The keys to buying a garden corner unit that will last for years

Thinking of decorating the garden? The normal thing, with good weather, is to think about furniture to enjoy the first thing in the morning, or the last thing in the afternoon, outdoors. AND one of those pieces of furniture can be a garden corner.

The problem is that sometimes we let ourselves be guided only by the price and the one that appeals to you visually. And when it comes to truth, in terms of comfort, durability, etc. we fell short. Do you want that not to happen to you? Then take a look at the guide that we have prepared for you to be able to buy a garden corner unit suitable for your needs. Shall we start?

Best garden corners

Best garden corner brands

Below we would like to talk to you about some brands that have corner garden products in their catalogue.


Tectake has a fairly extensive catalog in terms of products for the garden, home and even for leisure.

In fact, it is a brand that, according to those who created it, means “reliability, customer satisfaction and excellent value for money.”


Sports products, garden furniture, tools, toys… The truth is that VidaXL has many different categories to find practically everything you need to decorate your home.

Fest night

Festnight Home & Garden is focused on both indoor and outdoor furniture. In fact, it not only sells corner units, but you can find a wide variety of products, all of them of good quality.

Buying guide for a garden corner

We know that Buying a garden corner is not cheap, far from it. In addition, as it is a piece of furniture whose use is going to be restricted to a few months, those of spring and summer, many think that a large budget should not be allocated to it. And that means that the purchase is governed by corner units on sale or those that look as cheap as possible.

The problem comes with time (the short time). And it is that at the beginning it can be a good option, that you are comfortable even. But after giving it some use, you will begin to notice the deficiencies it has, For example, that the fabric is hot, that if you spend many hours sitting then your back hurts, that it is too low and your legs bother you… Do you understand what we mean?

When buying a garden corner, there are some aspects that you should not ignore to make the right decision. Here we discuss the ones we consider most important.


Imagine that there are two of you at home and you don’t have many visitors. The corner is for you, and you decide to buy the biggest one in the store. So that? Sometimes we think big when such a big size is not necessary. Even when you have space, putting large furniture does not imply greater comfort.

So, when buying a corner unit, You should not only look at the available space that you have, but also in the utility that you are going to give it. Following the example, perhaps it would be better to have a smaller corner unit and accompany it with two armchairs or chairs, one on each side, for when you want to have another position.


Comfort is essential in a corner. Keep in mind that you often spend time sitting on it (or even lying down) and sometimes you don’t notice that at first. It is also true that when you try it in the store, as it is only for a few minutes, it is normal for you to see it comfortable. But where you will really see if it is so or not is in daily use.

Therefore, when buying one, you should try it well, with time. We are not going to tell you that you sit in each one for a few hours, but at least five minutes to find out if it suits you or the other way around.


Another important aspect of a garden corner, precisely because it will be outside the house, is the material with which it is made. In the market it is easy to find this furniture made of wood, plastic, rattan, wicker, metal… And each of them will have their good things and their bad things.

So which is the best? It depends. Depending on the weather, the location where you place it, outdoor exposure, use… one or the other will be more appropriate.


Finally, we have the price. And as we told you before, it is not that it is cheap to say. Garden corners can be expensive when looking for the best on the market. But they also pay off over time, especially if you are one of those who take good care of furniture.

Thus, we could say that you will find corner from 200 euros. Maximum price? The thousand euros or more. By influencing this many factors (both those that we have mentioned and others), the price can fluctuate up or down.

Where to buy?

buy garden corner

And we come to the end. Do you want to know where to buy a garden corner? Taking into account that there are many stores that you can look at, we wanted to make it easier for you and give you some help. For this reason, we have searched the main stores that are searched for on the Internet so that you know what you can find in them.


Compared to other products, Amazon’s catalog is not that extensive, but it is much more than in other stores due to third-party sellers.

You have to keep in mind that the search does not focus only on corner units, but we will get sets and other products that have nothing to do with what you are looking for. So you should spend time to find the ones that can fit your budget and needs.

As for the prices, they are somewhat high in some products. But they play with the advantage of being unknown models (or brands) (so you won’t find the same one as your neighbor).


At Ikea you can find more than two hundred products, yes. But They are not exactly garden corners, but in general for interiors. Even so, if you search a bit, you will be able to see some models that could be adjusted outdoors.

As for prices, they are not cheap.

The English Court

With higher prices, but focused on the exterior, the corner units that you will find in El Corte Inglés can be more in line with what you are looking for abroad.


In Carrefour they do not have many products related to garden corner furniture (and many of the results do not include only that piece of furniture, but a set of them).

Of course, regarding the prices are more affordable than other storeswhich is already an incentive to take a look at it.

Leroy Merlin

Finally, you have Leroy Merlin, where you will have a variety of corner units (sizes, colors, designs, materials…) but with prices similar to other stores (ie expensive).

Now You already have the keys to buy a corner garden and may it last a long time. Do you have more questions? Ask us.

The keys to buying a garden corner unit that will last for years

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