Blue and purple flowers in the garden

I like plants with blue flowers or those that have a beautiful shade of violet or purple . They are my favorites, romantic, feminine and also convey that feeling of peace and serenity that is always pleasant.

These flowers are ideal for combining with other shades, either with white versions or with flowers in strong colors such as yellow or red, warmer tones that contrast with the cold purple and blue.

Nature gives us a large number of flowers that are torn between purple and light blue, electric blue and full-bodied purple. You can think of these plants to grow in the garden or to enjoy from the window overlooking the balcony.

Clematide is one of them, as well as Aster and Allium , three purple plants, soft and intense at the same time. In particular, I enjoy the Anemone because it is halfway between blue and violet, with such a unique hue and that perfect contrast of yellow in its center. The Calicarpa gives us a strong violet that is as intense as it is beautiful, and the same thing happens with the Himalayan Geranium . Instead, Hydrangea is a much softer blue, as is Agapanthus .

The truth is that finding plants with neutral blue flowers is an almost impossible task because nature has insisted on mixing this color with the grace of violet. I think it has been the great success of all time because only in this way can we enjoy these beautiful and colorful flowers whose colors strengthen ties with the firm intention of becoming more and more beautiful, fascinating and restless.

Blue and purple flowers in the garden

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