How To Buy Shelves For Outdoor Plants

When you have many plants, it is normal that you have shelves for outdoor plants, just like inside the house. It is a way of keeping them organized and that they are always well placed to decorate and for others to see (and die of envy).

But if you have just started, or want to give it a different look, why not buy some that serve you very well? What should you pay attention to? Is the size, the number of plants or the ease of cleaning them the most important? We will talk about it below.

Top 1. The best shelf for outdoor plants


  • Available 11 shelves.
  • High quality wood.
  • Easy to assemble


  • Sometimes pieces are missing.
  • Fragile and unstable.
  • Trouble mounting it.

Selection of shelves for outdoor plants

Sometimes that a product is the best does not mean that it is the one we have to buy. Many other factors must be taken into account and, in this sense, we have chosen a selection of products that will help you find the most suitable one for you.

Viewall – Wooden shelf for plants and flowers

You will have 7 levels to put the plants you want (a minimum of 7).

Is made of high quality wood and treated to protect it from the sun, cold or humidity. Its measurements are 82 x 25 x 78 centimeters.

Besides, you have the same product in 3 levels, or in 11.

WISFOR Plant Stand Outdoor Indoor Metal

Measuring 57 x 22 x 81cm, this shelf made of white iron with different heights It will allow you to have a few plants growing “freely” outside.

unho Decorative Shelf for Flower Pots

This shelf allows you to have three levels of plants. Its measurements are 100 x 38 x 97 centimeters and it is made of bamboo.

Unho Iron Plant Stand

In this case we have opted for the 7-level outdoor plant shelf, but it has another 9-level one. It is made of iron and its measurements are 66 x 22 x 102 centimeters.

They have the advantage that Shelves are spaced far enough apart so plants don’t get in the way.

Mediate Shelves for Wooden Pots

This is one of the largest shelves you will find, with a size of 95 x 25 x 105,5 centimeters. You can put 12-20 pots in it.

It is made of wood and has 8 shelves where you can place the plants.

It is easy to assemble and comes with instructions.

Buying guide for a shelf for outdoor plants

When buying a shelf for outdoor plants, you can have your points for and against. In favor you have the possibility of having them in order and that they occupy a space in which they help to create humidity between them so that they stay healthier. But on the contrary, you may think that the space between shelves for certain plants is not the most suitable, usually because the plant is larger than the space.

Therefore, when choosing a shelf, Not only does the space you have to place it influence, but also the type of plants you want to put there. A shelf for hanging plants is not the same as one for climbing plants. They are very different and each one has its needs.

But, in addition to knowing the plants that would occupy those places, you should also be guided by the following:


We have previously told you about space you have available for the shelf. And in this case we focus directly on the size. You will have to choose one according to the space. But in addition, there is one more aspect that you must watch: that it does not recharge too much.

We give you an example. Imagine that you have a shelf for 20 plants. But where you are going to place it you already have some more and even furniture, decoration, etc. When you put it up, the safest thing is that you don’t see it too cluttered, but what if instead of 20 plants you put 30. Or 40. There are a lot of them and that can end up tiring your eyes and making you feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, you must have a middle ground. Neither many nor few.


Here you have multiple options to choose from. It is usual to put them in brown (wood), black, white, gray, and little else. But that doesn’t mean you can’t paint them any color you want.

Of course, when choosing the paint, try to make sure it is one that applies a protective layer against inclement weather. This way you will be making your shelf for outdoor plants last much longer.


Finally, we have the price. And in this case it will depend a lot on the material with which the shelf is made, its size and its capacity. The design of this will also influence, if it is more basic it will cost less than if it is more elaborate.

In general, you can find medium-sized shelves from 45-50 euros.

For the little ones, from 20 euros you can find some that are not bad.

Where to buy?

buy outdoor plant shelf

Now yes, all you have to do is buy your shelf for outdoor plants. And in this sense we must take into account some important aspects such as variety, models, designs, etc.

It is not only the price that you should look at, but all of the above that we have seen because only then will you get the best. And where to buy it? We give you options.

The Amazon

It is perhaps the first place where you go to look. And it is true that he has a wide catalog to choose from, with large, medium and small shelves. Their prices are not too expensive, although when you have many plants and you know that one is not enough, you may start looking for other ways to keep them in order.

Leroy Merlin

To find shelves for outdoor plants you have to go to their section of shelves and shelves, and from there select based on the different options that it gives you since there is not really a shelf for plants.

The ones that can come closest are the wooden, metallic, resin or metallic modular ones. They are the ones that could better withstand inclement weather.


Lastly, we have Ikea. And here you can not search as a shelf for outdoor plants because nothing is going to come out. But in his section outdoor shelving yes you have some garden options that may be suitable for what you are looking for.

Of course, the prices, being large shelves, are somewhat higher than in other stores. But you will have more space too.

As you can see, a shelf for outdoor plants is very useful and buying the right one is easy if you take into account the most important aspects. The main thing is that the one you choose will serve you for a long time, since this way you will amortize what you have paid for it. Have you already decided on the one you like the most?

How To Buy Shelves For Outdoor Plants

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