How to reproduce oleander: When and how to do it step by step

While it is true that oleander is a poisonous plant, its bushy characteristics and beautiful flowers have made it a very popular plant in gardens. As it is fast growing and reaches a considerable height, it is widely used as a hedge. It is therefore not surprising that many people want to learn how to […]

Moss stakes: how to easily make one at home

Source_A green room As you know, some plants need support in order to grow and develop new roots. We can find these in stores, but sometimes they are not the most recommended. How about we teach you how to make moss stakes? They are not difficult and you can make sure that they will indeed […]

What is the acanthus leaf and what is its importance

Perhaps you have never heard of acanthus, but surely you have seen it on more than one occasion, even if it is not in its vegetable form. It may also be that you know it under another name, such as nazareno, carnerona or giant grass. It is a frequent plant in gardens, parks and greenhouses, […]

How to recover a plant with excess water step by step

On several occasions we have warned you that irrigation is one of the most important care for plants. In fact, a bad watering can kill it. However, if it happens to you, you should know that all is not lost. There are actually ways to save her. But, How to recover a plant with excess […]

Indoor tropical plants: the selection you would like to have

There are times when “special” plants call our attention, those that make us think of exotic ones. These can be kept indoors because their natural habitat can better resemble the conditions we give them. We are talking about indoor tropical plants. Have you ever thought of having one? Don’t you know which would be the […]

Meet the best plants that repel flies

When the heat arrives, or when it is leaving, there is a “bug” that we hate to appear: flies. They are annoying, overwhelming, they do not stop buzzing and on top of that there is no way to get rid of them. During the day they are supported, but since at night they are next […]

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