7 fast growing seeds for kids

Gardening is not a world for adults only; in fact, if you have children, nephews and / or grandchildren, you can get them to learn and above all have a lot of fun sowing seeds and taking care of them so that they grow up healthy. But yes, we all know that patience is a virtue that at such an early age is still to work in most cases, so so that they do not get bored, you should select those whose growth is fast.

But what exactly are they? Well, the truth is that there are many and of several different genres, so we are going to make a selection of those that we consider most interesting both for their ornamental value and, also, for the other uses they may have. Without more, Here’s a list of 7 fast growing plant seeds for kids to have a great time gardeners.

Sowing seeds and watching them grow is quite an experience. Despite its size, inside is everything that will make a plant what it is. The genetic information of how the roots should be, how high it must grow, when it will begin to bear fruit, and even how old it will live if all goes well, is concentrated in one thing that, in most cases, has a centimeter or less in size, with a weight so light that it can be held with the tip of a single finger.

Therefore, it is very interesting to start in the world of gardening when you are still a child. This will make the little one not only learn the basics of growing plants, but it will also help parents, uncles and / or grandparents to teach them to respect nature. But, of course, not just any seed will do, but only those that grow fast, like these:

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  • 2 Heat
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  • 3 Lettuce
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  • 4 Margarita
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  • 5 Mint
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  • 7 washingtonia
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Dandelion seeds germinate fast

El dandelion It is a perennial herb that reaches about 40 centimeters in height. Its leaves are green, and can be consumed as a vegetable. It produces yellow flowers from spring to late summer, and when its petals fall, white hairs sprout at the end of which is the seed, which is elongated and measures less than one centimeter.


The sowing time is in spring, as it usually blooms after about 2-3 months and for this it needs mild / warm temperatures, as well as a sunny exposure. Germinates in 3-5 days.


Fava beans are plants that produce edible seeds

Image – Wikimedia / Meneerke bloem

The plant known as haba It is an annual herb that reaches a height of up to 1,6 meters. Its stems are strong and straight, and from them sprout compound leaves of a very beautiful dark green color. Its flowers have a certain ornamental value, as they are grouped in small spikes and are white. Nevertheless, its true value is its seeds, which ripen in summer. These are consumed either fresh, or cooked in different dishes.


Its seeds need some heat and especially light. Thus, are sown in springin full sun or at least in a bright area. Germinates in about 5 days.


Lettuces are plants that germinate quickly

La lettuce it is an annual herb that reaches a height of about 25-30 centimeters. As you well know its leaves are green and are used as a main ingredient for example in salads. It is one of the most recommended garden and pot plants for children, since it does not usually require more than three months of cultivation.


Ideally, plant lettuce in late winter, in pots or in seedling trays so that they germinate after a maximum of a week. Now, if you have an electric germinator you can sow them at the beginning or mid-winter, or at the beginning of autumn as long as it is soft.


Daisies are fast growing herbs

La margarita it is a very common herb, but also beautiful, reaching about 90-100 centimeters. Live for several years and produce flowers with white or yellow petals. It is used for its high ornamental value, as it looks great on patios or balconies grown in pots as well as in gardens.


Its seeds are sown early, as the minimum temperatures begin to exceed 15 degrees Celsius. Of course, for them to grow well they need a lot of light and space, so it is advisable to sow a seed in each pot, in full sun. They will germinate in about 5-7 days.


Mint is a fast growing plant

La mint it is a perennial herb that gives off a very pleasant aroma. It grows until it reaches a maximum height of 120 centimeters, although the normal thing is to cut its stems so that it can be left at about 30-40 centimeters, sometimes less. Its leaves are green with a serrated margin, and are widely used in cooking. For example, in Spain it is common to see it in stews.


If you want to have this beautiful and aromatic plant in your garden or patio, it is very important to sow your seeds in spring, either in full sun or in semi-shade. They germinate very well and quickly, in a matter of a week at the most.


Tomatoes grow well in planters

Image – Wikimedia / David Besa from Sonoma, USA

The tomato plant is a herb grown as an annual that reaches a height of around 1 meter. During the summer it produces red berries of a variable size, which can be from 3 to 16 centimeters in diameter.. These are generally consumed in salads, but also on toast, as sauces and / or drinks.


To germinate tomatoes quickly, you must sow its seeds in spring, if possible in individual pots and in full sun, or failing that in a very bright area. Thus, they will begin to germinate 3 days after sowing.


Washingtonia are palm trees that germinate fast

Image – Wikimedia / Michael Rivera

If you need a fast-growing palm tree in the garden and there are frosts in your area but they are only down to -7ºC, encourage the youngest members of the family to plant some Washingtonia. These they are palm trees that reach heights of about 15 meters, with a thin trunk if it is the Robust Washingtonia, or rather thick if it is the Washingtonia will spin.


To achieve rapid germination (5 days at the most), it is important that seeds are acquired in spring and sown for example in individual pots in the sun, or in a semi-shade zip-lock plastic bag.

We hope you enjoy the sowing a lot, both the little ones and the older ones. If you need more information, this article may be of interest to you:Seeds need light, water and soil to germinate

Do you know other seeds that germinate fast?

7 fast growing seeds for kids

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