How to buy a balcony set: the keys to getting it right

With good weather it is normal for you to start preparing the terrace, the garden or simply the balcony to be able to use it and enjoy the sun, the breeze, and the good weather. That’s why, Are you looking for a balcony set?

The problem with these is that, sometimes, the size or the utility or not of certain elements is not taken into account. How about we give you a hand in your purchase? Next we will talk about the best balcony sets And what should you look for when buying them. Go for it?

Best sets for balcony

Best brands of balcony sets

Brands for garden furniture there are many. But In the case of balcony sets we have chosen three of them for their variety in the catalog. We tell you a little about each of them.


Outsunny is one of the Aosom brands that has been operating in Spain since 2014. It is focused on products for the garden or terraceand you can find pergolas, awnings, planters, outdoor furniture, etc.

Its prices are quite affordable for the pockets and it has an adequate quality-price ratio. Reason why many opt for this brand.


In the case of TecTake, we are talking about an online store that also sells in many other stores. It is characterized by having a high level of quality-priceand not only do you find products for the outdoors, but also for home decoration and even for pets.


Keter has been working on high quality and innovative products for both homes and gardens for over 70 years.

These are characterized by being elegant, durable and practical, manufactured taking into account the functionality that is going to be given so that satisfaction with them is maximum.

Buying guide for a set for balcfrom the

Time to buy a balcony set! Believe it or not, you can always add some furniture to your balcony to enjoy it in some way. The problem is that many times we think about buying something guided only by the price, or by the tastes that are had. And at the moment of truth these do not fit.

Therefore, to buy a balcony set that is really worth it, you should take into account the following:


Not only from the furniture, but also from the balcony. In addition, it is not convenient for you to buy the right things, but rather You have to leave free spaces so that it “breathes” and does not look too overloaded.

If your balcony is small, you may only be able to put a small table and a chair. Or just a chair. But wanting extra furniture when you can’t use it is a waste of money and space.


Specifically, the materials of the balcony set. And it is that in the market you can find them in metal, plastic, wood, aluminum, wicker… Each one has its pros and cons, plus you may want to follow one decorating style or another..

Our recommendation is that you think carefully about each material and choose the one that contributes the most to you.


Bearing in mind that balconies become a “place for everything”, what if you bet on functionality? For example, a table that folds up housing the chairs in it, or some chairs that you can later hang on the wall and that do the trick of a shelf.

This will not only make everything more practical, but it will help you have multi-purpose furniture.

style and design

This must come hand in hand with comfort and ergonomics. Especially if you are going to use that balcony set daily (or almost) and for several hours. It is always better to have something that is comfortable for you and don’t make any part of your body ache from sitting or lying on it.


Finally, we come to the price. And here we cannot give you a figure or fork because It will depend a lot on the elements that make up the balcony set to buy.

Where to buy?

Cube Set Source_Amazon

If you take into account everything that we have mentioned before, buying a balcony set will not be difficult. Besides, You have multiple stores where to do it. Therefore, to help you rule out some, or to help you go faster, we have analyzed some of them.

Here we tell you what you will find regarding this product.


Amazon is where you will find the most variety, in addition to having suitable sets for small balconies and others for larger ones.

As for the prices, the truth is that some are a bit high, you can find cheaper in other stores. But It is also true that there are some models that you cannot find on other sites and they can be interesting enough to pay a little more to have originality on your balcony.


At Ikea you can find an exclusive section for balcony sets, table sets, and chairs that you can place in places that are not too large. They have different materials and prices for almost all budgets.

Although some of the models are physically out of stock, they can be purchased online.


In the case of Carrefour we are going to disappoint you a bit because it only has a single model, at a price, compared to other stores, quite expensive. Besides, it is not really sold by the store but by a third party.

Leroy Merlin

Finally, at Leroy Merlin we have to look in the terrace sets section. Don’t be fooled by their name because they have balcony furniture sets that can be perfectly adapted to balconies. In fact, Not only do you find a table and chairs, but you also have armchairs or other types of furniture that are out of the “usual” for a balcony.

Of course, you must control that it fits you.

As for the prices, the truth is that they are in line with the previous stores.

Now you just have to keep looking, comparing and, when you find a suitable balcony set, buy it. It’s not good to do it fast, but you must weigh the pros and cons to know what would be the best option.

How to buy a balcony set: the keys to getting it right

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