Rosa ‘La Sevillana’: everything you need to know about this cultivar

Rosa La Sevillana

When rose bushes enter your life, discover that there is not just one type, but many different varieties, each more beautiful. One of them is the La Sevillana rose, a scientific name that does not really mention its origin (it is not from Seville).

Do you want to know what the La Sevillana rose is like? What characteristics does it have and the care that must be taken to buy one for your garden? Then take a look at this sheet that we have prepared for you. Shall we start?

How is the La Sevillana rose

Petal details

The first thing you should know about La Sevillana rose is that “La Sevillana” is its scientific name. It is a cultivar that owes its origin to the rose grower Marie-Louise (Louisette) Meilland. He created it in France in 1978 as a cross between various seeds (‘MEIbrim’ x ‘Jolie Madame’ x ‘Zambra’ x ‘Zambra’) and pollen ((‘Tropicana’ x ‘Tropicana’) x (‘Poppy Flash’ x ‘ Rusticana’)) as it appears on Wikipedia.

Physically it can reach 60-120 centimeters in height, but it is much wider, since it can reach 150 centimeters.

How are its leaves and flowers

In the case of the leaves, these are dark green in color and are very shiny. The same happens with the stem, erect and dark in color.

However, The same does not happen with the flowers, which can be orange or reddish. Actually, it is possible that you will find other white or pink rose bushes under this same name; but these are not the originals, but “landscape” cultivars of La Sevillana.

Focusing on the original flowers, each of them can measure about 7-8 centimeters in diameter. In addition, they are made up of about 9-16 petals. The flowers are solitary, it is not usual to throw them in groups.

Yes ok spring and summer are the times when it can bloom the most, the truth is that it does it throughout the year if you have a later or frequent pruning.

As for its useful life, it is usually quite long, we are talking about between 30 and 100 years.

La Sevillana rose care


After learning more about the La Sevillana rose, Would you like to have it in your garden? The truth is that it is not difficult, because it can be found in many stores. But if you also provide it with the care it needs, you will make it last much longer and you can enjoy those “peculiar” roses.

lighting and temperature

Like virtually all rose bushes, this one is no different with regard to location. The best is outdoors, and if possible in full sun because it resists it very well. In fact, You shouldn’t worry about the sun that hits it or how hot it is, nothing will happen to it.

At least it needs 8 hours of direct sun to flower properly. It is true that it can adapt to having less hours, or even in the shade, but that will prevent it from flowering.

As for the temperature, you should not worry too much either. You know the heat tolerates it without problem. AND As for the cold, as long as it is not more than -6ºC, nothing will happen.


The soil that the La Sevillana rose needs must always contain drainage so that there are no accumulations of water (which can harm its health). That’s why, It is recommended that you add universal substrate with some compost and perlite so that it is well nourished.

This mixture can be used both to have it in the garden and to plant it in a pot.


Watering, being in full sun, should be somewhat more frequent than with other rose bushes. In this case it needs a watering of 4-5 or daily in summer. For his part, in winter 2-3 times is more than enough.

Of course, if you have it in a pot, be very careful if you have a plate on it because that can cause the roots to rot and, with it, also the plant itself.


Sevillian Rose

As for the subscriber, we recommend that you use a liquid one if you have this rose bush in a pot, because it is the way that you will get it to be better nourished. However, in the case of having it in the garden you could opt for some compost or manure to apply it at the end of the summer (in autumn) or early spring.

Another option is to use organic fertilizers, applying them once a month.


As we have told you before, pruning is one of the cares for the La Sevillana rose that can influence the rose bush to bloom more regularly. Although it will also depend on other factors, a good pruning to eliminate diseased, dry or intertwined branches can clean up the rose bush.

But It is convenient that all the branches be trimmed, and that the roses that are withering be removed as soon as possible so that they do not attract pests or diseases. In addition, you will be able to encourage it to bloom again.


To finish, you have the spread of this pink. The truth is It is not difficult at all and it is done the same as with other rose bushes. That is, you have to choose at the end of winter some stems that are semi-woody (usually 1-2 years old). These, when pruning, move away because they can help us to have new rose bushes.

When planting them, it can be done in two ways:

Now all that remains is to wait and only when you see the first shoots begin to appear will you know that it has been successful and that it will succeed. Yes indeed, be careful because we are talking about a young plant and it is possible that it is not used to the climate, temperature and sun. In other words, you have to keep an eye on it to prevent it from dying on us.

As you can see, this is the La Sevillana rose. Would you dare to have it in your plant collection?

Rosa ‘La Sevillana’: everything you need to know about this cultivar

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