Practical guide to buy a manual brimstone

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One of the accessories for gardens that, If you have many plants, you should not miss among your tools is a manual brimstone. This has the function of helping you mix the treatments for your plants.

But, Do you know how to buy one? The best brands or what to look for when making the purchase? Do not worry, we have prepared a small guide for you so that you do not have doubts and you can have the one that best suits your needs. Keep reading and you will find out.

Best manual brimstones

Best brands of manual brimstones

Below we will talk about some of the brands of manual brimstones that you should take into account when buying them, especially if you want them to be of quality.


Matabi is one of the first brands that have come out and also one of the ones that gives us the most confidence. It is a manufacturer and distributor of sprayers. It has electric, pressure, backpacks… but among them are also manuals.


Pulmic was created in 1987 and has a presence in more than 60 countries around the world. He is a specialist in professional spraying. Its mission is to “create the tools to take control of crops in the most efficient way.”

That is why among its products we can find manual application sprayers (such as the manual sulfur mill), electric, powder, motorized, UBV…

Buying guide for a manual brimstone

When buying a manual brimstone, not just anyone is worth it. Actually there are some factors that will influence you when doing it (beyond the price of this one). Therefore, here we leave you the main ones.


One of the first details that you have to pay attention to is, without a doubt, the capacity of the manual brimstone. And it is that If you are going to use it for several plants, it better have enough capacity to work with it.

nozzle design

Another key point when buying is the mouthpiece. This is an important element because it will be the one that allows more or less amount of dust to come out and to be dispersed in one way or another.

Therefore, depending on the amount you want to come out, one or the other will be more appropriate.

Ease of cleaning

The last of the factors that we think is important when buying a manual brimstone is the cleaning of this device. If you buy one that has corners or areas that are difficult to clean, when working with it, remains may remain or that it stays wet and in the end compacts the dust.


Finally, the price is an issue that we cannot avoid talking about. In the case of manuals, this product is not too expensive since, for about 5 euros, you can find it (You also find them more expensive but with more capacity or more ergonomic design).

What is a brimstone

There are times when you may have doubts about whether or not this product is suitable for your garden, perhaps you have never seen it used before and do not really know what it is for.

A brimstone is actually a duster. It is a tool that is used to mix various powders inside and that, when it comes out, they can do it properly, without one coming out before the other.

And what is it worth? The main function of a manual brimstone is to apply insecticides, sulfur (hence its name), fungicides and any other treatment phytosanitary that the plants need.

In other words, it is like a mixer that is then used to evenly apply what is inside it so that the doses are correct and combine to work well.

How to make a homemade manual brimstone

If you don’t want to buy a manual brimstone or spend money on a motorized one, do you know that you can have a homemade manual brimstone at home? Well, the truth is that yes, and you are simply going to need an old stocking that you no longer use (for example, that you have lost your partner).

With this stocking, which of course has to be nice (no holes) and clean, what you should do is put the powders you need to mix so that they combine well. When putting them in the stocking you must make sure that there is something on the bottom to collect the excess since, when you move it, it is normal for a little of that dust to come out.

Once you have it full you will only have to tie a knot and store it in a jar or similar so that it does not dirty anything. When using it, just take it out of there and shake it a bit so that the dust comes out and so you can sprinkle it on the plants that need it.

Where to buy?

gardening tool

Source: Amazon

The last topic that we have to talk about is where to find this type of article. It is not something that is easy to get and that they sell anywhere. But we have taken a look at the main most searched stores on the Internet and this is what we have found.


In the case of Amazon here you can find sulfur, Yes, but even searching for them manually, the list of products will list all kinds of products and you will have to look at them one by one to find what you were looking for.

Leroy Merlin

In the case of Leroy Merlin, the manual brimstone is sold more under the name of powder sprayer. However, do not expect to find many models to choose from since they only have one.

What you can look at are other types of sprayers that could also function as brimstones.


At Bricomart we could not find products related to sulfur mills. Although it has sprayers, these are more for water, and not for dust. Hence, At least online, they do not have this type of garden accessories.

Second hand

Finally, You can choose to buy a second-hand manual brimstone. These are usually cheaper than if they were new and they do not have to be bad, but, if they are bought well, they can last you for years.

Of course, you have to make sure of the state of these so that the purchase is successful. Otherwise it could be much more expensive than if you had gone to a new one.

Have you already considered having a manual sulfur machine for plant treatments?

Practical guide to buy a manual brimstone

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