Portable barbecues: all the keys to buying one

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In good weather, you want to be in the garden. And one of the most common meals in summer is usually barbecue. Some chops, chorizos, vegetables… But, when buying one, Do you know portable barbecues?

If you have a garden and would like to have a barbecue to eat with family and friends, but you don’t know what to look for when buying it, this guide can help you. Check it out.

Best portable barbecues

Best portable barbecue brands

Next We leave you some of the best brands of portable barbecues. There are many more, but we highlight these three below.


SunJas is one of the most recommended brands for portable barbecues because the brand is specialized in the manufacture of products related to barbecues. He has extensive experience and those who use them leave very satisfied with his products.


Weber It is one of the most trusted barbecue brands on the market right now.. The first of the brand emerged in 1952 and since then it has been improving both the barbecues and the accessories, developing a fairly wide and high-quality catalogue.


Outsunny is one of the best-known brands for terrace and garden products. In Spain it has been operating since 2014 and has a very extensive catalogue, also having barbecues.

Although it is not a brand focused on these products, it does have a few models with an acceptable value for money.

Buying guide for a portable barbecue

When you go to look at a portable barbecue, seeing so many models, brands, types… can overwhelm you. In the end you look a little at its features and a lot at its price. And this is not the best.

Therefore, so that you are clear about the most important thing you should know about each model when you go to buy one, especially to see if it adapts to the use you want to give it.we leave you the factors that we consider most important:


In the market you can find several types of barbecues. Specifically, there are three that are the most sold:

  • of coal, where people choose them because they give food a smoky flavor. The problem is that it is not easy to control the heat (or to light them) and can go from being raw to burning in seconds).
  • gas barbecueseasier than the previous ones but you lose the characteristic flavor of a real barbecue.
  • electrical, They have the disadvantage that you lose the flavor and, furthermore, they are not as powerful as the others.


Although we already said that you are looking for portable barbecues, the truth is that there are many sizes. And shapes.

You have some that just move with a cart. Others whose legs fold and you can move it from one side to the other. And others that are placed on tables.

However, each of them will weigh more or less depending on their size. And it is that a barbecue for a family of three is not the same as one for 10 people (especially since in the small one it will take longer and you will eat in turns).


When talking about an element that can stay outside (although, being portable, it tends to be kept to protect it), materials must be heat resistant and durable.

The best options you have are iron, stainless steel or aluminum. They are the ones that can resist you the most and last you over time.

Other features

Here you could consider the extras you bring. For example, that it comes with adjustable grills, that it has a lid or a drip tray, that it has extra security… All this will increase the price, but if you use it regularly it would be worth it.


Finally, we come to the price. and in this case you can find portable barbecues from 50 euros. Even cheaper. But sometimes these are the most basic and are not very resistant.

Where to buy?

portable barbecue

Source: Amazon

Folding barbecues are very practical because when you don’t need them you can store them and thus protect them from the weather (so that they last longer). But first you have to buy them. And we want to help you with that too. That’s why, We have searched some of the main stores so you can see what you can find in them (and discard them if they are not what you are looking for).


Amazon has the advantage of offering you many products that are not available in other stores, either because they come from other countries, or because “walk around the house” stores only focus on a few models and manufacturers upload more to Amazon.

In the case of portable barbecues you will find a lot of variety. You will also have many styles and designs, so it will be easy to find the one you like the most. Now, the price is true that it can be more expensive (sometimes by third-party sellers or by more original models).


Ikea is not one of the stores that we would recommend to see portable barbecues, especially since it only has two models, at least online. We do not know if the stores will have more, or they put them only in certain months of the year. But from what we see, unless you like those models, it does not offer more.


Decathlon offers you 24 products when looking for a portable barbecue. Now, many of the results you would have to eliminate since they have nothing to do with it (a plant, a fireplace…).

As for the prices, they are in line with what is usually sold, although some you can find them a little cheaper.

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin you do have an exclusive section to show portable barbecues. It has about 61 products of different brands and designs.

Regarding the prices, There is something for everyone, since they are cheap, while some models are triggered by the extra features they have.


Coal, gas or oven. Those are the three main barbecues that Carrefour offers you, with almost 650 products to look at. Depending on the type you want, you will find more or less variety (where you have the most is in portable charcoal barbecues).

Now You only have to opt for one of the portable barbecues and that you start planning the day that you are going to cook in it for your family and/or friends. You sure have a great day!

Portable barbecues: all the keys to buying one

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