Gardening Tips

Plant pest prevention

Plants, throughout their lives, will be affected by a series of pests that will test their adaptation to the environment and their survival. When they are cultivated, we provide them, or at least we try to, all the care they need in order for them to grow strong and, above all, healthy. But sometimes this is […]

What are the best fertilizers for cherry trees?

The cherry tree is a deciduous fruit tree that is really beautiful . During spring, its cheerful flowers sprout, in summer and autumn its fruits appear which, in addition to being edible, increase the ornamental value of the plant, and towards mid-autumn its leaves turn a very striking orange color before falling. For all these reasons, there […]

Sorbus aucuparia or Serbal de loshunters, a very rustic tree

The Rowan of the hunters, a tree that receives the scientific name of Sorbus aucuparia , is one of the most suitable to have in gardens in temperate-cold climates. In addition, it provides excellent shade , so much so that picnics can be held under its branches and the whole family can be invited Its flowers are also noteworthy. Although they […]

Tips for planting hedges

Hedges are very important and necessary decorative elements in gardens . Thanks to them, we can have delimited paths, divide the different areas or corners in a very natural way and, in addition, we can gain privacy, something that comes in handy whether we live alone in the middle of the countryside or if we have neighbors. […]

What are the parts of the cactus and what functions do they have?

Cacti are succulent plants that have managed to adapt to an arid environment, where very few animals and plants coexist. Its roots develop on sandy soil, with very few nutrients. For this reason, its parts are so striking, because they do not resemble those of other plants. But what are the parts of the cactus like? If you also want to know […]

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