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When you have a drip irrigation system, there are times when the plants are not properly positioned and aligned with the holes. And that means having to drill a hole. But, for this, did you know that there is an irrigation punch?

Below we talk about it and we give you the keys that you must take into account to buy a suitable one. Do you want to know what you should pay attention to? Why don’t all the ones on the market work? Maybe discover the stores where you can buy it? We explain everything to you.

Best irrigation punches

Best brands of irrigation punches

Yes ok In the market you can find many types of irrigation punches, some with a brand and others without them, the truth is that there are some brands that stand out for offering a variety of this tool. We tell you a little about them.


open. The irrigation house. This is the full name of the brand that we recommend to buy irrigation punches. And it is not for less if we take into account that they are professionals related to irrigation.

They are a Spanish company that has been operating since 1985 and currently works both in the production and supply of components to implement irrigation systems. Of course, among those components would be the punch, since it is a very useful tool for both professionals and individuals who need to make custom holes for their plants.


Mugar Imports, which is the name of the brand we are talking about, is a specialist in products related to gardening, but also to businesses such as gyms.

By having an extensive catalogue, we can find, among its products, irrigation punches. These are nothing special, but they fulfill their function, which is the important thing.

Buying guide for an irrigation punch

When buying any tool you need to work in the garden, it is important to take into account certain aspects that may influence whether it works for you or not. And whether you have a better or worse experience when using it.

Therefore, when buying an irrigation punch, you can not only look at the price. In fact, Taking into account that it is not an expensive product, this becomes secondary.

And what do you have to pay attention to when buying one? We will tell you below:

hole size

If you have by chance reviewed the types of irrigation punches that exist, you will have noticed that many of them differ by the size of the hole they generate. AND this is a very important piece of information because you need one that makes the exact holes.

If you have drippers, you will need the hole to be exact, neither larger (which will not work because you would have to buy others that fit) nor smaller (because you will not be able to place them). In addition, it will also influence the amount of water that will come out of it. And this is perhaps more important because too much water may come out, or too little, thus affecting the health of the plant that you water.

tool size

Another point to consider when buying this tool is its size. In the market you can find different sizes. In general, they are all practically the same. But the ergonomics that these objects give you will help you work better (or worse) with it.
In other words, you need to find the tool that suits your hand and way of working, and not the other way around.


Finally, we will talk about the price although, as we have told you, it is not a relevant factor that you should take into account, especially since We are talking about a product that can cost about 5 euros.

What is an irrigation punch and what is it for?

If you have an irrigation system in your garden, one of the most important tools can be an irrigation punch. But do you know exactly what it is? It is a device whose function is to make holes. These can go in the drip irrigation pipe or in the hosesince the objective is to perforate these elements to insert a new dripper.

This way, you avoid having to do this in a less professional (and more botched) way. Considering that it is not expensive, it is worth the investment in it. More if you need to expand the irrigation system or change the pipes by buying materials that are not prefabricated (with holes) or you need to put them in more suitable places for your plants.

Where to buy?

for drip irrigation source_Amazon

Source: Amazon

Now that you have a better idea about watering punches, though you can find these at any large hardware and garden related storesThere are some online stores that also offer them.

Specifically, here are some options.


When searching for irrigation punches on Amazon, the results will not be limited to these, but more often than not, you will find a potpourri related to punches in general. Even so, It is perhaps where you have more variety since it is not a product that changes a lot from one brand to another.

Leroy Merlin

Within the drip irrigation section, one of the tools that you will find are the irrigation punches. However, you will have to do the exact search manually, since we have not found an exact one in the filters so that it only lists that product.

Now, through the search engine you can shorten the search, but It will show you many types of punches, not just irrigation ones. To make everything faster, it only has four related models.


You will find much fewer products at Bricomart, where there are only two, which differ in the size of the hole they are going to create in the irrigation pipe or hose.

As you can see, an irrigation punch is not an expensive product nor is it difficult to buy. If you follow the advice that we have given you, you will surely find the most suitable one for you. Do you have doubts? Ask us.

irrigation punches

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