Where to buy marijuana seeds

Buying marijuana seeds in Spain is no longer as complicated as it was a few years ago. Thanks to the Internet, and the creation of online stores related to this practice (which we already told you is legal in Spain), there are many who have greater access to these seeds.

But what do you know about it? Without the intention of promoting consumption, we do want to inform about the legal situation in Spain and the reason why there are online storeslike 420 Grow Shop, where you can buy these.

What is the legal situation of marijuana seeds in Spain?

buy cannabis seeds in Spain

In case you don’t know, article 368 of the Criminal Code classifies the cultivation of drugs (where we find marijuana or cannabis), as a crime against public health. Their sentences range from one to three years. and at the same time a fine is imposed that will be twice the value of the drug that he possesses.

So, do you mean that buying seeds is illegal? The truth is that no. When the consumption of cannabis is not for commercial purposes, but personal, that is, for own consumption, the law cannot act because it is something that person cultivates for oneself (as long as it is not visible from the public road).

The law also does not establish how many plants are the maximum for own consumptionso that many times it is a judge who determines the type of purpose that these plants have, if it is to sell them or for personal consumption.

Now, what about the seeds? Spain is one of the countries in which the sale of marijuana seeds is allowed, as well as the cultivation and production of cannabis flowers to obtain CBD. Of course, it is necessary that they do not have a high THC content (up to a maximum of 0.20%). That is why this country has become one of the largest seed producers in both France and Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Great Britain and many more.

Marijuana produces seeds in spring
Where to buy marijuana seeds

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