Practical guide to buy quality natural wicker

natural wicker

If you are already preparing the garden to enjoy it, surely one of the materials that you can consider using is natural wicker. This can be bought to make fences and cover fences so that you cannot be seen from the outside.

But when it comes time to buy it, Do you know what you have to pay attention to beyond the price? Below we will give you a hand so that you know what to look for to buy it and we will give you some tips so that it lasts a long, long time.

Best natural wickers

Best natural wicker brands

Natural wicker brands can be many. Not so specific, but there are some brands that we have selected for their quality and price that may be fine. We tell you about them.


Specifically, the brand we are talking about is Catral Garden. It is a company created in 1928 and specialized in the transformation and crafts of natural fibers. Since that year it has been active and has expanded its catalog (at first it started as a broom manufacturing factory).


For its part, Mugar, or rather, Mugar Imports, is a store and distributor of agricultural and gardening products. They are currently specialists in products related to rubber, plastics, rubber pavements… and among them would also be natural wicker.

Buying guide for natural wicker

When you want to use natural wicker to cover fences or make fences with a material that does not harm the environment, This is perhaps one of the most recommended. But you cannot be guided only by the price. There are actually other factors that you should take into account.


It is not the same that you want to buy a small quantity than that the purchase is greater. In general, the more meters of natural wicker, the lower the price per meter. However, the investment may be high.

wicker types

Normally we tend to think of natural wicker as brown. But really it’s not so. There are several types of wicker that you should know about such as:

Dry wicker: It is perhaps the one you usually find, brown. The touch of it is rough and matte (unless it has some treatment on it).

green wicker: It is characterized by the fact that it has not yet dried and maintains its usual color.

Buff: it is a type of wicker that is cooked in boiling water and then dried, making its color not brown, but rather a dull reddish.

white wicker: It comes from green wicker, but unlike this one the bark is removed, and it is also sunk in a pond during the winter months to, in spring, take it out and let it dry in the sun. Thus, it will appear in this color tone.


Finally, we have the price. And this will depend on the type of wicker as well as the amount you want to buy.

The natural wicker is sold by the meter, although in stores you can find packs already created of certain measures and prices similar to each other.

What is natural wicker

Natural wicker is actually a fiber that is obtained from willow trees. With it you can create furniture, baskets, objects, accessories for the garden, etc.

In case you don’t know how to get it, you should know that both the stem and the branches of the plant are used to create this natural fiber. And, even if you don’t believe it, it is a widely used and very resistant material.

How long does natural wicker last?

Related to the above, do you want to know how long a piece of furniture made of natural wicker could last? Or a fence of this material? Well, the normal as long as you comply with the care it needs, it has a useful life of about 10 years.

Of course, during this time it will depend to a large extent on how you maintain it, the care and use you give it, etc. But we are talking about a material that is quite durable.

How to care for natural wicker

Do you want to know how to care for natural wicker? Well, we don’t make you wait. The most important care that you must provide are the following:

You must protect it from heat and direct sun, as this only makes the fibers brittle and break more easily. For this, it is best to use an oil or lasur, since these may contain solar filters.

For its part, the cold is not good for it either, not because of frost or a drop in temperature, but because of the humidity that may be there. This means that there is a greater probability that fungi appear that deteriorate the fibers. To solve it, applying varnishes or lasur can be a solution, but also a colorless varnish that seals the fibers (and prevents moisture from penetrating them).

If the natural wicker has lost color and looks grayer, you can apply oils or varnishes with a brush to restore that shine.

Finally, you can keep it clean, instead of with water (which would be the worst for natural wicker), with a blow gun or pressure washer (in cases of a lot of dirt) to prevent it from getting too wet.

Where to buy?

where to buy

The last thing that remains for us to talk to you is about places to buy natural wicker. This will depend on what you want, if it is furniture, if it is to cover fences, etc. But, In general, the most searched stores on the Internet are the following.


Amazon is where you will find the most variety. Although you should be governed by the photos they put. Therefore, try to see the opinions that other buyers may have left to know if it is what you are looking for or you should think about other options.

Leroy Merlin

We cannot say that in Leroy Merlin they have a lot to choose from, because the truth is that it is not like that. They have some products, yes, but not enough to be able to meet the demand of anyone. And it is that They only have a few products of limited measures.


Something else you will find in Bricodepot, where in your search engine we find both products related to fence fencing as well as products made with wicker.


Although many are looking for natural wicker at Bricomart, right now, using its search engine, we cannot find products that are related to this material.

Do you already know what your next purchase of natural wicker will be like?

Practical guide to buy quality natural wicker

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