How to buy a broom for artificial grass

If you have artificial grass in your house, you will know that this does not exempt it from getting dirty. Fallen leaves from trees, dust and other substances can camp freely on it. Fortunately, you have a broom for artificial grass. Did you know?

If you hadn’t heard of her, or you do not know how to buy one that is according to what you have, Here we are going to leave you a guide so that you know which is the best on the market and how to use it. Go for it?

Top 1. The best broom for artificial grass


  • Adjustable handle.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Easy to store


  • The handle has a defect.
  • Es difficult to use.

Selection of brooms for artificial grass

There are many brooms for artificial grass on the market, of different models, sizes, prices… And since we know that just one can’t be enough, why don’t you take a look at these other products?

Faura – Artificial Grass Sweeping Brush

Careful with this. And it is that Although it may seem that it is a complete brush, in reality they only sell you the brush part, does not include the handle.

Winslow&Ross Artificial Grass Rake

You can adjust the handle up to 122 centimeters and is very easy to use. Later it can be disassembled so that it occupies less storage.

SELENSY Detachable Artificial Grass Rake

Available 196 nylon hairs or strands for better drag and dirt pick-up. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and also has good ergonomics. It can be extended up to 130cm and has two tie-down points.

Turfmatic Artificial Turf Rake

This broom has the adjustable handle in size so you can put it as you like. It can also be disassembled for storage and does not take up space.

Garland Roll&Comb 141E-V19 – Plug-in Electric Artificial Grass Comber/Sweeper

In this case, we are not presenting a broom as such, but an electric sweeper so that you can do the job much faster and with minimal effort.

Has a 300W motor and a working width of 40cm. You can work on surfaces up to 75m2.

Buying guide for a broom to sweep artificial grass

When you install artificial grass, you know that you are going to forget about many headaches that natural grass has. But that does not mean that you do not have to take good care of it to be able to maintain it over time.

One of those cares is, without a doubt, brushing. You will need to sweep the grass so that there are no problems of darkening, or worse, that it ends up rotting. For this reason, brooms for artificial grass are practically an essential element. Now, not everyone you find in a store, a Chinese… but you need it to meet some characteristics. Which? We explain them below.


We start with the size of the broom. And in this sense you should consider it both in height and width of the brush. We explain ourselves.

The first thing you have to look at is that the height of the broom for artificial grass is the right one for you. If you are 1,70 m tall and use a broom that is only 1,00 m high, don’t you think that the work you do with it will make you much more tired by having to be bent over?

Although it may seem silly, the more it is at your height, the better because it will prevent you from forcing your posture and injuring yourself from using it, apart from the fact that it is not comfortable if it is not the right one.

Now, as for the brush widthImagine. You have a 10 meter artificial grass. You wouldn’t dream of sweeping it with a toothbrush, would you? Well this is similar. Depending on the extension of your lawn, you should buy your brush so you can finish the job sooner.


An artificial grass broom It is usually around 30 euros. However, that does not mean that it is the price of all. There will be a range between 15 and 50 euros, even more expensive if you use an electric one (so you don’t have to work so hard) that do exceed 150 euros or more.

How is artificial grass swept?

Within maintenance tasks that you must carry out if you have an artificial turfsweeping it, and even combing it, is one of them. Many do not see the point, but the truth is that in addition to removing the dirt that may accumulate, you also help straighten the fibers, so that it looks “almost like the first day”.

But how to do it? Do you buy a broom for artificial grass and start sweeping without further ado? Is there any technique? Wait, let us clarify it for you.

To carry out a good sweep of this type of grass you must take into account the following:

  • Always brush in the opposite direction of the fibers. That way you will make the dirt rise and you can take it with the brush.
  • Pick up the dirt and brush again in the areas where the fibers have not returned to their vertical position. For example, the footprints of having stepped on, in areas where there are heavy elements, etc.
  • Sometimes it is not a bad idea to water a little with the hose to completely remove dust and debris from the lawn, in addition to refreshing it. But be careful with doing it in the hottest hours because it can act as a magnifying glass and burn the fibers of the grass (or worse, set it on fire).

Where to buy?

buy broom for artificial grass

Now that you know a little more about the broom for artificial grass, the last step you should take is to buy one. And this is where you can also have problems because, there are so many places to go, it can overwhelm you.

So we have chosen some of the most searched on the Internet and we have done a search so that you know what you are going to find in them.

The Amazon

It’s one of the first places you’ll want to look. And although it has enough variety for you to find the right one for you, sometimes the prices are too high and not worth it.

Even so, there is no doubt that it will be where you will find more different models.


Within the brooms and rakes section, at Bauhaus you will find some products (not many) related to lawn brooms. In fact, if you filter by those for grass, you will only find two modelsboth with a similar price.

The English Court

In this case we had to make a much more general search, only with the word lawn, so that results would appear. And they have, but there is only one product related to the topic we are discussing today, a lawn brush. We don’t know if they will have more options in physical stores (sometimes they do) so you can get closer if you like to buy here.

As for the price, compared to other stores and products, it is quite expensive (and does not have very good reviews).


Lidl has also joined those who use artificial grass and among its temporary offers they have a broom for this grass. The problem is that it is a temporary offer, which means that it is not available whenever we want in the store.

Yes, you can try it online, as they have more and more temporary products for sale, and many of them are kept throughout the year to be able to buy them.

As you can see, a broom for artificial grass is an almost essential accessory for your garden if you have that type of grass. Do you already know which one you are going to buy?

How to buy a broom for artificial grass

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