How to make pots with plastic jugs?

Taking care of the environment is not as difficult as it may seem. Actually, there are little things we can do to make better use of the elements that are within our reach. For example, plastic bottles. Do you know how to make pots with plastic jugs?

The plants grow over the years, and that implies having to change the pot. But, What if you make pots with plastic jugs? In this way, when it ceases to have the use for which it was created, you give it another to reuse it. How about we teach you how to make several of them?

How to turn a plastic jug into a planter

Plastic bottles

There are times when you can buy large water bottles (there are 8 liters maximum in supermarkets). But, once you run out of water, they would stop working for you (although they actually have many more uses).

How about you make her a gardener? In fact, with a little trick, you could even have two planters in one.

To do this, you have to make sure that the carafe is very clean (in case it is not made of water and had another liquid or substance inside).

Once it is empty, you must take a knife or similar to be able to cut it. And you’re going to do it in half lengthwise. This way you will have two identical pieces. If you see that with the knife it is very difficult for you, you can use scissors or heat the edge of the knife a little so that it slides better through the plastic.

Once you have two equal halves, you’ll need to make sure they have a good base (this can be done with bricks or some surface that prevents it from rocking). Besides, make sure you poke some holes in the bottom so the water can run out (with a punch or similar it will be very easy for you).

Now all you have to do is fill it with earth and plant whatever you want in it.

Pots with plastic jugs

decorative pot with recycled material

Another idea that you can have for plastic bottles is to turn them into individual pots. For this we recommend that you have different bottles of different sizes.

All you have to do is cut the carafes in half (widthwise, or horizontally). So that you have a base that will be the base of the carafe, and discard the upper part (although if you have holes to put them they can also be worth it).

Again you will have to use an awl or similar to make holes and then fill it with soil so that it is ready for the plants you want to use.

Bottles as pots for aromatic plants

Can you imagine having a lot of aromatic plants in your kitchen window for your meals? Well, you can do it without having to resort to a planter or a pot. Taking advantage of the bottles.

To make pots with plastic jugs, another way to cut them can be cutting one side (not completely) of the jug so that you can put it horizontally and have a part through which to introduce the soil as well as the plants and that these are protected as they grow.

This helps to create a kind of greenhouse in the soil area, keeping the roots at a warm temperature. Of course, be careful with leaving them in the sun because the plastic can get very hot, and that will make you have to water it more often. Also, the temperature will be much higher and that can burn the roots of the plant.

Remember to make holes in it so that excess water can filter out and it does not remain puddled.

Pots with plastic bottles that simulate animals

Pot with recycled material

One of the most curious ways to make pots with plastic jugs is by giving them the shape of animals. For example, that you have a carafe cut out with the silhouette of a cat (with its ears and even its tail), although it can also be a dog, a mouse or similar.

The goal is to achieve a playful shape that, when painted or decorated, really looks like an animated design of some animal and that gives it more decorative and aesthetic value.

Yes indeed, You can only do it in the carafes that can be cut well (that are not very thick) because in the others it will cost you (especially if they are small details).

Pots with ‘hidden’ plastic bottles

That you don’t like to use plastic jugs because you see them too ugly for your garden? Well, nothing, we have an extra solution to get you to change your mind. The only thing you will need is a rope (of the color you want) and silicone or glue.

The goal is that, once you cut that bottle, you cover it with the rope in such a way that you give it consistency and at the same time hide the fact that it is a plastic bottle. Of course, be careful with the base (if it is not necessary, better not cover it with the rope) and be sure to drill holes in it.

How to paint plastic bottles

We understand that it may not be “pleasing” to look at using plastic carafes. And that it is more beautiful to have a pot painted with a design than a simple carafe. But you could actually paint them.

In fact, if the plastic jugs don’t already come in a different color, you can use paint to add color. First, a base, and then you can opt for an abstract design, a mandala or even make animal shapes. All this will make the result even better than the pots we find in stores. And so you know that you have given a new use to something that, otherwise, you would end up throwing away.

To paint them, we recommend that:

  • First give a layer that covers the entire carafe. You can use the color you want, the important thing is that it covers well and thus prevents it from looking transparent.
  • Later, with paints of other colors you can create the shape you want, be it an image, an animal, a silhouette, a mandala or whatever you can think of.

Of course, do not paint it inside because it is not necessary. In addition, this way you prevent the paint from interacting with the earth and that it causes some type of reaction in the plant that you put in it.

As you can see, making pots with plastic jugs is quite easy and there are many ideas that you can carry out. We wanted to leave you some videos so you can see some of them and encourage yourself to do them.

How to make pots with plastic jugs?

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