Basic Landscaping Tips

You can hire a landscaper or encourage yourself to design the garden . If you choose this last path, an unprecedented exploratory adventure awaits you in which you must consider some questions.

The first thing before you start designing your garden is to find a plot plan . If possible, make some photocopies so you can work on them. If you don’t have a plan, you can measure the dimensions of the garden and then make a sketch with a pencil.

On the other hand, write down in a notebook everything you would like your garden to have, including everything you have seen in friends’ gardens, in public spaces, etc. An interesting practice is to stand in the center of the garden and look around to imagine shapes and sizes, corners for furniture, sectors to add paths or lighting, colors and plants. In this process you must take into account the views and this is how, before deciding where everything will go, you will have to take into account where the windows are located so that from the inside you can see the best of the garden. Keep your neighbors in mind, if there are buildings on the sides, how the sun rotates, at what times the shadow predominates.

Many of these previous evaluations will help you define the style of your garden. In addition, you can look at magazines and search the Internet to find out what style of garden you want. It can be classic or novel, natural or with one foot in the artificial, with ponds or simple. One of the secrets to achieving good results is to achieve the perfect balance between formality and informality by mixing aspects of a natural garden with a geometric one.

Remember to take into account the dynamism that any garden has: nothing in it is static because nature varies according to the weather and the season . A bush can be big or small, a plant can have colorful flowers or just a green color. These aspects will also be important when thinking about your garden.

Basic Landscaping Tips

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