How to buy a water pump

Whether it is to water the plants in the garden, or to clean the car, a water pump can be a good solution when you need that liquid in a place where there is none. Therefore, how about we help you decide on the best of all?

Next we are going to give you a small guide so you know what to look for when buying a water pump and which are the best value for money on the market. Go for it?

Top 1. The best water pump


  • Submersible water pump for clean and dirty water.
  • Motor with IPx8 protection.
  • Power consumption 750W.


  • Stop working.
  • It does not work well in some situations.

Selection of water pumps

As we know that sometimes the first choice does not please everyone, here you have others to choose from that will serve you very well for what you need.

Güde 94630 – Submersible Water Pump

It is a dirty water pump with the possibility of submerging. Its capacity is 7500 liters per hour and it is electric (with cable).

Einhell Submersible Clean Water Pump with Cable

With a smaller capacity of 6800 liters per hour, This 270W water pump can be submerged up to 5 meters. It is electric, and its cable is coiled to avoid problems or accidents. With it you can empty a swimming pool, pond, cellars, etc.

Einhell GC-DP 7835 -Dirty water pump

With a power of 780W, this 15700W water pump allows you to connect 25 and 32mm hoses. It can also be submerged but up to a maximum of 7 meters.

Einhell Electric Transfer Water Pump with Cable

With a capacity of 3600 liters per hour, this electric water pump has a power of 600W and it is easy to transport where you need it. The connection is 33,3mm and the cable allows you to move away about a meter and a half.

Einhell Submersible Dirty Water Pump with Cable

It has a capacity of 18000l/h, a float switch and universal connections for 19, 25, 32 and 38mm.

Its power supply is by cable and has a power of 1000W.

Water pump buying guide

A water pump has multiple uses. Not only can it be used in the garden, the truth is that you can do many more things with it in multiple places: garage, kitchen, even in the bathroom. But, to get closer to her, the first thing is know what you should look for to buy the right one.

And in that we can help you because we have reviewed some characteristics that they must have and that are the differences between the models. Do you want to know what data is important? These:


One of the first pieces of information you should look for in all descriptions of water pumps is the capacity it has. Namely, How much water can it hold inside?

In this case, you can also find models that allow you to hook up the water hose, so that your tank has a capacity of x plus the possibility of using it without having to fill it up beforehand and thus be able to work for longer.

Depending on the use you give it and how long it takes you, you will need one with more or less capacity.


The next point to consider is the type of water pump. In the market you will find outdoor pumps, which are the most common, but there are also indoor ones, or even submersible (These are used in case of flooding to remove the water to the outside).

There are others that are not as well known, such as the recirculation, well, pressurizing or sewage.

What does choosing one or the other depend on? Basically the use you are going to give it.


How do you want your water pump to work? You can find different types of food on the market, such as gasoline, by cable (electricity), to batteries, with solar energy…

Again, the choice will largely depend on how you use it. If it is sporadically you could opt for electricity or even gasoline or solar energy. If it is more often, the battery allows you more freedom.


There are many powers. Normally, for a “homemade” water pump it does not make a lot of water, but it is true that it is convenient to know how to calculate it based on what you need.

For this there is a formula to keep in mind. This is the following:

Required power = (Pump flow rate x Pump pressure) / Total performance

But since we don’t want you to go around calculating formulas, this guide can serve you much better:

  • If it is for a home, the power should be between 2000 l/h and 7500 l/h.
  • If it is for an irrigation installation, then you have to take into account the diffuser that they carry. And these will be between 540 and 900 l/h depending on the grades you apply.


Finally, we would have to talk about the price of a water pump. And it is that a water pump for an aquarium is not the same as for a pond or for more intensive use.

You can find the aquarium ones from 20 euros; the most common may be Starting from 40 eurosbut the professionals who can really help you will be above 70.

Where to buy?

buy water pump

Have you already got an idea of ​​which water pump is the one you need? Then it only remains to take the wallet and go buy it. But where to do it? Here we give you ideas of where to do it based on the most searched stores on the Internet.


It is where you find more variety, not only in terms of water pump of one category, but of several. The prices are not bad they are affordable in almost all of them, and it allows you to return it in case it does not work for you.


Water pumps in Bauhaus there are quite a few, so you will have several models to choose from. The prices are also very different, so they will adapt to the pocket of each one.

The possibility of having pumps that are more professional stands out in this store, which helps a lot to buy safely (because you know that the pump will serve the use you want to give it).


As a water pump we have not been able to find anything. But the store does have bilge pumps, surface, submerged…

Therefore, if it is a specific use that you are going to give it, then you could look in this store to see if they have any that can serve you. They are also professionals.

Now it’s up to you to choose the water pump that best suits your needs.

How to buy a water pump

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