Online garden design: apps and websites that you can use

Garden design online

Surely you have looked at your garden and thought that you could redecorate it in another way. Perhaps you have even imagined planting in various areas and creating environments. But, when it comes to capturing it, before doing it, How about you use online garden design to make sure your idea will turn out well?

Below we are going to propose some apps and online tools with which to design gardens to see how it would look like before investing in making it a reality. That way you’ll get a better idea. Do you want to know which ones we propose?

PRO Landscape Companion

garden view

This app is available for both Android and iOS. Besides, It is one of the best known because it allows you to create an image of your garden and then edit it to create the online design that you have come up with.

Of course, it is not easy to use, because you will need time to adapt to it and get the most out of it. Even so, it is one of the most useful because you will use your garden as a base and then place the elements that you have thought of and, thus, know if they will look good or not.

Virtual Garden 9.0

This program is one of those that you will have to install on your computer to be able to work with it. It is based on the basic design principle in such a way that you can create the garden from scratch or do it from a selection of templates to which you can include the plants you want and then view it in 3D.

Yes indeed, It has several drawbacks, such as not being able to use your own image of the garden to see how it would look by personalizing it. In addition, it forces you to use the computer to work with it. To this we must add that it is a bit limited when it comes to designing gardens online, especially in terms of garden shapes and terrain inclinations (something that it does not take into account).

Garden Puzzle

Don’t be fooled by its name because it’s not really a game, but rather an online garden design tool with which you’ll be able to use 3D to create your ideal garden. It has a fairly extensive library in terms of furniture, types of plants, gardening accessories and much more..

Also, if you like to use your own garden as a model, you will be able to use it because it allows you to add a photo of it and work on it to see what the result would be like.

Best of all, once you finish the design and give it the go-ahead, you can not only enjoy the result in 3D, but you can also print a plan of the project to make it easier for you to put it into practice.

Of course, and here comes the bad. And it is that it is not 100% free. It has a free version, but this is quite limited. The paid version starts at $19.

Garden Planner

Garden with various plants

This tool is another one that we recommend for online garden design. It has a fairly large catalog so you can choose between plants, accessories, furniture, and everything you can think of to put in your garden.

You have the program online, so you only need the browser to work with it. You do not need to register to use it.

The only bad thing is that in this case you cannot use a photo of your garden to be able to work on it. However, It does have templates that you could tweak to resemble yours. Of course, it will always be the view from above.


We could say that this is one of the best garden design programs online, and the truth is that we wouldn’t be too wrong. It works in both 2D and 3D and is one of the most complete tools on the market right now.

It has a wide variety of products to decorate and you will have an aerial view, but there is also the possibility of a virtual tour (through virtual reality). It also really likes it because it allows you to set the shadow spaces according to the time and where you are.

Garden and exterior design 3D

This program seems to only work through Windows and, unlike others, you don’t need to be connected to the Internet to work. In addition, it is for everyone, that is, whether or not you have experience in design.

The image you get is 2D, although you also have the possibility of using 3D for a better quality visual and especially with more details.

Of course, it costs a bit to handle it, and also the tools it has are basic, so as a base it will be fine but if you want something more you will have to use another type of program.

Garden Designer

Let’s go with another program that helps you design. In this case, it is an app that you only find available for iPad. It is also very basic, but it can help you to give some first brushstrokes in garden design so that you become familiar with everything.

It has more than 600 elements that you can use in your design, but always with a 2D format. This is what can make you less convincing, because it also doesn’t let you use a photo of your garden to get an idea of ​​how it will look.

Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden

entrance to garden

Again we give you another app that you can install on both Android and iOS. In this case you can create, design, furnish and decorate the exterior of your house. Of course, be careful because although it is free, this version is limited in terms of the plants that you can use (if you want them all you will have to pay).

Those who have used it say that it is good, but that many items are missing. Besides, It doesn’t let you save the designs you make if you don’t pay, nor will you be able to export them.

Price-wise, we haven’t been able to find out how much the full version would cost. But it may not be much and it is worth it to have it 100%.

Do you know of any online garden design program that might be useful that we haven’t named? Leave it to us in comments for others to discover.

Online garden design: apps and websites that you can use

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