How to hang pots on the wall

Many times we have hanging pots at home. Or you see them in the store and, inevitably, you fall in love with them. You take it home and start looking for a place to put it. But do you know how to hang flower pots on the wall?

This time we want to focus on giving you ideas to hang them. If you have a pot full of branches and leaves, you know how difficult it can be to put it on the wall without losing a part of it (which you have to crush). Or maybe you have pots with which to decorate the wall but you don’t know how to do it. How about some ideas?

recycling plastic bottles

For some time, recycling has been the order of the day. Many are encouraged to give a second life to certain elements of the home. For example, use plastic bottles as pots, or used paper rolls to store cables so they don’t get tangled up in drawers.

Well, in the case of hanging pots on the wall, you could use bottles. Imagine that you have a one liter or two. If you cut it in half lengthwise, you will get a container. This, with some screws, you could fix it on the wall and, with it, place pots on it.

It has an advantage, and that is that when you put it in, you have a hole to water and the water can hold. But at the same time it is an inconvenience, especially if you go overboard with the water because then it will be more difficult to remove it.

creating shelves

Another of the simple ways to hang pots on the wall is by using shelves. But not the usual ones. We refer to take a board and fix it to the wall. It will be suspended in the air and will give you the space to put the pot (be careful with the weight).

More ideas could be to use, instead of a wooden board, a log. If you have trees in your garden that you have removed, try dividing the trunk into small circles so that you can hang them the same way and place the pot on top. Of course, cut it a little so that it is well attached to the wall and there are no instability problems.

With ropes and a stand

hang pot with ropes or irons

Let’s go with another idea that is much better known. It is about using a string system (on the Internet you can find them made of macramé, with wood, with leather…) and hang it on the wall. There are two options:

  • Hang it as is and here it can happen that the pot develops only two thirds (because the other one, being attached to the wall, does not receive light and can wither there).
  • Hang it with a stand. The advantage of this way is that you separate the plant from the wall in such a way that it could develop 100% and there would be no problem with it.

With wire rings and hooks

Let’s go with another idea to hang pots on the wall. For it, You need a wire that you will have to shape into a ring with the pot you want to hang. Now, you need those pots to have the top part wider than the bottom part, so that if you put the wire in, it has a stop. If the pot is completely smooth, the wire will slip and fall (unless you put stops on it).

Once you have the wire in place, you will need to put a hook on the wall. It can be a socket, a hook or something similar where you can hook the wire and that it does not move or fall.

Again, you must have be careful with the weight of the plant since if it is very heavy it is possible that it falls.

With brackets on the wall

suspended hanging planters

In stores you can easily find brackets to hang the pots on the wall. Some are hangers, like the one we mentioned before, but there are others that are complete supports, so that you only have to put the pot in and that’s it (in fact, many come with a plate to better distribute the weight of it and also so that when watering it the water does not fall from below.

The truth is that you have many models to choose from, and they are not usually expensive (unless you go for one with many details, of course). It does require a bit of setup, but other than that, nothing more and they allow you to hang somewhat heavier plants.

Vertical planters

plants in vertical planter

Continue with ways to hang pots on the wall and in this case we have looked at vertical planters. They have the advantage that they offer you several holes, in such a way that with a simple installation you could put several plants in the same article instead of going one by one.

There are multiple types. Some made of wood (or with pallets), others made of fabric that are lighter, etc. It will depend on what you want to put to use one or the other. In addition, you should not take your purchase lightly, but weigh the pros and cons of each one before choosing.

With lattices or wires

Using a lattice or wire wall can give you just what you need to hang planters. Especially for the pendants since you can use the irons or the design of the lattice to put hooks and from there hang the pot (It can be with its hitch or by making some small holes to be able to fix it).

Of course, it is possible that it is inclined, so you must take it into account when watering, because the water will come out more easily without having watered the plant well.

With wall pots

The wall pots have a special design because, in the area where they stick to it, they are flat, in such a way that they can be fix with a hook, eyelet or similar and be sure that they will fit perfectly (they will not move with the wind, as can happen with others).

Yes, it is true that they are more expensive than normal ones, but you have multiple models, from small pots, medium pots, planters, etc.

As you can see, there are many different ways to hang pots on the wall. You just have to choose the method that you like the most or that is most practical for you and carry it out. Do you dare to do it? Let us know how it goes or if you have another way to do it.

How to hang pots on the wall

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