Electrical extension cord: all the keys to buying the best ones

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There are times when the plug and the device you need to connect to it are not close. That causes you to have to have an electrical extension cord handy.

However, do you know that not all of them are the same? And that you have to control a series of important factors to make a good purchase? Below we have analyzed a little electrical extension cords to see what you have to look for and where to buy some of the right quality-price ones. Do you want to know more about them? Well, take a look at this information.

Best electrical extension cords

Best brands of electrical extension cords

There are many brands of electrical extension cords. But it is true that some are better known than others. That’s why, We have chosen three brands that are usually very sold. These are the following:


Brennenstuhl is one of the best-known companies for electronics and electrical engineering. It is a global leader and offers a wide variety of high-quality (and affordable) products.

The company was created in 1958 and is still active to this day. It has a program of electrical strips (where we can find the extension cords), as well as drums for cables, lighting technology, solar and LED.


Zenitech is actually a French brand that is part of an even larger group, the HBF group. It offers customers a fairly extensive catalog in terms of products related to electricity, home automation and lighting.

He has about 26 years of experience in the retail markets And it is one of the brands that is most heard when buying electrical extension cords.

To do this, they seek to offer products that are easy to use, with a good quality-price ratio and that are technical, robust and durable.

In case you don’t know, its name is the combination of two words: zenith, which is related to light, and Inotech, which is the name of the company.


Electraline is a company that merges several companies. It was born in the 90s and is currently in charge of providing designs and high quality in all the products it makes. It is a specialist in the production and distribution of electrical materials.

Buying guide for an extension cord

One of the elements that you can buy at any time, and where you least notice if you have made a good purchase or not, is an electrical extension cord. You only look at how long it is but, is it really what you are looking for?

Sometimes you are guided by the price, but in reality, if you want to get one that is really going to be useful for you, what we recommend is not only to look at what you are going to pay for it, but also at other factors. Which is it?


That is, how much can that cable extend the distance. For example, imagine that you want to connect something that is three meters from the socket. And with the cable of the device you can’t get there. So you decide to buy a one meter extension cord. You think it’s enough but, Is it really if we take into account that the cable of this product is one meter? We would need another one, and unless you bring that object closer, you could not plug it in.

Sometimes, measuring the distance before buying the extension can save you from having to return it or exchange it for another. Also, sometimes it’s better than over something that’s not too tight.

plug type

Another point to take into account is the type of plug. For example, an electrical extension cord from America may not work for you in Europebecause the plugs in one place and in another are totally different.

Therefore, when buying it you should know well what type of plug you have or where you are going to place it to choose one or the other.

Before talking about the price, we would like to tell you about the extras. For example, that serves for the outside because it has protection; that it has a security system if there is an overload, or that it has a programmer so that you can put a few hours in which to work.

All this increases the price, yes, but sometimes it can be very useful on a day-to-day basis.


Finally, we would have the price and this will depend on all of the above. From 3-4 euros you could already find electrical extension cordsbut the bigger it is, with more extras, this will increase.

Where to buy?

Power extension Source_Amazon

Source: Amazon

Finally, do you know where to buy an electrical extension cord? Although you can find it in hardware stores, large supermarkets or specialized stores, here we have searched for the most sought-after stores on the Internet for this product. And this is what you will find.


Not that it has much variety. But compared to the rest of the stores, you will find multiple products and models of extension cords that will adapt to the use you give them.

As for the price, although some are very high in price, in general they remain at a normal scale and as in other places. Still, as can always happen on Amazon, the price is sometimes more expensive than buying it in a nearby store.

Leroy Merlin

In this case, at Leroy Merlin they sell the electrical extension cord as plug extensions. It has almost the same number of items as on Amazonbeing able to divide them between only indoor or indoor and outdoor extensions.

Regarding the price, they are in accordance with what we told you about Amazon. There are some that are well priced and others that are somewhat raised compared to the prices you can find in neighborhood stores or those that are smaller.


Where you will find many fewer products on plug extensions is Bricomart (or now, Obramart). They are also cheaper compared to the other stores that we have told you about.

The only thing that’s more of a problem is that you don’t have much choice, which can mean that, if you are looking for something special, you will not find it. At least online, because it would be necessary to see if they have more to choose from in physical stores.


In Bricodepot you have a special category for extension cords. Although the number of products for sale online is almost the same as in Bricomart. Not so the prices, which are higher or lower than in other stores (that is why it is best to compare before opting for one).

With all this information you will be able to make the decision to purchase a more accurate electrical extension cord for the use you want to give it. Do you have doubts?

Electrical extension cord: all the keys to buying the best ones

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