How to buy a compost aerator: all the keys

If you like to make your own compost for plants, One of the accessories that you should not miss is the compost aerator. But do you know how to choose the best?

Below we will talk about the characteristics that you should take into account to buy one and some questions that you can ask yourself about the use of this tool. Do you want to get the best on the market?

Best Compost Aerators

best compost aerator brands

We have analyzed some brands of compost aerators and here we talk a little about them.

Spear & Jackson

Spear & Jackson is a company created in 1760 in Sheffield. It is famous for producing steel, cutlery, and hand tools. More than 260 years later, it is still active and one of the companies most associated with high quality steel.

It is currently in charge of making gardening tools, such as the compost aerator, as well as for woodworking, metrology and magnetic equipment that it distributes through various brands.


Rather more modern is the Darlac Tool Company, founded in 1963. It has a fairly large range related to cutting tools, manuals and irrigation equipmentamong which we find the aerators (and everything related to gardening).

The company was bought in 2017 by Mr Fothergill’s Seeds, a much larger garden company, of British origin.


Moutta’s story is worth knowing. They are makers of Wormbox worms, but They have products related to the garden and natural fertilizer. You see, for years the company worked on the purification of surface and groundwater in the Dominican Republic.

However, they decided to give their business a radical turn to create “The Moutta Vermiculture Farm”, focused on fighting global warming. And what do they do? Convert organic waste into compost through worms.

Obviously, In your company they have worms and all the accessories related to them, but also with composting, which is why we can find the product we are talking about.

Buying guide for a compost aerator

When buying a compost aerator, you should not only be guided by its price (or choose the cheapest one). Depending on how often you make compost, how you want it, and the utility you give it, investing in a better one can be a good solution.

Please note that this product does not tend to “break” easily, nor wear out, so you can use it for a long time.

Therefore, apart from the price, we recommend that you look at the following:

aerator type

In the market you will find several types of aerators. There are manual and electric, large or smaller.

We know that the choice will be according to your budget, but it is good that you see all the options.


Although the norm is that the aerator is made of stainless steel (to avoid corrosion), that does not mean that there are only these. You can also find high quality plastic.


Perhaps it is the most important factor when buying a compost aerator because, if you do not feel comfortable using it, no matter how much you spend on the best one, in the end you will not use it. That’s why, try to buy one that does not require much effort nor does it stress you out or make it difficult for you.

Related to this, look to buy it in stores that allow you to return it if you don’t feel comfortable using it when working with it. This way you will not lose the money invested and you can allocate it to another.


Finally, we have the price and this will vary a lot depending on whether we are talking about one type of aerator or another. You can find the cheapest ones for about 10 eurosbeing the most expensive from 100 euros.

What is a compost aerator

If you have never seen this tool before, we will tell you that its use is to remove the compost in order to introduce oxygen so that the organic matter inside can decompose faster. Besides, It is the way to ensure that there are no bad odors or fermentation.

Normally, the compost aerator is usually a steel rod about 1 meter long with several spirals to be able to stir and that certain parts of the compost adhere so that they can move (and not just stay in the same place). However, there are other different aerators, including compost boxes with aerators (they have a wheel that can be moved so that everything is oxygenated).

How often should you use a compost aerator?

If what you want is to ensure that the compost is balanced and that it does not have fermentations or parts that have remained “fresh”, it is best that you use the compost aerator at least once a week. Two would be ideal.

When is the compost ready?

when making compost You should keep in mind that this is not something that you can achieve in a short time. In general, it can take between two and five months. That is why this tool is so necessary.

Where to buy?

Compost making tool

Source: Amazon

Finally, would you like to know where to buy a compost aerator? In general, in any store related to gardening supplies you should find them. However, we have searched the main Internet stores where they are searched and this is what you are going to find:


We cannot tell you that it has many articles, because the results that appear to us are not as high as with other products. But you will find aerators of many types: electric, manual, professional, etc.

As for the prices, some are quite expensive for the tool that it is, while others are not bad. Even so, it is perhaps where you will find them most expensive because they are from third-party sellers.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin you will have much fewer products, but at much more affordable prices than those you have seen on Amazon. Even so, of those that appear to you, it is possible that only one or two is really worth it for the compost.


In this store, at least online, They do not have compost aerators. We do not know if they can have them in physical stores.


The same happens at Bricomart, where they only have tap aerators available, but not for compost.

Now that you have more knowledge to choose a good compost aerator, Do you know which one you are going to buy?

How to buy a compost aerator: all the keys

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