garden if you want to change it very often).

That is why It is important both the thickness and the width of the border so that it is well established.

Where to buy?

accessory to delimit gardens

Source: Amazon

To finish, we want to give you a hand and that is why we have searched the main stores most searched for on the Internet so that you know what you are going to find in them. Do you want to know where you will have more variety? Or where are they cheaper? Check it out.


We are not going to tell you that on Amazon you will find a huge variety because, compared to other products, it hardly has any. In addition, in the search engine, the results it gives you not only show you those made of steel, but also those made of other materials.

Y to that we must add the accessories of these borders, So in the end you have fewer models to choose from. Even so, it is where there is more compared to other stores.

Leroy Merlin

In the case of Leroy Merlin, at least online, we must tell you that they are very scarce in terms of this product, since, using the search engine, we barely have two models. There isn’t much else you can choose from.


At Bauhaus you have an exclusive curb section where they have more than 40 products. Now, if we focus on finding steel borders, the truth is that they do not have them. They have metal, yes, but not exactly steel.


Something similar occurs in the case of Bricomart, where they do have borders, with four different models (it only changes the color of each one), but if we want to do a search to show the steel ones, we find that it does not yield any type of result.

Therefore, it is possible that the product can only be found in physical stores or on request.

Now It’s up to you to think about which is the steel edge that most convinces you and that it is within your budget and what you need for your garden.

How to buy a suitable steel edging for the garden

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