Bamboo tutors: what you should keep in mind to buy them

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when you have plants it is likely that some of them need a guide to prevent the stems from falling, either because they are fine or because, in this way, the plant grows more. And for this, many look for bamboo tutors.

But, have you ever stopped to think which are the best on the market? Or what should you look at beyond the price and size they have? Do you know the benefits that bamboo tutors give over others? This, and much more, is what we want to talk to you about today.

Best bamboo stakes

Best brands of bamboo tutors

Below we have chosen some of the brands of bamboo tutors with which you can have very good experiences. Do you know any of these?


We start with Suinga garden & home, a company dedicated to everything related to the garden. Also known as The Garden Store, it focuses above all on providing the necessary tools and accessories to take care of plants and the garden in general.


Saturnia, for its part, is a wholesale distributor of garden care products, as well as fences and tefiling. It has a fairly wide range in terms of tools and products among which are bamboo tutors.


Another brand to consider is this one. It is specialized in gardening and DIY products and tools (but especially in the former). It has not only accessories for plant care, but also grow kits and the like.

Buying guide for a bamboo stake

When buying bamboo stakes, there is no doubt that price is one of the most important factors to consider. However, you shouldn’t be the only one. If you buy a cheap stake but it is smaller than the plant you want to stake, what good will it do you? EITHER, if you buy a single stake but you have 30 plants that need oneWon’t it be cheaper if you make a larger investment but that makes it cheaper as a unit?

We discuss some of the most important factors.

height and thickness

Think about what we have told you before. If you buy a 50 centimeter bamboo stake and your plant measures 80, Unless you already have another tutor and you want to put it on top of it, it won’t work for you. For this reason, the height of the stake must always be at least twice the height of the plant to ensure that you will not have to change it in, for example, a month.

At the same time, you also have to think about the thickness. Although there are not many types of thicknesses on the market as far as bamboo stakes are concerned, it is important that you check to see if one is more suitable (or if you have to join several).


The other factor to take into account has to do with the need for tutors. In other words, if you need one or ten, or a hundred, or a thousand… Buying just one is not the same as making a quantity purchase, because many times the price is cheaper for whoever buys the most.


Finally, we have the price. And this one will depend mostly on all of the above. It is not an excessively cheap product, but we cannot say that it will be very cheap either. In fact, from 20 cents you could already find some options.

Advantages of bamboo stakes

We can tell you about many advantages of bamboo tutors. But one of the main ones is the fact that they are manufactured in an ecological way, which does not harm the environment. This, in itself, is to be taken into account. But if we also add the fact that it is very, very cheap to manufacture them, and therefore, the sale price is ridiculous on many occasions, it is more worthwhile.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Another benefit to consider is its weight. It is so light that it will not add extra to the pots and you will be able to put it (one or several) without fear that this will overload the weight too much. Or that it is more difficult to transport it.

Its function is to serve as support, but for this reason it also needs to give it the possibility of receiving light from all sides. Instead, with coconut or other material stakes you can risk that it will not work because it hides part of the plant.

Which is stronger, bamboo or wood?

You should know that bamboo is one of the materials that surpasses wood in terms of resistance and stability. Due to the treatment that bamboo receives, it is one of those that has a high degree of stability. In addition, it is one of the hardest natural materials (of the first five) on the Janka scale (hardness scale).

Where to buy?

where to buy bamboo

Source: Amazon

To end, Do you know where to buy bamboo tutors? We have reviewed some of the main stores that are most searched for on the Internet and this is what we have found.


Amazon does stock a considerable amount of bamboo stakes. It is not like with other products, but you will have enough to choose the one that suits you best. Of course, the prices can be inflated and also, if you buy many you will not have the possibility of lowering the price.

Leroy Merlin

In the case of Leroy Merlin you also have more than enough models to choose from, most of them sold by third-party sellers (but many with free shipping). You can look for them in your search engine or access the category of tutors for plants where you can see the options (of course, among the filters we have not found to list only those of bamboo).

Second hand

Finally, you have Second Hand. Actually, it is any store or app that sells you the product that has already been used, but in good condition.. It has the advantage that it is cheaper than if you buy it new. But you should make sure well that its condition is proper and that it can still be used for a long time.

You already have the keys to buy bamboo tutorsDo you have plants that need them?

Bamboo tutors: what you should keep in mind to buy them

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