Month: May 2023

Euphorbia ammak: main characteristics and care

Do you like Euphorbia plants? Do you know varieties that are not too showy? That is the case of the Euphorbia ammak, a plant that is not very well known but that can be perfect in a garden of cacti and succulents. For this reason, on this occasion we want to talk to you about […]

Sedum nussbaumerianum: what it is like and what care it needs

Perhaps this name is not one you recognize. But If instead of saying sedum nussbaumerianum, we say sedum adolphii, things will surely change. Not yet? Don’t know what succulent this is? So let us show you what this plant is like and what are the main care. You will surely fall in love with her. […]

10 tropical fruit trees | Gardening On

Mango. Fruit trees are of special interest: we are not only talking about plants that can be of great use to us, for example in a garden or on a patio thanks to the shade they provide, but also produce fruits suitable for consumption. And the best thing is that there is a wide variety […]

How to plant blackberry: Tips for cultivation and harvest time

If you like blackberries, surely you have already considered growing them more than once. But do you know how to plant blackberry? It really is a very simple process. Nevertheless, It is essential that we know what the optimal conditions are for these vegetables. If not, most likely our cultivation will not be successful. But […]

How to buy a picnic basket that really works for you

When the good weather arrives, you want to go out with your family, friends, or even alone in the countryside. And since it is said that the countryside whets an appetite, going with a picnic basket can be a success. In it you can carry food, drink or even a snack. The problem is that […]

Pachyphytum hookeri: characteristics and most important care

Do you like succulents? They are plants that have so many varieties and types that it is practically impossible for you to have them all. One that is not well known, but can be a nice choice, is pachyphytum hookeri. Discover what are the characteristics of this plant as well as the care that you […]

How to install drip irrigation on trees

When you go on vacation, if you have plants, it is very normal to worry about how they are going to take care of themselves. If you have friends you know that you can pull them to go to your house and water, but you can’t abuse either. So, you dare to think about several […]

The keys to buying a garden corner unit that will last for years

Thinking of decorating the garden? The normal thing, with good weather, is to think about furniture to enjoy the first thing in the morning, or the last thing in the afternoon, outdoors. AND one of those pieces of furniture can be a garden corner. The problem is that sometimes we let ourselves be guided only […]

Crassula arborescens: characteristics and most important care

Have you heard of crassula arborescens? Do you know what kind of plant it is? On this occasion, and for those who cannot afford very exotic plants due to the heat of the area where they live, we bring a succulent plant that is very similar to the Jade tree (but it is different in […]

How to buy terrace awnings

When summer comes, we feel like being away from home. However, the sun is not as pleasant and can burn you or cause health problems. For this, terrace awnings are a solution. On the one hand you can enjoy the outdoors and on the other protect yourself from the sun. But which ones are the […]

Yucca palme: characteristics and care of the false palm tree

Have you ever heard of the Yucca with the name of Yucca palme? It’s actually the way it’s said in German. But, to all the yuccas or to one in particular? Find out what yucca we are talking about and everything you need to know about it. Go for it? What variety is the Yucca […]

How to buy a water pump

Whether it is to water the plants in the garden, or to clean the car, a water pump can be a good solution when you need that liquid in a place where there is none. Therefore, how about we help you decide on the best of all? Next we are going to give you a […]

Fir diseases and their treatment

The fir tree is a conifer that is widely used as an indoor plant, but the truth is that it cannot live indoors: drafts from air conditioning or heating, lack of light, and the errors that are usually Committing to your crop, such as watering it more frequently than it needs or fertilizing it at […]

Tulip Abu Hassan: what it is like and what care it needs

Fuente: Organic bulbs Have you ever heard of the Abu Hassan tulip? It is one of the orange-flowered tulips that will most attract your attention. But how is? Below we will talk about the characteristics of this plant as well as the care it needs to be healthy and provide your garden with flowers the […]

How to turn a tire into a flower pot?

Today, due to the economic crisis we are suffering, recycled pots are more fashionable than ever, as they are cheap, and offer us many possibilities to have a decorative garden or patio. Tires are also very cheap.In fact, they can be free, since the wheels that are no longer useful, the mechanics tend to throw […]

volcanic gravel

Surely, when you have ever gone to buy soil for plants, or have looked at it on the Internet, you have found so much variety that you have not known which one is the most suitable for the plant. Sometimes one is usually more suitable than others for a type of plants. One of the […]

Angelica tulip: main characteristics and care

Within the varieties of tulips, there are some that stand out for their beauty. One of them is the Angelica tulip. It is a very striking flower for the garden. But what do you know about this one? Discover what are the characteristics of the Angelica tulip as well as the care it needs so […]

How to buy outdoor stair railings

Security must start with oneself. And when you have stairs, for example to access your house, to go down to the garden, etc., having some exterior stair railings is the minimum because that way you can hold on at any time to avoid accidents. But how should they be purchased? Is anyone okay? What should […]

Tulip Estella Rijnveld: characteristics and care to grow it

Among the many varieties of tulips in the plant kingdom, there is no doubt that the Estella Rijnveld tulip is one of the most beautiful you can find for the color in its petals. But have you ever seen it? Here we show you all the characteristics that define this tulip as well as the […]

Cabbage of Milan: characteristics, cultivation and properties

There are numerous types of cabbages depending on their nutritional properties and cultivation method. One of them is the Milan cabbage. It is a variety of white cabbage widely used in diets that serve to lose weight and is known by the name of curly cabbage. It has become very popular in Europe for the […]

How to plant a walnut tree: When and how to do it

Growing fruit trees may seem very complicated, but it is not. Yes, it is true that they require more space and water than other plants. But if we have a large enough garden or land, why not try it? In fact, in this article we are going to explain how to plant a walnut, in […]

How to hang pots on the wall

Many times we have hanging pots at home. Or you see them in the store and, inevitably, you fall in love with them. You take it home and start looking for a place to put it. But do you know how to hang flower pots on the wall? This time we want to focus on […]

What are the stamens of a flower and what function do they have?

If you have paid attention in biology class, you have surely heard about the different parts of plants. It is quite clear that the plant world is immense. There are many different types of plants, each with its own characteristics. Well, some of them have reproductive organs. Although they do not use the same method […]

What to plant in an urban garden: the best tips and tricks

The urban garden is a very powerful tool both for the improvement of urban environments and the quality of the environment and crops. However, many people do not know what to plant in an urban garden and how they should start. If you are new to this environment, it is important to know the properties […]

Rosa Manyo: characteristics and care to have it in the garden

If you are passionate about roses, surely in your garden you have several varieties. But you can always keep an eye out for new roses that catch your eye. That is what can happen to you with the Manyo rose. Do you know her? Do you know what kind of flowers it usually gives? Below […]

Tres cantos tomatoes: characteristics and care to grow them

Source: Evogarden You may not know it but in the market we can not only find a small variety of tomatoes, in fact, there are many. Some of the least known, by name, are Tres Cantos tomatoes. Have you ever read and seen this variety in the fruit shop? Next, we want to talk to […]

Water table: What is it and where is it found

Surely it sounds like you have studied the different layers not only of the Earth, but also of the soil. Although it is true that this study is rather part of geology, some aspects are very important for agriculture, such as knowing what is the water table and how to take advantage of it. It […]

Where to buy marijuana seeds

Buying marijuana seeds in Spain is no longer as complicated as it was a few years ago. Thanks to the Internet, and the creation of online stores related to this practice (which we already told you is legal in Spain), there are many who have greater access to these seeds. But what do you know […]

Fargesia rufa

Perhaps by the name of Fargesia rufa you do not know what type of plant it is. But if we talk about a bamboo things change. Fargesia rufa is a non-invasive bambooand one of the best options to fence or protect your privacy in the gardens. But what do you know about this plant? What […]

Savannah vegetation | Gardening On

Have you ever seen documentaries about the animals of Africa? In that case, surely you have had the opportunity to see how the savannah changes throughout the year: becoming a very dry region, covered with low herbaceous plants. Depending on the area, there are even some trees, few if we compare them with those that […]

chinese melon

Summer is the time when melon production is more abundant. Many greengrocers and supermarkets are filled with this fruit along with watermelon. But what you may not know is that there are several types of melons. One of them is the Chinese melon, a name given to two or even three types of melons. For […]

Landscaping and gardening: main characteristics and differences

When we talk about green spaces it is easy to confuse landscaping and gardening. Both have characteristics in common but also have great differences. Gardening is responsible for caring for plants whose main objective is decoration. On the other hand, the landscape is a fundamental aspect of our history and culture. The human being has […]

Tulip Princess Irene: everything you need to know about it

There are occasions when tulips receive exotic names in memory of famous personalities. In fact, it occurs with many plants such as the Julio Iglesias rose. But what about tulips? One of them is the Princess Irene Tulip. It owes its name to Princess Irene since 1949. But what do you know about this variety […]

What fruit do palm trees bear?

Palm trees are a type of plant that is used both to decorate gardens and parks, and sometimes also in orchards. And it is that although there are few that produce edible fruits, all of them have an ornamental value that, in my opinion, is very high. Regardless of the species you choose, with her […]

How to buy wooden planters

There is nothing more beautiful for a terrace or a garden than having wooden planters in which to enjoy wonderful plants. But sometimes we don’t know how to choose it. If you would like to enjoy gardening and have a wooden planter that will last you a long timeHere are the keys to getting the […]

How to buy an automatic watering for pots

If you are going on vacation and have plants, surely you are looking for an automatic watering system for pots that really works for you and keeps your “friends” moist during the time that you are not going to be there. Although there are many ways to maintain it, the truth is that depending on […]

How to buy small greenhouses

How much you love plants, you know that if you have a place to protect them from inclement weather, such as wind, heat, rain, etc. It is important. Today, small greenhouses allow you to have somewhat more delicate plants in your home without them deteriorating. But how to buy them? If you have considered have […]

Rosa François Juranville, the largest climbing rose

Rose lover? There is no doubt that they are one of the most beautiful plants, especially with their flowers. But, what if we talk about little-known but even more beautiful cultivars? This is what you can find with the rose François Juranville, what do you know about her? Below we leave you a practical guide […]

Care of the Dionaea muscípula or Venus flycatcher

Have you thought about having a carnivorous plant? When we think of them, it is normal for one to come to mind with a mouth, teeth, and one of those that, as soon as it notices something, closes and never reopens. This is the Venus flytrap, also known as Dionaea muscipula. Their care is very […]

Rosa Albéric Barbier: Characteristics and cultivation

Today there are more than 30 thousand different varieties of roses. We can find these beautiful flowers of different sizes and colors, some with thorns and others without. Many of them are hybrids, which means that they have arisen from a cross between two different types. In this way, the number of varieties is growing […]

What is a jalapeño pepper and how hot it is

Surely you have already tried on some other occasion the jalapeno pepper. This vegetable is very popular in various cuisines, especially in Mexico. It is very striking that sometimes it can sting more than others, why is that? In this post we will explain what exactly is the jalapeño pepper and how is its cultivation. […]

Characteristics of chile de árbol

If you are lovers of spicy food, surely the chile de árbol will catch your attention. It may not be the spiciest of all, but it certainly doesn’t fall short. Don’t let the name confuse you, it is not a chile that falls from the tree, yet it is very popular in Mexican cuisine. In […]

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