What is a fertilizer: What is it for and what types are there

Much is said about the importance of caring for plants and crops: irrigation, pruning, fertilization… But what exactly is a fertilizer? What is it for? If you are not completely clear, I recommend that you continue reading, as we will answer both questions. In this article we will explain what a fertilizer is and what […]

How to buy a compost aerator: all the keys

If you like to make your own compost for plants, One of the accessories that you should not miss is the compost aerator. But do you know how to choose the best? Below we will talk about the characteristics that you should take into account to buy one and some questions that you can ask […]

Where are the tulips from?

Have you ever wondered where tulips are from? These beautiful flowers They are not native to Europe. despite being so popular in the Netherlands. Without a doubt, they are very decorative plants that, for this reason, have become very famous throughout the world. To learn a little more about these beautiful bulbous plants, we are […]

When to prune lemon verbena: what you need and how to do it

One of the most important care for many plants is pruning. This helps to maintain the health of the plants, and prevents pests or diseases (not 100% but at least it is a prevention system). Therefore, today we focus on when to prune lemon verbena and how to do it. If you have this plant […]

varieties of tulips

Ever Have you ever wondered how many varieties of tulips exist in the world?? Or if a person could have a collection with each of them? If you want to know how many there are and know some of them, then you will have all that information. If you like tulips, you will surely like […]

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