How to buy a picnic basket that really works for you

When the good weather arrives, you want to go out with your family, friends, or even alone in the countryside. And since it is said that the countryside whets an appetite, going with a picnic basket can be a success. In it you can carry food, drink or even a snack.

The problem is that sometimes we think that it does not matter which one we buy, as if it is the cheapest, because it is not very useful. And then the problems come: if it breaks, if insects get in, if it gets wet, if it doesn’t get cold… Do you want to avoid having to spend more and buy a basket that really works for you? Well, pay attention to the guide that we have prepared for you.

Best picnic baskets

Best brands of picnic baskets

Next we want to talk about some brands of picnic baskets. Keep in mind that many companies not only have baskets, but their catalog is extensive and related to gardening products.


eGenuss is one of the companies specialized in garden products. Specifically, it has inflatable armchairs, wicker baskets, slate trays and, of course, also picnic baskets for sale.


HappyPicnic is a brand specialized in picnic products, not only baskets, but also baskets, backpacks, etc. All of them are made of wicker from a city in northern China and their durability is guaranteed by the company.

Picnic at Ascot

Picnic at Ascot has been based in the USA for over twenty years and is proud to have brought the British picnic tradition to this country. They offer superior products that come close to living the experience of a traditional picnic, but looking for modernity and current comfort.

Buying guide for a picnic basket

Imagine that you want to go to the countryside with your family. But, how you know yourself, or how you know that family, surely once there they will get hungry. And if you don’t want to have to go looking for a bar or a restaurant, or go back home, you better take a picnic basket with you.

Now, are they all the same? The truth is that no. The problem is that we often see this product as an accessory and we don’t pay attention to the features that we need to make the right purchase. It is something very common, since we look more at the price, or aesthetics, compared to other more important factors.

And what are those? We discuss them below.


We start with the capacity of the picnic basket. By this we mean how much you can take us in it. To give you an idea; If there are four of you in the family, and you buy a basket for just one person, how are you going to fit the food you need for everyone?

In the market you can find baskets with different capacities, as well as with different sizes. Of course, do not be fooled by a large size because it may be that, inside, it is not so large, and you would be facing the same problem.


Related to the above, you have the size. This often comes according to capacity, in such a way that the bigger it is, the more things will fit. But sometimes it is not like that, and the data is only good for us to know how much it is going to measure. In fact, it is common for manufacturers to put, on the one hand, the size of the basket; and, on the other, the size of the capacity it has.

Both are important data, one to know how much it will occupy you (and especially the weight); and the other to know what you can put in it.


We continue with the important factors when buying a picnic basket. And in it we have the weight. Now, the weight it has is not the same if it is a large one and it is loaded, than if it is medium or small. Nor is it the same if we talk about the empty or full weight.

However, if the basket weighs a lot empty, logically when you fill it it will weigh much more, to the point that it can be difficult to transport.

Does that mean that it is best to bet on very light baskets? No, the truth is that it will depend. Often those that are heavier may be because they are protected, or because they have some extra such as special walls to keep the cold longer, or even to cool.

We have told you about it before, and it is that now the most modern baskets can be refrigerator-type, or even have a space to store plates, cutlery and glasses. All this affects the design of the basket, as well as its capacity, weight and size.


Finally, we come to the price. And this will not depend only on the brand itself, but on many other important factors such as the above. A simple wicker basket is not the same as a special one with spaces for storage, cooling, etc.

That is why determining a price range is not easy. You can find them from 10 euros to 100 or more.

Where to buy?

buy picnic basket

Finally, we want to give you a hand also in the store where you can buy a picnic basket. And there are so many that sometimes you can not see them all. So we have searched for the stores that are most sought after for this product on the Internet and this is what you will find in them.


Variety does have, and a lot. In addition, some of the basket models are very original and it is possible that you did not know them (which is why many choose this option).

Now, regarding the price, in some cases it is more expensive than if you buy it in another online store. But we advise you to do the test (for shipping costs) to make the final decision.


At Ikea we have not been able to find a proper picnic basket. Actually, they only have bags and accessories for the picnic, but not what it takes to carry them all.

So, unless they have them in physical stores, we haven’t been able to find one online to talk to you about.


At Carrefour you won’t have many models to choose from, but they will be consistent with what you might want from a picnic basket. Now, in the results of this search, many of these are toy baskets, so the list is smaller than what appears a priori.

As for prices, there is something for all budgets, although some of them are very expensive.


At Decathlon you only find one picnic basket model, so, at least online, you don’t have more options where to look. It’s that or neither.

Do you already have in mind which picnic basket you are going to buy?

How to buy a picnic basket that really works for you

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