Benefits of ashes for rose bushes

Fire pits are a great way to remove woody material and hedges from your yard or garden. The resulting ash is an excellent homemade fertilizer for many plants because it contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and other minerals that are needed in certain amounts for healthy plants. However, there are many people who want to know […]

Sesleria autumnalis: characteristics and main care

If you want to give your garden an appeal in the colder months, Have you ever thought about Sesleria autumnalis? Do you know what plant we are talking about? Learn more about this winter plant so that your garden shines with the silvery inflorescences it puts out. Do we discover it? How is the Sesleria […]

How to take a cutting of elastic ficus: all the steps

If you have a ficus elastica, it is possible that, at some time, you have tried to take a cutting from it and try to reproduce it in this way. But, Do you know what to do with a ficus elastica cutting? If you want to be more likely that a cutting will succeed and […]

Euphorbia leuconeura: main characteristics and care

Have you ever seen a succulent with leaves and these with white veins? Well, that’s what Euphorbia leuconeura is. Do you know her? It is a threatened plant because it is losing its habitat in Madagascar. But what if you had it in your collection? Below we will talk about it, its characteristics and the […]

Pilosocereus: everything you need to know about this cactus

Cactus fan? So I’m sure you’re familiar with the genus Pilosocereus. These shrub-type cacti are very eye-catching in pots as well as planted in the garden. But what do you know about them? Below we have prepared an article to tell you about the characteristics they have as well as the general care that you […]

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