How to make a garden with fruit trees: Trees, planting and ideas

When we have a garden, whether large or small, we can decorate it in a thousand ways. The wide variety of vegetables that can be grown allow us to have outdoor spaces of all types and colors, adapting them to our tastes. But a garden does not have to be only beautiful, we can also take advantage of our green area. But how? Well, very simple: Making a garden with fruit trees.

It is a magnificent idea to incorporate plants that give us fruits to harvest. Apart from being very beautiful, especially in the flowering season, fruit trees also provide us with shade on hot summer days and delicious fruits. In addition, we can also carry out this idea if we have little space or even have a terrace or patio instead of a garden, since many fruit trees can also be grown in pots.

What fruit tree to plant in the garden?

For a garden with fruit trees you do not need much space

When considering how to make a garden with fruit trees, it is very important that we take into account the space we have. Trees are very large plants that expand their roots considerably underground. However, there are some fruit trees that require less space, being able to develop even in large pots. So we can enjoy them and harvest their fruits in gardens, patios or terraces.

So that fruit trees can develop and grow without problem, it is essential that the container is large enough, in case of growing them in a pot, and that the substrate we use is of quality. The most recommended thing is that the fertilizer is natural, such as guano. Next, we will talk a little about the six most common and easy-to-maintain fruit trees:

  • Apple tree: It can reach a height of up to ten meters, but for reasons of comfort at harvest time it is usually left at about four meters thanks to pruning. See file.
  • Pear tree: This fruit tree is very resistant, being able to withstand temperatures of up to 20 degrees below zero. See file.
  • Plum: The great advantage of the plum tree is that it can be planted in almost any type of soil, it is not at all demanding in this regard. See file.
  • Peach tree: In order to harvest the first peaches, the peach tree must be at least two years old. See file.
  • Apricot: It is best to water it once a week and renew the substrate approximately every six months. This way we make sure that it gives us some delicious fruits. See file.
  • Lemon Tree: Without a doubt it is one of the most popular fruit trees. It can reach more than five meters in height, but it is very common to have it smaller and in a pot. See file.

How to plant fruit trees in the garden?

Many fruit trees can be grown in large pots.

In the event that we want to plant the fruit trees in the soil of the garden and not in a pot, the first thing we must do is dig a hole in which we will introduce the vegetable. We must fill it with soil and fertilizer, not only with fertilizer. After that, all you have to do is provide the care it requires. Of course, these depend on the species that we have planted. But in general, the basic care of fruit trees with the following:

Plant fruit trees
How to make a garden with fruit trees: Trees, planting and ideas

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