Collect flower seeds

We have bought seasonal plants but we know that when winter comes they will no longer be there. When this happens, we have two options, let them lose and have to buy seeds again the following summer, or collect the seeds from the plants we have.

The second option seems more viable to me, therefore, in this article we will see how to collect some seeds of plants such as the Tagete or Chinese Carnation, the Zinnias, the Bella de día and the Portulaca.

The seeds of the Chinese Carnation are located inside the flower. They are elongated, with a black tip and the rest white. The Tagete flowers, once the summer is over, wither and fall, leaving in their place the calyx full of these seeds that we will take out and keep.


Zinnias have daisy-shaped flowers, although there is also the possibility that instead of one row of petals, it has two and is double . In any case, its seeds are found at the end of its petals and are shaped like a pipe. Its germination is very simple and each flower produces many seeds.


The Bella by day and in general all the Convolvulus, have their seeds in capsules that emerge when the flowers dry. They are black or brown in color and produce about three or four seeds, very easy to germinate.


The Portulaca is a plant with very beautiful flowers of all colors with five petals that look very elegant. The flowers hide at night and wrap themselves. When the flowers dry, a small capsule appears, in the form of a pyramid and inside are the seeds of raised color and very small. Each flower produces many seeds.

We can store all these seeds in glass jars or paper envelopes, the following year we will only have to sow them directly on the ground.

Collect flower seeds

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