Fargesia rufa

Perhaps by the name of Fargesia rufa you do not know what type of plant it is. But if we talk about a bamboo things change. Fargesia rufa is a non-invasive bambooand one of the best options to fence or protect your privacy in the gardens.

But what do you know about this plant? What care does it need to use it in the garden? About all this, and some other things, is what we are going to talk about next. Take a look.

How is Fargesia rufa


Fargesia rufa bamboo is one of the hardiest you will find. In addition, it is not invasive, which means that you can have more plants in the garden without it “eating up” their space and running out of those plants.

It can easily reach three meters in height, which is why one of the main uses for it is to serve as a cover between fences, fences or walls so that neighbors, or people on the street, can see you inside. your house.

Its growth occurs in bushes, quite dense together, which, with good care, can make it have quite thick stems. Sometimes there may be something hanging down, so you will have to prune it often, especially if the branches hang towards parts where they are passing through or you do not need the plants to disturb. Other than that, you won’t have any problems.

As for the stems, you should know that they are reddish in color, which contrasts greatly with the leaves, which are lime green.

Of course, we are not talking about a plant that blooms. It will only be green leaves, which with good care you can keep it like this throughout the year.

Fargesia rufa care

necessary care

Do you dare to have Fargesia rufa bamboo at home? The truth is that you can have it planted both in the garden and in a pot. In both cases it holds up very well and in the second you can control its growth much better.

But beyond the location you give it, you should know that there are other care that you must take into account so that it develops in a healthy way. We tell you the main ones.

location and temperature

The first thing you should control about Fargesia rufa is that it is a fast-growing plant. As long as they are given the necessary care. One of them has to do with its location. It needs a lot of space to spread out. Keep in mind that it can grow up to three meters tall, but also almost two meters wide. Therefore, try to plant it in an area where it has room to grow. Also, look for a place that is in full sun. Or at least in semi-shade.

The choice of one place or another will depend, to a large extent, on what your climate is like. If it’s too hot and you want to avoid burning the leaves, it’s better if it’s in semi-shade. But If you don’t have too high temperatures in summer, you can consider putting it in the sun.

As for the temperature, its rusticity is at -28ºC, which means that not only will you not have a problem with heat, but you will also forget about problems with cold or frost.


Although we are going to comment on it below, the Fargesia rufa is a plant that tolerates drought very well, which means that you do not have to water it very often. However, that does not mean that you can stay with dry land for a long time and not worry about it. When the drought is long in time, the plant suffers, to the point that it can die.

For this reason, we recommend that you make a mixture with a universal substrate, worm humus (so that it has some moisture) and expanded clay (so that it can breathe and oxygenate the earth). Yes indeed, make sure that the soil you use does not have an excess of limestone since the plant does not support it and may end up dying.


Once you give it the right land, irrigation must be moderate but not abundant. In other words, you will have to water it but from time to time. Actually, we cannot give you a fixed irrigation pattern because it will depend on where you place it, whether it is in a pot in the garden, what temperature it is, etc.

Our recommendation is that it is better to water a little than a lot.


potted bamboo

Regarding the subscriber, You should know that this is done twice a year. One in spring, and one in fall. You can use a slow-release fertilizer in spring, while in autumn, a multipurpose one is better.


Pruning Fargesia rufa is a very important part of its care, especially if you don’t want it to invade you with its leaves. This is mainly done to control both the size and the shape of the bamboo.

For a start, you must eliminate those bushes that are dead, or dry, weak or bent branches. You need the plant to have good air circulation so that diseases are prevented.

Try to use tools that are very sharp in order to make straight and safe cuts so that the plant does not damage itself.

Plagues and diseases

The truth is that, in general, you will not have problems with pests and diseases, but you will with the lack of environmental humidity. If you live in such an area you may find that the leaves dry and the plant itself acquires a deterioration in its general appearance.


The propagation of Fargesia rufa is carried out in two different ways: through the division of the bush or by rhizomes. When it is done, to increase the probability that it succeeds, they are placed in substrates richer in worm humus so that it conserves moisture. Thus, until they take root, they are kept in a more controlled pot to monitor their development.

For even more success, We recommend that you do it in mid-spring or at the beginning of summer.

With all this information, you can now think about Fargesia rufa for your garden. Do you dare to have it?

Fargesia rufa

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